During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


21. twenty

I woke up over that Niall was talking on the phone and I sat up. I was tired, but not really. He came into the bedroom and he had the handset to his ear. He smiled at me and he seemed to be in great spirits.
"Okay mom!" he said, and he sat down on the edge of the bed. I blushed as he pulled down the covers. I was naked and fast, I got up the covers again. He giggled and he smiled big.
"Yes, she's here."
I just stared at him. He told his mom that I was there or who were he talking about? Niall let his hand quickly pull down the covers and before I knew it, he was lying on top of me. Niall was wearing his underwear, but I felt what he wanted to do.
"Yes, I'll call you!" He kissed me quickly. "Bye mom!"
I blushed.
"Did you talk about me?"
He nodded and he put the phone on the bedside table. Then he put his elbows on either side of my head and he looked straight into my eyes.
"She just wanted to know if my plans."
I swallowed.
"Do you have plans?"
He giggled.
"You are quite unwise sometimes?"
I realized he was talking about Christmas. I smiled a little bit and I took my arms around his back. I felt him slowly began to move toward me down there and he had a big goofy smile on his face.
"How about staying in bed all day?"
I giggled and I quickly shook on my head.
"I must go home and get some clothes." I said quickly. "I brought everything with me home when I went home."
He sighed, but his smile didn't disappear. Instead, he let a hand slide down and he quickly pulled down his underwear. I gasped.
"No Niall."
He kissed me and he didn't care what I said. Okay, it took him a few seconds and then I was convinced. I kissed him and I felt him again got our bodies to become a wonderful collection with lots of emotions.


Afterwards I lay panting under him. Niall kissed my neck and I felt how he almost wanted to do it again.
"You make me go crazy." he muttered hoarsely. "I'll just ..." He cleared his throat. "...get horny!"
I giggled and I blushed. He lifted his head and he looked into my eyes.
"We will go to Ireland after Christmas."
I was startled. Was that what he had talked about with his mom?
"You mean home to your parents?"
Niall nodded happily.
"It's only right? I meet your parents and you meet mine?"
I agreed but at the same time not. It felt too seriously that we would meet each other's parents and he was the one who wanted to come to Sweden. He hadn't asked if I wanted to come to Ireland.
"So you mean that for real?"
Niall laughed and he kissed me quickly.
"They aren't dangerous and they will love you."
I disagreed with him.
"What if they..."
He kissed me to shut me down and I felt how he almost ate me up. He ended the kiss when he had gotten me to be quiet and he continued to smile.
"Honey, please!" he whispered. "I want you to meet them and I have been told them that you are a wonderful person."
I nodded a little bit and I blushed at the same time. I hadn't said much about him to my mom, but he was famous and she could easily search for information.
Niall was satisfied. He rolled off me and quickly he was up on the floor.
"Now we'll take a shower and then we'll get some clothes." He looked down at my body. "Although you don't need any on you."
I threw a pillow at him.
Niall laughed and he went into the bathroom.
"Now we'll be clean." He stuck his head out just to annoy me. "Or would you prefer to keep my scents throughout your body?"
I laughed.
"I have nothing against it, but yes, I need to wash it off."




When we got to my apartment, it felt strange. One day we had been against the other, and the next day everything was fine again. On the other hand, did all mess sometimes. Niall helped me out with all the presents to the car and I started to pack clothes. That feeling came back. Everything happened fast! I wanted to be with Niall and I loved him, but was I ready to give up everything for his sake. I looked around the room and I felt my old life seamed so far away. Still, I had only known him during December and already it was as if I had a new life?


"You hesitate?"
I froze. Niall stood in the hallway and he looked straight at me. What could I say?
"We do everything so quickly?"
He smiled weakly.
"Well, just because it's right?"
I nodded weakly and I put down the last sweater in my suitcase.
"Do you tend to be quick with everything?"
Niall laughed and he shook his head.
"No, I'm more a snail many times and I always have to think through everything."
I looked at him.
"So how do you know that I am the right one for you?"
He came up to me.
"Because I just know!"
Niall helped me to close the bag and he then smiled at me. It was as if he was so sure of everything and I was the opposite.
"When I saw you for the first time, I thought, such a girl I want." He appeared next to glad about the truth. "When I got home that night I realized that I wanted to have contact with you. As a friend or more."
I didn't know about that part.
"So that's why you did everything that I would talk to you?"
Niall nodded.
"You have something that I've been looking for and I have realized what it is. You're my other half. You're her as I have been waiting for and if that's not destiny, then I'm wrong."
I blushed and I gave him a hug.
"Okay, I have to learn to trust feelings?"
Niall hugged me.
"And I should stop acting like a poet?"
I laughed and I shook my head.
"No, you said the right words."




When we came home to Nialls house again we were surprised. Harry and Liam stood outside the door and they seemed to be in a good mood. Niall parked the car outside the house and he quickly opened the door.
"Are you here?"
Liam nodded.
"We just wanted to come by and say hello, but you weren't home?"
Both Niall and I jumped out of the car. He walked over to them, while I opened the trunk and took my bag. I saw that they hugged each other as brothers and they laughed. Right as it was Niall looked at me.
"We are going to a party tomorrow!"
I smiled.
"Where to?"
Liam waving his arms.
"I and Sophia will have the party before all will disappear away over Christmas."
I nodded so that Niall would understand that it was okay. I pulled the bag towards the door, but I only got halfway before Niall responded.
"No, darling!" he exclaimed and ran up to me. He smiled and he took the bag from my hand. "I can take it in." Then he looked at Harry and Liam. "We have some more in their luggage to take in."
Liam and Harry was quick. I just stared at them. Everyone helped, but not me and I followed surprised after Niall toward the door.
"I'm not weak?"
He smiled at me.
"No, but we are a few gentlemen!"
Harry was behind me.
"Girls shouldn't have to do too many things."
I just laughed and I smiled at all three.
"Okay, then I say thank you?"
Niall frowned.
"No you wont say thank. I'm your boyfriend and not a strange guy."
I just enjoyed and I went into the house. It felt strange to let others do the work and after a few minutes, everything was inside the house.
"Are you hungry?" Niall asked. Harry looked at his watch and he shook his head.
"I have to go."
Liam agreed but he smiled at me.
"You come to us after six o'clock tomorrow evening."
I nodded.
He then looked at Niall.
"And no bad things?"
I frowned. What did he mean by that? Niall just laughed and he walked up to me and gave me a hug.
"Liam doesn't want us to mess again." he whispered. "Nothing more."
I just smiled. Harry left us, but Liam seemed almost like he wanted to stay.
"Harry said we'll let you be alone." he whispered with a wink. "But we might come by, I and Sophia, in between days if you are at home?"
I just smiled and then he closed the door and left us. Niall kissed me and then he laughed a little bit.
"They like you."
I looked at him.
"Okay, but they don't know me?"
He blushed.
"Well I have accidentally said many good things about you to them."
I blushed and I laughed uncertainly.
"Then I like them?"
He released me and he nodded with satisfaction.
"Well, you will surely get tired of the lads later? They are annoying, but they are like my brothers."




"So you came home for Christmas?"
Mom and I talked via Skype. I nodded and I smiled at her.
"And promise that you all sharpen yourself up when he comes."
I said it with a smile and she laughed a little bit.
"Yes, we'll behave like normal people." she said and laughed. I didn't at first noted that Niall appeared and he put himself behind me, so that my mother could see his face.
"There he is!" she said happily. I blushed and I gave Niall a quick glance.
"But he doesn't speak Swedish!"
Mom just smiled and I saw at her that she was curious about Niall. He leaned against my back and grabbed his arms around my neck.
"Hey!" he said cheerfully towards mom and he giggled a little bit. I blushed just more. Mom was thrilled.
"So are you going to sleep here or in a hotel?" she asked. I chose without asking Niall.
"I want to sleep in the house." I replied cheerfully. "Not a hotel."
Niall understood the word hotel.
"Shouldn't we be with them?" he whispered uncertain. I grinning.
"Well Niall, but Mom thought you wanted to sleep in a hotel."
He shook his head.
"Tell her I want to sleep in the house where you grew up." he said it with a firm tone. "I sleep in so many hotels when I'm on tour so that's boring."
I explained what Niall had said and Mom just seemed to love him more and more.
"I have started to go evening course in English." she whispered, as if Niall would understand what she said. "But it'll be a surprise."
I burst out laughing.
"Okay mom!"


When the conversation was over, sat Niall down on the couch next to me and quickly he pulled me up in his arms, on his lap and he kissed me. I took my arms around his neck and I just enjoyed. I felt that he would love my family and I suspected that I would feel the same about his family.
"I love you." he mumbled and finished the kiss. He looked straight into my eyes.
"I love you!"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"And you don't dare to do otherwise."
I agreed.
"It would be a shame?"
He agreed.
"And I would forever haunt you."
I grinning.
"I don't want that."
He understood.
"So then, we have concluded that we continue to love each other?"
I grinning.
"Yes, we are forced?"
Niall grinned and he watched me closely.
"Talk that we have easy to get along?"
I nodded and I kissed him again. He was so wonderful to kiss and I didn't get enough.




I lay under the covers and quickly came Niall into the bedroom with just underwear on him. He threw himself across the bed with a laugh, he landed on top of me. I just laughed at him and he started to kiss me across the face at random.
"You are so wonderful." he whimpered. I took my arms around Nialls body and I got him to calm down. He landed with his face over mine and he looked like a mischievous little boy.
"You know what?" he whispered happily. I shook my head, because I had no idea why he was so happy.
"You have won money?"
Niall shook his head and he giggled.
"You have your own fandom!"
I just stared at him.
Niall kissed me quickly.
"The fans have created a fandom for you. And you've got fans, there are girls behind us."
I frowned.
"I'll be happy for that?"
He kissed me again.
"That means they have realized that nothing can come between us. Thus, we have the best fans in the world."
Okay, I realized how important the fans were for him. I smiled a little bit and I tried to understand. Niall kissed me and it was as if the fans' approval led him to become more confident about me.
"But if they hadn't liked me?"
He smiled.
"That I don't care about."
I frowned.
"Well Niall, what would have happened if the fans hated me?"
He became serious and he pondered. It was as if he hadn't even thought about it.
"I had fought more to get them to accept you." he replied honestly. "I had perhaps tried to change us."
I didn't like what I heard.
"Are you serious?"
He smiled.
"No, but you ask such a stupid question that I don't know what to answer."


I checked the phone that night, when Niall slept. He was right. I had fans and a private fandom. There were pictures everywhere on me and I was almost afraid of myself. Was it really me that they liked or was it Nialls girlfriend that attracted? I thought of the last one because they hadn't found out anything about me.

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