During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


14. The thirteenth of December - Lucia

Pictured: Swedish Lucia procession. Lucia, "tärnor" (bridesmaids) and "tomtenissar" (elves).
Are you more curious? Go to You Tube and search for "Lucia tåg"


I woke with a start. It was the thirteenth of December. In Sweden, it's called Lucia-day. Niall was still asleep, but I really wanted to see the Swedish tradition. I jumped out of bed and over to my laptop. Quickly I searched up Sweden and a TV channel that laid out the replays online. This tradition is strong among Swedes and I wanted to hear the songs that were sung. If I had been home in Sweden, my mom brought me up in the morning. We had put out breakfast on television room table and we had been sitting and looked at the television. I wanted to do the same thing here, but I assumed that Niall wasn't interested. In a Lucia procession walks Lucia first, at the front. After her come the bridesmaids. In various Lucia procession will then elves, perhaps gingerbread men (children who are dressed in brown clothes and to remind gingerbread), and Star boys. (white clothes and a white gull on the head with a star on. In his hand the a stick with a stare. I think the star supposed to be the star of Bethlehem)


"What do you looking at?"
I looked over at the bed and I noticed that he had woken up. Niall looked like a mischievous little boy and he looked curiously at me.
"I see at the Swedish Lucia procession." I responded cheerfully. I raised the sound a bit on the computer and I continued to look at the screen. Niall chose to leave the bed and he came and sat down on the sofa.
"Is that Swedish music?"
I nodded.
"It's part of our tradition." I said cheerfully. "The thirteenth of December, we celebrate Saint Lucia. Don't ask me why, but we've done it since.... I don't know when."
He took his arm around my shoulders and I smiled a little bit.
"They have candles?"
I nodded.
"Lucia enters the houses with light and joy." I whispered. "Partly to sing about Christmas, but also to give us warmth and peace. It's a long story."
Niall seemed curious and he was trying to listen to the music.
"I don't understand what they are singing?"
I laughed and I looked at him.
"No, because you can't understand Swedish."
He smiled.
"That's true." he got up. "But it sounds good?"


After an hour it was finished and I turned off the computer. Niall sat next to me and he seemed curious about everything.
"What do you have more? Traditions?"
I smiled.
"We make and bake Lussebullar today. It's a form of saffron buns with raisins."
His interest grew bigger.
"Are we going to bake it?"
I giggled.
"Are you sure you want to?"
Niall nodded and he kissed me lightly on the forehead.
"Now that I'm a part of your life I have to learn some of your traditions?"



My stomach tingled. This was something we did together and it felt strange to stand next to an Irishman and make a Swedish thing in England. We took home everything that we needed and then we started in the kitchen. Niall seemed to like to be right in the kitchen and pretty quickly he understood what we were doing.


"Is this something you do often, in Sweden?" he asked. I nodded and I smiled at him.
"I have a mom who loves to bake cakes and buns."
He really liked it. I knew he was thinking about how much he could eat.
"We are making gingerbread too in Sweden." I continued. "But it's cheaper to buy ready-made. Lussebullar will be tastier if you make them yourself."
Niall seemed to like it and he put in the first one in the oven.
"It's exciting to learn something new." he said cheerfully. "I mean, You have to later learn how we do it all at home in Ireland?"
I nodded and I smiled at him.
"I'm willing to learning it all about Ireland."
Niall smiled and he came up to me. I was about to knead the dough. He stood behind me and he took his arms around my waist. I felt his lips caressed my neck.
"You don't know how happy I am right now." he muttered hoarsely. "I feel just to hug you the rest of my life."
I smiled and I felt the tingling in my stomach.
"I'm actually happy too." I answered honestly. Niall kissed me lightly on the neck, and then he released me.
"How long will they be in the oven."
I giggled.
"I tell when they are ready."


Pictured: Lussebullar / Lussekatter


We spent the day together in my apartment. It felt like we were struggling to shut out the world, because we both knew that the fans certainly were crazy right now. It was getting dark outside when Louis called Nialls phone. We sat on the couch and I heard faintly Louis voice in the phone.
"What happened?" Niall asked first and he held the phone to his ear.
"Have you read the fans' post?" asked Louis. Niall sighed, and I felt how he froze.
"I'm not going to put any energy in what they write."
Louis laughed a little bit.
"They're like crazy. I have at least posted that our private life are private." I heard him say. "It will calm down, but tell Jenny that Eleanor is ready if she needs to talk."
Niall nodded and he smiled at me. He knew I heard the whole conversation.
"She already knows about that."


We still chose not to open up the computer. It seemed pointless to read hatred or whatever they wrote.
"You know that Perrie's also ready to help you?" I heard Niall say. I smiled. It felt good that none of his friends were against us. I understood that they were behind each other no matter what happened.
"I understood that almost." I replied. He kissed my cheek and he smiled big.
"It will be fine."
I agreed and I looked at him.
"Why wouldn't it be fine?"
He thought, and then he laughed a little bit.
"That I wonder, too." he replied. "It still feels like we have to show them that we are alive, tomorrow."
I laughed a little bit.
"We can go out and take a walk?" I responded cheerfully. "After that they see that we aren't afraid?"
He nodded.
"And I have to go home and get some clothes, if you still want me here?"
I looked at him and I enjoyed.
"Of course I want you to be with me?"
He kissed me lightly.


My cell phone began to sound. I had to look after what happened and I was almost shocked. Anna, Sarah and all wrote to me.
//Is it true?//
//Are you with Niall Horan? Why didn't you tell me that?//
//Aren't we friends anymore? Get in touch now!//
I frowned and I chose to turn off the phone completely. Niall seemed worried, but I gave him a reassuring look.
"I'll call them tomorrow." I said tired. "I can't be bothered to explain today."
He took his arms around me and he hugged me tight.
"Promise me you wont leave me." he whispered. "I don't mean I'm desperate, but I don't want the outside world to scare you away."
I smiled and I tried to look at him.
"Niall, I wont leave you and I wont be afraid just because everyone else's curious?"
He nodded a little bit.
"And when you read the hate on Twitter?"
I smiled awry.
"I have already made sure that my account is private and I'm not going to read what fans are writing."
He wasn't calmer, but he seemed to understand that I would try.
"You might have to call your mom and talk about why she can't contact you?" he continued. "They might be worried about this?"



I placed my computer on the table and I called my mom on Skype. She was fast to answer and she sat so that I saw her. As soon as she saw Niall she smiled big.
"I have read about him." she said then. "I understand why you didn't chose to tell me more about him and I understand why you said he's working with music."
I smiled and I nodded.
"I was afraid to be honest. This isn't something that I thought would happen, and I had no idea how famous Niall was."
She peered more on Niall than me. She couldn't speak English and Niall couldn't understand Swedish.
"We're just talking about everything." I murmured to him. "I wont tell her anything bad about you."
He laughed a little bit.
"It's okay sweetheart and you are almost a copy of your mom?"
I laughed a little bit.
"And that's good?"
He nodded quickly.
"I meant it as something good and I thought that your mom would be happy?"
I laughed a little bit.
"She doesn't understand what you say." Then I looked at the screen again. "Niall says I look like you."
She laughed a little bit.
"Then you inherit a good gene from me?"
I snorted.
"Depends on how you look at it?"
She nodded, and then she became a little more serious.
"And what should I say to reporters who's calling here?"
I realized that that idea hadn't existed in my world before. What would she say? I wasn't sure.
"Don't talk to them." I said fast. "Niall wants a private life and so I too would like to be private."
She nodded.
"Okay, and what should I say to anyone who asks."
I smiled a little bit.
"Tell the truth. Your daughter's happy and she has met a great guy."



"I didn't understand what she was saying." Niall got out when the conversation was over. "But she looked nice."
I smiled at him.
"She liked you. I guess you can always smile at each other, if you happen to meet her some day?"
He laughed and he nodded.
"It will be an interesting meeting?"
I agreed and I crawled up on his lap. I took my arms around his neck and I watched him closely.
"One day maybe you'll learn a little Swedish?"
He nodded.
"I love languages." he muttered, and he smiled awry. "How do you say I love you in Swedish?"
I blushed. It felt odd to speak my native language with him.
"Jag älskar dig!"
Niall frowned.
I laughed a little bit and I said it again.
"Jag älskar dig!"
He swallowed and then he tried.
"Jag alskar daj?"
I kissed him and I laughed.
"It sounded pretty good, Niall."
He blushed but he also laughed a little bit.
"I get to spend some energy if I should get that language to work?"
I agreed.
"But it's okay if you don't learn Swedish."
He kissed me and I felt how he took his arms around my body. That habit with the kissing always made me react. I loved his warm lips and I loved to feel him so close to me. I almost didn't want to stop. It tingled all over and when his tongue slipped between my lips, I was like jelly in his arms. Talk about everything felt perfect between us and I could only dream of the kind of future we could have together.



I couldn't help but lie perfectly still next to Niall. I loved at hearing how he slowly fell asleep and finally he breathed heavily. I couldn't stop looking at his face, at his profile and his hair. The time could stand still, I hadn't bothered about that. I wanted to fall asleep at his side often and I didn't want to be away from him. I knew the day would come when we couldn't be together all the time. I knew he was going on tour and he would surely devote much time to the music. Still, I wanted to enjoy the moment. He was there and he was lying next to me. He was mine!

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