bhs sixth form creative writing club

this is a collection of story's that was produced as a collaboration of the bhs sixth form creative writing group. we are a bit odd and they may not make much sense but that's just us.


9. grim reaper: autobiography

~~‘He came his cloak of darkness obscuring his guise, the only contrast his sliver scythe and his grinning skull of white’
I will never understand why people always painted me in black and shadow just because of the death. I mean come on people use your imagination. It’s not just the look. People assume im evil just because of the job. It’s not like I chose this path in life.
  It was just chucked on me for all eternity. I mean seriously, talk about kicking a man when he is down. I die and then get lumbered with this job. With a fixed stereotype so I can’t even be myself. Just because the last guy got a bit of a reputation as a bad guy. Well this is the truth. So let’s start again because first impressions aren’t everything, and I hope that you won’t judge a book by its cover.

Hey, im the Grim Reaper, it’s nice to meet you. You probably think you know everything about me. I honestly doubt it. Here is the truth and don’t judge. So let’s start at the beginning, not a place I visit often in my line of work. The end I usually my area of expertise.

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