bhs sixth form creative writing club

this is a collection of story's that was produced as a collaboration of the bhs sixth form creative writing group. we are a bit odd and they may not make much sense but that's just us.


8. 3 word story in geog 2

once upon a time there lived a fluffy bunny. he had a small problem to confer with his friend the rattlesnake. Rattle', was a gossipy type of snake but he was kind. All the same, standing rattles' questionable tastes was a daily trial , his friend had to reduce his amorous encounters due to accidentally poisoning a few of the more tolerant companions.

The fluffy bunny liked the variety of friends rattle brought to a party, they stopped having parties in the bath though because some odd things tended to occur. Bunny's sister still couldn't find her silver bauble that she had hidden down her second best sock. and we wont explain that further. gods know what happened to the fairy lights. however bunny had a very naïve view of the world. 

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