bhs sixth form creative writing club

this is a collection of story's that was produced as a collaboration of the bhs sixth form creative writing group. we are a bit odd and they may not make much sense but that's just us.


6. christmas 5 word story

once upon a time in a small elven workshop, the master elf, looked on over the smaller workers with interest. he was very eager to see them make a mistake with the toys this year. then he could make them clean out Rudolf's stinky stable and glowing farts that would be stuck to the ceiling. suddenly a toy dropped to the floor. the thunk elated the master elf, now it was time to hand out the punishment. a predator like grin appeared.

filling his lungs with air he bellowed as loudly as he could." who dropped that toy!" everyone froze as jack frost burst through the window freezing the surrounding workers.   

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