During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


23. The twenty-second day of December

"Good morning!"
I opened my eyes. Why did always Niall woke before me? I smiled at him and I felt his arms around my body.
"Good morning."
He smiled big and he kissed me on the forehead.
"Tomorrow we will go home to Sweden." he whispered. "So I guess we have to pack up everything today?"
I nodded and I yawned wide.
"So today we're going to pack?"
He nodded.
"We may have to to your place and fetch things?"
I nodded and I quickly crawled into his lap. I just wanted to linger and feel his body against mine all day. I put my head against Nialls chest and I enjoyed.
"But, darling!" he exclaimed. "Shouldn't we go up and get started?"
I shook my head.
"No, I want to be here with you."
He laughed and he pulled his hands over my back.
"I have nothing against it." he said cheerfully. "But at the same time, we should prepare for tomorrow."
I sighed deeply and I looked up at him. He saw spirited at me and unlike me, he seemed full of life.
"Just a few minutes?"
He laughed a little bit and he pulled me up on top of him so I landed with my face over his. He kissed me softly and I felt his arms around my body. I placed my elbows on each side of his head, and I answered the kiss. I really wanted to just take it easy. Maybe it was because the party that we had been on? My body was like a sack.


Niall lowered his hands and he parted my legs. I felt his hardness and I smiled a little bit. He pressed it up against me and I gasped. I finished the kiss.
"Niall? Didn't you want to..."
He kissed me to make me be quiet. I felt how he pulled down my panties and I helped him. It wasn't long until he penetrated. I groaned. I felt how our bodies worked together and slowly I slid up and down. This started to become a habit to do that and I should get protection. For now I didn't dried to bother me and I didn't want to stop. Niall held his hands around my butt and he helped me to keep pace. Up and down!


Afterwards I lay there on top of Niall and we both gasped. Niall smiled big and he let his hands slide over my back. I closed my eyes and I knew that we both chose to stay in the bed. I held my arms around him and I felt how he slipped out of me.
"We need to protect ourselves." I whispered. Niall nodded and he kissed me lightly on the cheek.
"I'm calling today to a doctor." he said. "You're right, we should protect us."




I hadn't been and asking about contraception before. It almost felt embarrassed that the doctor knew that I had sex. I sat in his room and he smiled reassuring to me.
"So you are Jenny?" he said and looked at the papers. He looked up at me and he smiled a little bit. "I see that you are nervous but I promise I wont bite you."
I smiled and I nodded a little bit.
"I'm just not used to..." I looked down at my hands. "To go to a doctor like this."
He laughed a little bit.
"It's okay!" he said cheerfully. "First, I'll examine you so that you are okay down there and then we decide what you want, as protection."
I nodded and I blushed at the same time.


Okay, that was creepy that someone other than Niall was down there and checked the state. I felt stupid and I felt almost awkward.
"It looks good." the doctor said cheerfully. "So what are your thoughts about protection?"
I swallowed and I sat up. He was done and I could put on my clothes again.
"I have no idea. What's best?"
He smiled.
"P-rod as I put in your arm's the easiest. It provides protection within a day and it's safe."
I nodded quickly.
"Okay then I select that."




"Never again!"
I sat in the car and I heard how Niall laughed.
"But was it so dangerous?"
I sighed and I showed him my arm, which the protection was in.
"Are you satisfied that you didn't go with me?" I asked cold. "I'm not used to that a stranger's down there."
Niall leaned toward me and he hugged me easily. He kissed me on the cheek.
"Sorry darling, but I hadn't still been allowed into the room and I promise that the next time I'll go with you."
I sighed and I hugged him back.
"Are we going home to me now?"
He nodded and he released me.
"Yes, so that we get the day going?"
I laughed a little bit and I nodded.
"Yes, and then we can just relax?"


Niall drove straight home to me. I sat and looked at my arm and I felt at it gently. It felt odd that I had something in my arm, which would prevent me from getting pregnant. Niall saw that I was thinking and quickly he caught my hand.
"Sorry I wasn't brave enough to go with you." he whispered tenderly. "But the truth is that I didn't want to see when he checked you up down there. I want to be the only one."
I smiled at him, although I agreed.
"So you're jealous?"
He nodded.
"When it comes to my girlfriend, I am."
I smiled and I squeezed his hand.
"It's okay." I said kindly, "But I'm not used to going to a doctor and ask him to give me protection."




My apartment felt uninhabited. I came home, but at the same time not. I went straight to my closet. I took out everything I wanted to take with me. Niall stood by the window and he peered out. It was as if he checked the situation and then he came towards me.
"So should we pack?"
I smiled at him and I folded some pants.
"How do you feel yourself?" I asked. "I mean to go with me to Sweden tomorrow?"
He smiled and he pulled out a suitcase for me.
"Seriously, it's okay." He smiled crooked at me. "I look forward to seeing something different and it can be fun."
I nodded a little bit. My old Swedish traditions and then an Irishman in the bargain. Could it be better?
"In Sweden Santa Claus knocking on the door and hand out the presents."
Niall listened. I smiled a little sad when I thought about all the Christmases I had celebrated at home in the house.
"You like Christmas?" he asked. I nodded.
"It's a day when we hang out."
He looked at me as if he was really interested.
"And your parents?"
I looked at him.
"Mom loves Christmas. She bakes, she cooks and she does everything to make that particular day perfect."
Niall smiled.
"Have you turkey?"
I grinning.
"No, we have ham. We have a large piece ham as we boil and then take it in the oven. We eat it with mustard on to the food."
He frowned.
"No turkey?"
I grinning.
"We can buy with us if you want that?"
He shook his head and he came up to me. He put away my clothes and he took his arms around my body.
"I have you, I'm satisfied."



"Okay now everything is done for tomorrow!"
We were at Nialls home again. We put it all at the hags as we would have with us at the door and I quickly realized that we would have problems at the check-in.
"That weighs too much and all the presents?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"Let me fix it!" he whispered sweet. "We go early to the airport and I'll make sure we get with us all."
I smiled at him. It felt strange to go home again, but at the same time I was happy. It was as if I came home to Sweden as a new person.
"And you have with you everything?" I asked quickly. He laughed and he nodded with satisfaction.
"I've got with me all that I need and if we miss something, there's always shops?"
I nodded and I chose to put me down on the couch. Both me and Niall flew almost up when there was a knock on the door. Who was that?


"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"
Louis came in and he was wearing a red Santa Claus cap. In his hand he had a sack with Christmas package. Niall looked at him in surprise, but Louis was in great spirits.
"I go around and leave gifts." he said with a mannered voice. He seated quickly up a package from the bag and he laughed a little bit. "To Niall."
I laughed. Louis continued to poke and he took up one more Christmas present.
I stood up and I went over to him,. I gave him a hug and I smiled big.
"Why are you sharing presents today?"
He smiled wide and he looked at us.
"All go away over Christmas." he said "And I thought that I would make a wonderful evening for all my friends."
Niall smiled.
"Would you like to come in?"
Louis shook his head quickly.
"I'm going to Zayn and Perrie now. I think I have Christmas presents for them." He looked mischievous at me. "I'm just giving those who have been kind this year."
I giggled and I noted that he gave Niall an extra teasing glance.
"You might just get an empty box?" he said with a hoarse voice. "You might not been a nice boy this year?"
Niall grinned like a little child, and he didn't seem to care. Louis walked through the door and he smiled at us one last time.
"Merry Christmas and see you when you get back."


Nialls eyes was shining. He tore off the paper and quickly, he opened a small sweet red cardboard. There was a so-called Christmas sweater. It was red and in the middle of the belly was a picture of a snowman. I saw at Niall that he was surprised. Quickly he looked at me.
I smiled and I obeyed him. I took the paper away and I opened the box. I got the same sweater, but it was in my size. Niall smiled a little bit and he nodded with satisfaction.
"Then we know what we're having on Christmas Eve?"
I nodded happily.
"And even more to pack?"
He laughed and he agreed with me.
"We'll never get out of here." he said in jest and he kissed me quickly on the lips. I responded to the kiss, and then I tried shirt. It fit.




We lay in bed and I almost couldn't sleep. I was a little nervous and I wanted that time would go fast. Niall held me in his arms and he noticed that I didn't come to mind.
"The faster we go to sleep, the faster it's tomorrow." he whispered tenderly. I looked at him and I nodded. He lay with his eyes closed and he looked tired.
"But it tingles in my stomach?"
He smiled.
"Common ailment when to go home."
I sighed.
"And I got a dry throat?"
He laughed and he opened his eyes. He looked amused at me.
"Haven't you also fever?" he asked only to tease me? I shook my head.
"No, not yet?"
He smiled wryly and he looked at me for a while.
"You're funny."
I snorted.
"No, I'm just not tired."
Niall sighed.
"But I have to fall asleep if I'll cope with tomorrow."
I watched him closely and I tried to let him do so. Niall snorted and he looked at me again.
"You're staring?"
I giggled.
"Yes, I need to check that you feel good?"
He agreed.
"But I feel good." he said quickly. "I feel great."
"Are you sure?"
He seemed to feel the body.
"Yes, I'm just tired."


I lay a long time and watched Niall. He fell asleep and I heard how he breathed deeply. I checked my arm one last time and then even I tried to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and finally I did so.

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