During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


4. third day

I woke up with one of those feeling that you just have on Wednesday. It was mid-week and I couldn't almost sit up. I was tired in the whole body. It had taken me a long time to fall asleep and when I finally slept, I dreamed of the Earth's destruction. Talk about a tough night.


I rolled up the blinds and I quickly saw that the snow hadn't arrived. I peered out into the street and I saw how people walked past. I yawned and quickly, I put myself in the shower. I had such a sense in the body from that dream, that I thought it would become a reality.
"I'm just too much!" I wanted to scream. I dried myself and I put on my clothes. Why couldn't I wake up with a good mood? I put on my clothes and while I dried my hair, I started my laptop. I picked up the hairbrush and I combed the hair. I heard it called on skype and I smiled. That was certainly that it was my mom, my sister or somebody from Sweden. I pressed the button without looking after whom.
"Hallå!" I said in plain Swedish, which means hello. I was startled before he replied.
"And that means?" I heard Nialls voice. I didn't know what to say. I sat on the sofa in front of the computer and I just stared at the screen.
"Jenny, you're dead?"
He laughed, and it was as if he realized that I was shocked.
"Why are you calling me now?"
He seemed almost amused.
"I saw that you logged in and I thought it just might be fun to talk a little bit. I'm sitting at home and I have nothing to do."
I gasped. Okay, he just wanted to talk? I put away the hairbrush and I wondered what I would say to him. Niall seemed to have understood that I lost the power of speech and I heard him clear his throat easily.
"It seems as if I scare you?" it was both a question and a statement. "Actually, I'm a regular guy and it's nothing different about me from other guys."
I swallowed.
"I know but I'm not accustomed that even regular guys looking me up on twitter and then on skype."
He laughed.
"It's nice that I'm the first." He sounded amused. "So what do you do right now?"
I knew what I had done, but what should I say?
"Uh, preparing myself for the job?"
He laughed.
"Shall we turn on the camera? It's so silly to sit and talk to a computer?"
I shook my head. I hadn't answered before he put on his camera. I saw his face and I didn't know if I should smile. I blushed and I felt how my whole body turned into jelly. Did he seek out fans or foreign girls? In three days he had almost succeeded in turning upside down all my life and now he was in my computer, waiting for me.
"And you?" he said and he smiled awry. "Don't say you're a coward?"
I swallowed.
"I may not be finished yet? I'm freshly showered and I only have to comb my hair for the moment."
He smiled.
"I don't care what you look like right now. I just want to see your face."
I hesitated. I looked down the button on the computer. Would I? Wouldn't I? I swallowed.
I left the couch and ran into the bedroom. I made sure I got mascara on the lashes and I took some powder just to gt the smooth face. I made sure my hair was looking all right and I switched sweater. Then I ran back to the couch and I pressed the button. Niall lit up when he saw my face and he leaned back in his chair.
"That wasn't that dangerous?"
I blushed, but I don't think he saw it through the camera.
"Maybe I'm vain." I mumbled uncertain and I tried to smile. "So why did you call me? Are you lonely?"
He smiled and I noticed that he was staring straight at me.
"Well, I could have gone out with a couple of friends, but I didn't want to be out today. I'll prepare the evening and tonight I'm going to an event with the job."
He laughed.
"Have you already forgotten that I'm in a band?"
I blushed. I didn't know if I should tell him that I already knew the truth. I tried to think of a good answer and I realized that I had actually been on twitter and he knew it.
"So you're in One Direction?"
He laughed and he ran his hand through his hair.
"You're paying attention." he said with an amused voice. "Yes, but I thought you could figure that out on your own. You saw it on twitter?"
I nodded. I chose not to mention that I had Googled him up.
"A lot of information." I said quickly. "I saw what the fans wrote and I note that they are really desperate?"
He smiled wryly and he nodded.
"But we have the best fans in the world. They are behind us, whatever happens, and I guess it's just for us to getting used to that?"
I nodded.
"So, you have the shirt tonight?" I just had to ask. Niall nodded and he almost seemed to stare at me even more. Talk about that his eyes could see through me.
"So what do you do at your free time?"
His question was taken from nowhere. Didn't he want to talk about him?
"Depends on when and how."
He smiled.
"I was just wondering if you're such a girl who can think about to let a guy like me, take you out and have a date?" He cleared his throat. "When we both are available?"
I blushed and I was thankful that it wasn't visible to the camera. Did he really ask me out?
"A guy like you?"
He laughed and I saw that he was nervous. He ran his hand through his hair nervously, and he nodded.
"As friends, exactly like regular friends who eat meals together, but I'm paying."
I hesitated. Okay, my first instinct was to say yes. Of course I wanted to go out with Niall Horan, but at the same time, why did he want to eat food with me?
He seemed to hesitate. He looked at me a few extra seconds and he took a finger to his lips. It was as if he was thinking.
"Because it would be nice." he seemed pensive. "I think it just would be nice to get to know you?"
I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want to be such a girl who said yes immediately. He couldn't think I was easy to get.
Niall laughed again and he removed his finger.
"Am I right, you are suspicious?"
I nodded and I chose to be honest.
"You come into the store, buy a shirt and three days later you have asked me to have dinner with you." I played more suspicious against what I was. "And you don't tell me much about yourself. That makes me very suspicious."
I was surprised when his smile got bigger. It was as if he liked that I didn't say yes right away.
"And what should I say?" he was pleasantly presented. "You can google me up and you can find out everything about who Niall Horan is. I tried to googling you, but you don't even have a website."
I gasped.
He laughed.
"Yes, when I meet someone who I think is interesting, I tend to see what that person is doing online. You have just Twitter and Facebook, but you don't write there. You're more a Twitter girl."
Damn, that came unexpectedly.
"Have you Googled me?"
He laughed. He blushed, and he nodded. He seemed to understand that I was flabbergasted.
"Please Jenny, I'm not crazy, I'm just curious."
Okay, I had to collect myself and I assumed that it was a compliment? He was curious about me?
"Okay, I'll just have to understand that you are an odd person." I said it with a twinkle in my eye. "And what did you conclude from the net, about me?"
He raised his eyebrows.
"I concluded that you have a good relationship with your family and that you are a private person. You aren't online to show yourself up, and you put almost not any pictures of yourself on the web, which I think's a shame."
He attracted me.
"Is it pity that I didn't put out a lot of pictures of myself?"
Niall nodded and he leaned foreward against the computer.
"I had been thinking of collecting idol pictures of you." he said with a twinkle in his eye. "You know, become your fan or anything like that."
I swallowed and I blushed. My God, he was flirting with me? I didn't know what to say. Niall sat and flirted with me? I also felt that he used bad pick up lines, but at the same time, he got my whole body to tingle.
"Are you serious or are you playing with me?"
He smiled wryly and he was now close to the camera with his face.
"I thought that it's your job to find out." he whispered hoarsely. "Let me take you out to dinner. Maybe we can become good friends?"
I just wanted to pass out. My first thought was to turn off the computer and forget this conversation, but I didn't want him to think I was mad at him.
"Niall, I want to get to know you better before I go out with you on any dinner."
He looked disappointed at me, but he understood.
"Good!" he mumbled. "Therefore, you must leave your computer on when you are at home and we can talk every time we have a second over?"
That I could say yes, to do.
He smiled and he leaned back again. I wondered if he was nervous or if he was just restless? He ran his hand through his hair and he didn't want to release me with his eyes.
"When are you coming home tonight?" he asked. I swallowed, and I realized he was serious.
"Your going to a party," I replied quickly. "Then the question's when you come home?"
He laughed.
"Okay, I'm home around midnight." he replied, amused, and he raised an eyebrow. "Are you awake then?"
I knew I needed to sleep.
"No, I sleep."
He sighed.
"Turn on your computer in the morning, as soon as you wake up and maybe we can talk more?"



I confess!


When I got home that evening, I sat and googled everything about Niall Horan. I looked through his twitter and in the end I felt that I knew (or understood) who he was. He was single, he was popular and he could sing. I listened to their music through my mobile phone and after an hour, I had learned what a voice that belonged to Niall. He had a soft voice, a great voice and I was almost enthusiastic about the music. I understood why the fans were crazy about One Direction. They were better than I thought and I had to think carefully about what I wanted to do. Did I wanted to eat food with Niall? It felt wrong to go out where everyone saw us. Maybe I could cook for him in my apartment? I hesitated and I peered around the room. He would think that I lived in cramped and my kitchen wasn't a place where one sat and ate. Maybe I could buy with me food and cook at home with him? Although the idea sounded crazy. "Niall, I come to your home and cook?" He would question why. I twisted and turned myself, but eventually I realized that I had to say yes, even if it is received. I didn't want to miss the chance to get to know him.


I chose not to write a single message to him. He was at a party with One Direction and he could as well wait until the next time we talked to each other. I didn't want to be desperate and I didn't want to throw myself all over him.


When I went to bed that night, it was just Niall, I was thinking about. It was as if my whole life and my whole body was busy with him. I knew that maybe he thought that I was just a friend to him, but to me he was something extraordinary. He looked good, he charmed me and he seemed nice. One idea I tried not to think about was: Maybe he flirted with all the fans that way? But he couldn't google up the entire fandom? Maybe he just chose some girls? I realized I wouldn't get smarter by brood and eventually I fell asleep.

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