During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


3. The second day in December

Tuesday, I hated Tuesdays. It was such a day that doesn't imply anything. It was far to Friday and we knew that Wednesday would come, an even more worse day. Still, I woke up with a good mood. The feeling remained in the body. Niall Horan had been on my work and I had really been charmed by him. Okay that he was used to girls that was falling for him and I meant nothing to him, but still! I felt my stomach tingled and I lay a long time and wondered if I would tell Anna about the meeting? I chose not to tell. She was able to live in the knowledge that she was the only one who had met One Direction. And the truth was that I had just met one of the five guys.


I pulled up the blinds and I peered out into the street. Still no snow. I frowned and I followed an old man with my eyes, as he walked ahead on the street. Maybe I'd get to experience an entirely gray Christmas Eve? Maybe it was better that I left London over Christmas and went home to Sweden, but something told me that I should stay where I was. It felt at the same time exciting to experience how others celebrated Christmas Eve and it was a good experience. I was open for suggestions and I saw before me how I one day I would tell about London for my own children, in the future.


I did the right thing. I stopped to ponder and I put on the music in the apartment. I chose Christmas music and I ended up pretty soon in the right mood. I planned where my Christmas tree would be standing and I wondered if I would bake for Lucia on December 13th. A Swedish tradition I was thinking of keeping. (On December 13, I explain what it means) I could just imagine how my mother stood in the kitchen and baked "Lussekatter". It always smelled good throughout the kitchen and in the beginning of December, she was the one who almost lived in the kitchen. For the moment, I was tempted to bake, but I had a job to do. I chose to calm myself down with a cup of coffee and I sat at the computer. I went through twitter and it wasn't long until I found Nialls account. I was almost flabbergasted, but at the same time there was a tingling in my stomach and I went through his pictures. I couldn't believe that it was he who had been on my work and that I had helped him. Okay, it had happened, but it felt so different. I saw how desperate the fans were, just because they wanted him to follow them. It was as if everyone just yelled at Niall, but he was always friendly when he wrote back.


I don't know how long I had sat there and just stared at Nialls page. Eventually it tickled in my fingers. I just had to write a message to him. I sat a long time and thought about what I would write and I didn't want to be desperate or even more than what I was.
//Hope your happy with the shirt!// I wrote. //You've got a week to change if you change your mind. Hug Jenny//



I was ready to go to work when the phone rang. It was Sarah and she sounded happy.
"This weekend, you just have to come with us and skate."
I hesitated.
She laughed.
"They will make a path out in the park, where anyone can go and they play Christmas music and there are hot drink to buy and it's so cozy."
I smiled. It sounded like a brilliant idea.
"This weekend?"
She seemed delighted that I always double-checked everything she said. I don't know if it was because I wasn't born in England or if it was a bad habit. I always wanted to double-check everything so that I don't misunderstand.
"Yes, this weekend, on Saturday. We meet the whole gang and hang out all day. You just have to follow."
I laughed.
"Okay, call me on Friday so I don't forget it."
I heard that she wanted to talk more with me, but I had a deadline to meet.
"I'm going to work now!" I said apologetically. "I don't think they will be happy if I'm going to be late."
She understood me.
"Just take it easy." she said. "I'll call you before the weekend!"
I nodded.



When I came into the store Anna came towards me, but she wasn't in the same mood as the day before.
"He was an idiot." she said cold and she hugged me in greeting. "I told him that he wasn't my type."
I finished the hug and I tried to smile comfortingly.
"If you lose a man, it's a thousand to queue and wait?"
She grinning.
"Good idea, but I don't trust you." She had a twinkle in her eye. "I shouldn't complain. Look at you, you haven't met a single guy since you came here?"
I frowned. Everything wasn't about guys.
She grinned and I hoped she just was teased with me.
"Well maybe you should open your eyes." she said. "Sometimes the guys who come here and peeking at you."
I blushed, and I pushed her, just because she would stop.
"I'm here to work and not to meet guys. We have plenty of them in Sweden."
Anna raised her eyebrows and she pointed to a bunch of guys who stood at the pants.
"Do you have those guys in Sweden?"
I laughed and I saw at her that she didn't believe that Sweden got any people.
"Yes, we have similar guys back home in Gothenburg?"
She snorted and she looked at me again.
"I think you will find an English guy and you will stay." I think it was a compliment. "You are more English against what you think."
I blushed. I don't know why but I had always easy to blush.
"We'll see, but now I have to work."
She nodded, and she gave me a friendly hug again.
"Next week we might work together. It's fun to be here when you are here."
I was happy to hear those words. Many had given me praise and I must admit that I liked that feeling.
"Thank you, dear friend!" I said and I finished the hug quickly. "But duty calls and you certainly have plans?"
She nodded, and she walked toward the door.
"See you tomorrow." she gave me a teasing glance. "And believe me, you will stay in London longer than you planned."



"Excuse me but do you think I should buy a blue tie and a gray tie."
I smiled at the old man. He stood and he hesitated between the two ties.
"How does the jacket look like?"
He looked at me and he smiled weakly.
"It's blue."
I smiled and I pointed to the blue tie. He was grateful, and he nodded. I watched as he scurried off to the checkout. It had been a long afternoon and slowly my body started to mention that it was tired.


My colleague Andy saw that I was tired and he quickly came up to me.
"You have to get used to this." he whispered sweet. "The closer Christmas Eve we go, the more customers come here."
I nodded. I had understood it. Andy just meant well and there was no warning or so in his voice. Andy was a middle-aged man and he was gay. I really liked him. He was one of the few who had received me with open arms and he thought that I was something unique, just because I wasn't British from the beginning.
"And the pay will get better." Then he grinned. "If we really hit the record this year we will get a Christmas bonus, and everyone wants a Christmas bonus."
I had no idea that the boss was handing out bonuses.
He nodded with satisfaction.
"Last year we actually got so much money that I could bring my boyfriend to Italy. I hope we can do that journey one more time."
He looked almost dreamy and I laughed a little bit. I had never met Andy's boyfriend, but I knew they had been a couple for many years.


I don't know how to describe my work. I picked up clothes from the store, I picked clothes in the store and I helped customers. It was as if you ended up in a rather pleasant habit and everything worked perfectly. It didn't do anything that sometimes I almost couldn't walk around in the store, it was fun to provide service. And I loved people.



I came home to the apartment and I was tired. I sat down on the couch and I took up the legs on the table in front of me. I was tired. I was hungry and I had bought with me a salad. I ate it in silence and thoughts spun around. I looked around the apartment and I wondered if I would change anything. I had a small hall and immediately after the hall stood the couch. In front of me was the table and in front of that, a television against the wall. I had a bed on the left and a bookshelf to the right. It wasn't a large area to work with, but I felt I needed to change. I was almost restless, and it felt like I needed something new.


I put up the laptop in my lap and I went in to Twitter. I was surprised when I saw that someone had answered a private message. I was even more surprised when it was Niall.
//The shirt fits perfectly. Maybe I need help finding pants that fit to the shirt?//
I smiled. Few words, but immediately I felt how my stomach was tingled.
//It would be an honor to serve you. You are welcome at any time and we have a lot of pants to choose from.//
I also answered some other messages from Sweden. My mom had got twitter just to be able to have instant contact with me and I was glad when she wrote to me.
//Hope all is well in London. It's cold here at home, and maybe soon the snow will come?//


I heard the sound and I got a new follower. I just had to check out by whom and again Niall got my heart leaping. He followed me? I frowned. Am I now forced to follow him? I wasn't sure what I would do and I sat a long time and thought about the alternatives. Maybe he followed me just because I was selling clothes. I was sure he didn't do it because of some other reason.


//You can follow me//
His private message came as a response from above. I swallowed and I hesitated. It felt so silly to do as all his fans. I would get his messages on my feed.... and then, jut like that, I followed him. It was easy. I just pressed the bottom and then he was on my list. I was on Nialls list of followers, and he was on mine.
Had he been waiting? I was again nervous. Quickly I logged out and I just stared at my computer. What was I doing? Niall just wanted to be friendly and maybe he thought that I was a good contact?


I logged in again and immediately I saw his private message.
//Jenny, I wont bite you!//
I tried to breathe calmly and I tried to collect myself.
//I know that you don't bite me//
//Do you have skype?//
Okay, my heart pounded in high gear. What would I say? Did he want to talk to me? Maybe he wanted to complain that the shirt was totally wrong?
//Depends on?//
I waited and he responded.
//I'm not dangerous. Do you  have skype? Search for Irish08lad92 and we can talk//


I opened skype and I tried searching on the name. I found him and I hesitated. It felt wrong to have him as a contact. I chose to open up the window with twitter.
I waited. He didn't answer. I was almost disappointed. Why he didn't he answer my question? I was almost angry. I put him, as a friend, on my skype and then I logged out. Who did he think he was? A big stare or couldn't he answer my questions?

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