During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


13. On the twelfth day when it all happened

I felt Niall kissed me. I lay on my stomach and he felt his lips against my neck. I can't describe with words how wonderful it was to wake up to his kisses. I giggled a little bit and I tried to turn me around, but Niall soon died down on my back and he seemed to like to see my back.
"Lie still!" he muttered hoarsely. I moaned in his presence. I felt his hand slid down and he pulled up my nightgown to my waist. I didn't know if he wanted to test me, but I was with him in everything he did. I felt how he pressed his hard part against my buttocks and he groaned lightly.
"I love to feel you under me." he whispered hoarsely and almost cloudy.
"Don't you wanna see my face?"
He smiled.
"I don't know what happens if you spin around."
He kissed me again, and he let a hand caress my back, up under my nightgown. I closed my eyes and I enjoyed. It was as if he massaged me and I was soon aware of how much he influenced every inch of my body. In the end I just had to turn around and lie down on my back. Direct I took my arms around his neck and I pressed him down against me. He kissed me right away and he grunted. He let both his hands slide under my nightgown and around my back. I spread my legs and he landed directly on my most sensitive part with his hard part. I whimpered of pressed and I felt how he started rubbing it against me. I dared to answer the movements and pretty soon I was inside a fog. I couldn't stop and I wanted more. Niall pulled up my nightdress more and more. In the end, he pulled it over my head and threw it away across the floor. I gasped over that I became aware of my own nudity. Niall didn't care. He lay down on top of me again and he continued to kiss me intensely. I felt how he created chaos in my body and only his skin got my skin to react. We breathed heavily and we groaned heavier and heavier.


Somewhere in the fog he took off my bra. I had stopped worrying about what he thought about my body and when he started to kiss my nipples, it was as if the whole I was losing my mind. I took my hands over his head and I felt how he almost bit me. I grunted and I threw back my head. Niall let a hand slide down and he pulled off my panties. I felt that his hand quickly landed down there and by using his fingers, he got me to become a volcano. I was close to getting an outbreak and I wasn't able to think clearly.


Niall lay on top of me again and this time he was also totally naked. I took my legs around his waist and I answered the kiss. I felt his tongue, I felt his hands and I was totally aware of what was pressed against me down there. Right as it was, he lifted his head. He was red in his face and he gasped with excitement.
"All the way?"
I have no idea if I answered him. I moved up to him and I just wanted to feel everything. Niall penetrated and it didn't hurt. It was as if I was filled with him and the more he come inside me, the more beautiful it was. 


Once he was inside all the way, he started to kiss me again. I was like a madman, and I almost forced him to be faster. He slowly began to move on his hip and after a while he pounded into me. I shivered with pleasure and I had never in my life felt so much at once. It was as if I lost control over all my body parts. They lived a life of their own and I couldn't even handle my hands. I stroked him, I pulled my fingers through his hair and I tried to get as much of Niall as possible. I felt how something came to life inside me. It started as a simple tingling between my legs and it ended with a volcanic eruption. I screamed and I almost lost my mind. It was as if my whole body exploded and I felt how I pressed myself against him. I had no more time than to land against the mattress, until Niall took it out of me. He took down his hand and he solved the last piece on his own. I felt how he spurted cum all over my stomach and he moaned against my cheek. He almost bit my skin, before he fell down on me.


I took my arms tightly around Nialls body. I was breathing just as breathless as he was and it was as if we had run the marathon. Nialls face was against my neck and I could feel his breath against my neck.
I woke up and I opened my eyes. He lifted his head and he looked into my eyes. He was red all over his body and he almost seemed unsure if he dared to look at me.
"I'm sorry"
I was startled.
He swallowed.
"I know you didn't want to, but I couldn't...." He frowned. "Are you mad?"
I had to laugh, and I shook my head.
"No, I'm not angry."
He smiled weakly and it was a relieved laugh.
"You wanted it?"
I didn't know what to say. Sure, maybe I would have said no if he had asked first, but I regret nothing.
"It's okay." I whispered happily. "It was.... it was unbelievable."
He nodded and he laughed a little bit.
"You're like a cat." he whispered. "You´re worse than me."
I blushed and I drew one hand through his hair, back against his neck.
"Thank you for that!"
He kissed me and I felt how sweaty we were. Still, I didn't care. What I had experienced was something extraordinary and indeed it was wonderful that we had done it.



I stood in the shower and I gathered my thoughts. My whole body was totally harmonious and it was as if all the bad thoughts just disappeared. I wasn't a doubter, I was a believer. It was as if that as had happened was meant to happen and I didn't want to have it undone.


I took the towel around my body and I walked out in the room. Niall had been home and retrieved his clothes. He stood and got ready. I could do nothing but smile at him. We would now go to the party and I looked forward to meeting his friends.

I took out my clothes and I began to prepare myself. I put makeup on my face and I got the hair to be neat at my back. The dress was made for my body. I liked it more and more. Andy really had a good taste when it came to clothes. I took on it all and I put my feet in the shoes. I wasn't aware that Niall the whole time just was staring at me. Not until I turned around and I saw how he looked at me from the bottom up. I got the power from his eyes that Andy had talked about.
"You're beautiful!" he muttered hoarsely. I blushed and I tried not to show that I was embarrassed. Niall was wearing black pants, a white shirt and a blazer. He had let the top buttons be open and he just looked sexy.
"You're beautiful too." I got up. He laughed a little bit.
"Guys aren't beautiful." he replied teasingly. "We're sexy."
I smiled.
"Then you're sexy."
Niall smiled and he came up to me. I felt his arms around my waist and he kissed me lightly.
"We are the perfect couple?"
I agreed and I took my arms around his neck.
"Should we show how perfect we are?"
He laughed and he nodded with satisfaction.
"The others will understand why I chose you." he said happily. "You are the only one."



A black car picked us up at six o'clock. I sat nervously in the back seat next to Niall and I held his hand tightly. All names spun around. What if I didn't even remember what the guys name was? Niall sat in his thoughts, but he was fully aware that I was nervous.
"It will go well." he whispered. "Just be the wonderful person you are and nobody is going to believe anything else."


Both Niall and I was startled. Outside the hall where the party was, there were reporters. I saw how it flashed and I saw how the fans stood and screamed. Oh my God!
"Wasn't it a private party?"
Niall gasped.
"Yeah, but someone must have told about it to them."
I hesitated.
"What do we do now?"
The car stopped and the driver opened the door quickly for us. I felt panic coming and I heard the scream outside. Niall gulped and he tried to hold my hand to calm me down.
"Jenny, take a deep breath and just follow me."
I hesitated.
"Shall we go out of the car?"
Niall smiled a little bit and he nodded.
"We have no choice."


I don't know how to describe the feeling in my body. I ended up in another world and I felt like a lost toy. Niall held my hand tightly and he smiled. He waved to the fans and he talked with the reporters. It was as if I ended up in the center of a movie and I hadn't even received the script.
"Jenny!" I heard Niall say. I gasped and I looked at him. Directly I saw the cameras in front of us and I understood that they wanted to take photos of us. We put ourselves against a white wall and I just saw a lot of lightning.
"You're doing this as a pro." he whispered tenderly to me and he took his arm around my shoulders. "Smile and look happy."
I tried to smile and I tried to look natural, but it was difficult. I had seen on television how famous people walk on the red carpet. I was fully aware of what that meant, but I hadn't been prepared that I would end up there.
"Who's she?"
The reporters didn't give up and they were aimed at me.
"Jenny!" Niall replied proudly, and he took my hand again.
"Is she your girlfriend?"
I just stared at those who took the photos. I think Niall nodded and I think he said something. I wasn't ready for this. No, I wasn't! Why couldn't he say that I was his sister, cousin or maybe just his friend?



As soon as we got inside the doors Niall hugged me. I was shaking all over and I just wanted to cry. It felt like I was in the wrong place. This wasn't me and I dreamed everything. Soon I would wake up and then I would realize that it was just a nightmare.


"You okay?"
I didn't recognize the voice. Niall released me and I saw a dark curly haired guy who peered curiously at me. Niall smiled and he swallowed.
"Harry, this is Jenny." Then he looked at me. "Jenny, this is Harry and he's a member of One Direction."
Harry smiled and he greeted politely at me. He smiled and he looked at me with a pair of green eyes. He had a soothing manner, which got my pulse to calm down.
"Hey Harry!" I said. He looked at me as if I really was at the right place.
"Niall has talked so much about you and it's really great that you came." He then looked at Niall. "And I have no idea who has talked about that we're here."
I heard that they were talking about if there was anyone who had blabbed. I chose to stand still and I kept Nialls hand tightly. The worst was over and I convinced myself that I wouldn't behave like an idiot. I would do everything to be nice and I would get to know the people who were in Nialls life.


Okay! There were many people at the party and I almost gave up hope to remember everyone's name. I was next to Niall all the time and I let everyone else decide if they wanted to talk to me or not. There was a tables that was succumbed and Niall and I had to sit near the a big scene. On my other side sat Louis and he was quick to make me feel at home.
"It was the same for Sophia." he whispered to me. "She was nervous the first time she ended up at a party with us."
I had figured out that Sophia was with Liam and they sat opposite side from us. Eleanor was Louis's girlfriend and she seemed almost used to being on such occasions. She smiled reassuring to me and she seemed curious about who I was. Okay, everyone seemed curious and I blushed every time they talked about how much Niall had boasted about me. It still felt like a dream and I almost wanted to pinch my arm to know whether I was awake or not.


The food tasted great and we even got a dessert. I tried to smile and I tried to look calm, but everything felt so big. Several times Niall asked me if everything was okay and I chose to lie and say yes.


A man came on the stage. I already knew who he was. Simon Cowell. I had seen him many times and I couldn't understand that he really was there.
"And now One Direction will sing."
Niall smiled at me and he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I'll be back darling."


When the guys had gone away, I was surprised. Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor were quick to move and sit on the chairs around me and they smiled big.
"Welcome to the club." said one of them. I just smiled and I blushed.
"Thank you?"
Perrie laughed a little bit and she raised her eyebrows.
"It's really fun that Niall has found a girl. We never thought he would find a single person who suited him."
What would I say? I smiled and I was red in the face.
"And you'll get used to all this." said Eleanor quickly and she was referring to the whole party. "The thing with the reporters are just a small part. The most important thing is that we know what we feel and that we trust our boyfriends."
I felt appreciated and it was as if the girls did everything so that I would feel like one of them. I was barely aware that the guys would sing. Not until I heard that the music. I peered up at Niall. He had a guitar on his stomach and he smiled at me quickly before they began to rock. It felt so strange to see him up there, but at the same time, I saw how much he loved his work. He jumped around like a little rabbit and he could really sing. It was one thing to hear him through the headphones. In reality, he was almost better and I was so proud of him.
"Were you a fan?" asked Eleanor right as it was. I chose to be honest and I almost laughed at myself.
"I had maybe heard their music before, but I had no idea who Niall was."
She didn't seemed to care that I was ashamed. She smiled and she teasingly shoved my arm.
"You will soon be familiar with their music. Their new album, Five, is great and all of their songs always end up in our hearts."
I nodded. I didn't even have any idea what the song was called as the guys now sang.
"It's all right!" I heard Perrie saying to me. "It's just good that you haven't been a fan. Then you will see Niall as the Irishman who he really is."


Later in the evening there was dancing and everyone mingled around. I kept myself still next to Niall, but I had got used to it all. Many spoke to me and I didn't felt like an outside.


Simon came up to us and I felt my stomach tingled. He smiled at us and he looked at me very extraordinary.
"It's really good that you wanted to come." he said to me. "Niall has told me about you and I understood that it's serious between you."
He said it as if it were obvious. I hoped he meant it as something good.
"It will be hard time now for you." he continued. "You will notice that the guys have fans who really is behind them and who have opinions about everything, but you shouldn't worry."
I nodded. I had no idea what I would say.
"Don't let the fans pushing you down." he whispered lightly, and then he smiled big. "And now we're just having fun."


I began to realize how the future would look like. Niall showed me his mobile and his twitter account. There were already pictures of us online and many fans spewing bile over me.
//She's not even good looking!//
Yet it was they who really tried to stand behind Nialls choice of girlfriend.
//If Niall love her, I will approve his choice. Go for it Niall//
"I don't want to scare you." Niall explained gently. "I just tell you that I intend to tell them that you are really my girlfriend."
I realized there was no turning back. I nodded and I smiled at him.
"Then it's just as well that I say yes to this?" I whispered. "They already know that I'm here, so why not?"



When we got back to my apartment, I was tired. It felt like I hadn't slept in a week. I showered quickly, just to get off the makeup and fragrances after a nervous body. Niall made sure I landed in bed. He himself sat at my computer and I knew why. He sat and wrote that I was in his life. I smiled a little bit about the whole thing. It was exciting but I was also scared. I knew that my life wouldn't be the same again. From now on, I would be known as Nialls girlfriend. I would lose my identity, and I would end up in a different phase of my life. That was at least the thoughts that spun around.
"Try to sleep!"
Niall smiled at me and I smiled back. I was really tired. I heard the sound from the computer and I fell asleep softly. I couldn't prevent tomorrow and I couldn't do anything about the fans or the fact that I knew everything I felt.

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