During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


8. Seven

The seventh of December and I didn't longed for home, Sweden. I woke up and saw that the clock was nine in the morning. Niall wouldn't certainly not call me, and if he rang, he did so after ten o'clock. I was still in a good mood and my stomach tingled. I did what I always did. Rolled up the blinds and I looked out on the street. No snow, ordinary people who was out walking, but that with the snow wasn't no longer interesting. I had only one person in my head. I did as usual. I showered, I put on my clothes and I ate breakfast at the computer. Niall wasn't online, but he had written a message on twitter.
//Sometimes you can find the most incredible people in a clothing store//
I blushed. Was it me he was referring to? I hoped so, but I couldn't be sure. I noticed that the fans thought he had met a famous person and many wanted him to follow them. I sighed. One side of me didn't want to have feelings for Niall. He was a big star and he could have anyone he wanted, not just me. It felt even strange that other girls panting after him. They wanted him and they did everything to get him. I frowned and I sighed. Talk about that I always fall for the wrong guys.


When Niall, at last,rang at phone, I had had time to clean up. I had been so nervous that I hadn't been able to sit still.
"How are you feeling?" he asked tentatively. I giggled and I sat down on the couch.
"Good, and you?"
"I have pain in my legs." He sighed a little resignedly. "That thing about skating was a good idea, but I have very sore knees."
I remembered that I had read something about his knee, but that was nothing I could remember exactly in my head.
"Okay?" I got up. "Then I think I'll feel sorry for you?"
He laughed.
"No, for God's sake." he exclaimed. "You shouldn't feel anything. You just have to move your cute little butt and come here."
I gasped. Huh?
He seemed amused.
"Yes, I actually have a lot of knee pain and I can't drive and I still want to meet you."
I liked that he wanted to see me, but I didn't like that about that he was in pain.
"Okay, I will."
He giggled and I heard that he really wanted me to come.
"Take a taxi." he exclaimed. "I'll pay."



Niall had really a sore knee. He sat down on the couch and he took an ice pack over his knee. He sat with short pants and he seemed to try to hide how bad it really was. I sat down on the couch with spaces from him. I didn't know how I would behave and Niall was quick to see it.
"Come on!" he muttered hoarsely. "Am I dangerous?"
I looked at the knee and then at him in surprise.
He reached out and took my hand in his. I was so far away that that was the only thing he could do. He pulled easily in my hand against him, and he smiled awry. I hesitated, I trembled, I was made of jelly, but in the end I moved shyly closer to him.
"Good!" he mumbled satisfied and he made sure I got exactly beside him so that there was no air between us. Then he took his arm around my shoulders and pulled me a little extra against his body.
"You shouldn't sit four miles away from me." he murmured. "I missed you and therefore you should sit here."
I blushed and I chose to look down on his knees. I didn't know what to say or if he even wanted me to talk.
"Don't look at my knee." he said quickly. "It will be better soon, but I need to cool it down a bit."
I understood.
"Can I get something or anything for you?"
He smiled and he shook his head.
"I have everything I need. An ice pack and you."


I don't know how he managed to make me feel so good. I leaned my head against his shoulder and we watched golf on television. I wasn't at all interested in golf, but along with Niall, I could look at anything. It was just nice with his presence and his company.
"We can order pizza?" he asked. I nodded a little bit and I met his gaze.
"Or I can make food?"
Niall frowned.
"No, you are a guest here and I'm not going to send out a guest in the kitchen."
I was grinning.
"I'm perhaps more friend than a guest?" it was a tentative, testing question. He laughed a little bit and I was surprised when he kissed my cheek.
"No, you're my guest as long as I say you are. I want to be the gentleman today."
I sighed and I hid that I blushed. He laughed a little bit and he took up his mobile phone.
"Do you want a special pizza or the same as I choose?"
I wondered.
"The same as you!"
Niall smiled awry.
"Are you sure?"
I frowned.
"Is there anything wrong in that I choose the same pizza?"
He giggled.
"I might want one with strong spices on or with a lot of nastiness?"
I snorted.
"Then I blame myself."
I understood that he tested me and when he spoke, the phone, what pizza we would have, I realized that he was really loyal customer.
"The ordinary!" it was enough that he said that. "But two."


The afternoon was wonderful. We ate pizza, we talked and we sat and looked at old funny movies. I enjoyed to be with Niall and I saw at him that he didn't mind hanging out with me.
"How do you work during the week?" he asked. "What time do you quit?"
I looked at him and I smiled weakly.
"I work day and I go off my pass three o'clock."
Niall took his arm around my shoulders and he pulled me towards him.
"So have you planned something during the week?"
I was surprised by the question, I looked carefully at him.
"Why do you want to know?"
Niall smiled wryly and he looked at me. He had that smile that I could just die for.
"I want to meet you." he muttered hoarsely. "You're a good company."
I blushed a little bit and I noticed that he had a firm grip around my shoulders.
"Okay ...?" I got up. "This means that we'll meet again?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"I'm sorry but you've got an admirer."
I laughed a little bit.
"So you admire me?"
He nodded happily.
"Yes, if you haven't noticed it, I don't know what I should do?"
The heart was pounding, my stomach tingled and I could do nothing more than to look at him.
"Do you ask if I noticed that you admire me?"
Niall blushed and he nodded a little bit.
"I'm not good at this." he murmured, and then he even took the other arm around me. He sat next to me and yet he hugged me. "I like you."
I swallowed and I chose to avoid his eye contact.
"Niall, I like you too."
He smiled a little bit and it was as if he couldn't get the right words. He sat and just hugged me. It was as if he didn't dare to say anything more.


I sat with my head resting on Nialls shoulder. Because it was quiet in the room, I could only watch the television. It was a new movie and I managed to keep up with the action. Niall sat quite still, and it was as if he didn't dare to move a single part of his body.


"What are you doing on Friday?"
I woke up and I dropped the film with my thoughts.
"I have nothing planned yet?"
He smiled and I felt that he leaned his cheek against my head.
"If you don't have anything to do on Friday maybe you can come with me to a party?"
I chose not to move my head to look at him. It was wonderful to feel his cheek against me and it was just wonderful to feel him so close to me.
Niall seemed almost nervous over that he asked.
"Yes, a party. It's my job, but it's not a big party. We just get together and have fun together, we in One Direction and then some others. It would be fun if you came with me."
I thought. I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want to say the answer too quickly. I didn't want him to think that I was seeking fame or something. I didn't want to be a public person and end up in the newspaper, just because I hang out with Niall.
"It's a private party." I heard him explain quickly. "There will no reporters there. It's just me and the guys and girls."
I smiled a little bit. He really wanted to persuade me. I felt my stomach tingled even more and it was as if the world stood still.
I almost heard how Niall gasped.
"Would you?"
I laughed a little bit and I nodded.
"Yes, if it's a private party, I'm on it." Then I came up with a good question. "Should I wear a dress, dress nicely?"
He laughed and I think it was because he was relieved.
"You don't have to worry." he replied quickly. "Just you go there with me, I'm satisfied."


I had to go home early. I had to get up and work in the morning and I needed to sleep. Niall was fast when I stood up.
"I'll drive you home."
I smiled and I shook my head. I saw that he still had pain in the knee and I didn't want to force him.
"I think a taxi can drive me home."
Niall stood up quickly.
"Then I will go with you." he said almost desperately. "I'm with you so that I can see that you get home. I don't trust foreign taxis."

I laughed a little bit. I couldn't say no, because it was just wonderful that he cared.
"Are you sure?"
Niall nodded and he smiled a little bit. He went before me out to the hallway.
"I'll pay."
I laughed.
"So I will never spend my money?"
He shook his head, and he was determined.
"No, I'm paying and you shouldn't feel that you need to pay. I have the money so it's enough for both of us."
Okay, that sentence I didn't like. I didn't want him to pay for everything, but I didn't wanted to make a fuss about it. I swallowed my pride and I chose to just smile.



I was surprised when Niall jumped out of the taxi.
"Wait here!" he said to the driver, and then he smiled at me. "I just want to say thank you."
I blushed. We put ourselves on the side walk and he was quick to put himself in front of me. He smiled and I saw at him that he had something planned. I got the answer when he quickly hugged me. His arms slid around my body and I was almost ready that he would pick me up in the air. I took my arms around his neck and I giggled shyly.
"It was a fun day." I whispered. Niall agreed, and he didn't want to end the hug.
"Jenny, I haven't had this fun in a long time and yet we just sat on the couch?"
I agreed. It was I who ended the hug and I felt that he hesitated. He didn't want to let go of me.
"The taxi's waiting." I whispered uncertainly. Niall nodded and he looked straight into my eyes. There were a few seconds where we just stared at each other. I sensed that he wanted to kiss me, but at the same time, felt the idea so far away. Niall took right as it was up his hand and he stroked my cheek tenderly. He smiled dreamily at me and it was as if everything just was magical.
"Promise me that we talk tomorrow." he whispered. I nodded and I felt that my legs would give way under me. The whole I was like one big speck of lint.
"I promise!"
He smiled and he took his hand away.
"Go through the door, so that I can see you walking in."
I nodded and I laughed a little bit.
"Nothing can happen. It's just a few feet to the door."
He frowned and he played angry.
"A lot can happen." he said firmly. "And I want to see my favourite girl walk in."
Okay, my face turned red. I felt that the heart rate increased and I just stared at him. Niall realized that I really had heard that he called me his favourite girl. He laughed a little bit and then he pointed to the door.
"You don't want to quarrel with me."
I just nodded. It was a miracle that I managed to walk up to the entrance to the house. I spun around and I looked one last time for him.
"Good Night."
Niall smiled.
"Good night, Jenny!"



I was in a fog. I couldn't stop thinking about what he had said and I wondered why he wanted to have me with him to the party. Maybe he wanted to show me his friends? I knew that at least two guys in One Direction had girlfriends. Maybe he didn't want to go alone there, just because he used to do so? Or perhaps he just wanted to be nice to me and take a step towards a more stable relationship, as friends? The thoughts was just spinning around in my head. I finally only knew that I was about to fall in love with him. I had known Niall for a week and already my feelings was totally giddy. It was as if he was able to affect me at all levels and I was sure that he didn't know about it.

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