During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


17. On December 16

Niall was asleep when I woke up. He lay on his side and he snored quietly against the other. I smiled a little bit at him and then I chose to leave the bed. It felt like I had been sleeping and my body was rested. I went down to the kitchen, took a glass of water and then I peeked out into the yard. It seemed as if everyone was still outside the yard. Paparazzi didn't give up and they seemed to think I wanted them there. I just started to think about my old life. I knew many famous people had complained that they was stalking, but I hadn't realized how serious it was. It was widely known that Princess Diana of England, had died because of them. When I was younger and read teenage Magazines, it was almost paparazzi shots that attracted more than anything else. I remembered when I was fond of Zac Efron and they took pictures of him. I loved them and I thought it was fun to know something private about him. In the present day, I couldn't believe I was so naive. I couldn't understand that I, as a fan, had loved that pictures. The only paparazzi wanted was something that no one else had taken pictures of. For the moment I didn't want to be in the game.


"Have they calmed down?"
Niall came down to me, with just underwear, and he walked up to the window. I felt his body behind mine and he took his arms around my waist. He peeked out the window and I shook my head.
"When do they give up?"
Niall sighed a little bit.
"Never?" he whispered. "Well, they give up but they have a will of steel and who knows when they get tired?"
I chose to spin around and I took my arms around his neck. I looked into his gorgeous eyes and I smiled.
"Well, I have at least you." I whispered. Stupid comment, but for the moment it was all that came out of my mouth. Niall smiled a little bit and he nodded.
"And I have you?" he replied kindly and nicely. "And I'll do everything in my power to protect you, you know?"
I nodded. I trusted him, and he knew more about the fame of what I could have ever imagined.
"This is one of the reasons why I have hesitated." he whispered. "I never dreamed that I would meet a girl like you, and before you I was afraid of relationships."
I frowned.
"Are you serious?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"Yes, I suspected that the paparazzi would try to do like this." he replied. "Now it's just to resist and I know you will cope with this,.."
I didn't understand how he believed such a thing.
"And I stood and complained?"
He giggled.
"You can complain and you'll scream, I don't care... Just you stay with me."
I nodded.
"I'm staying."
He was happy and he looked at me with his blue eyes.
"Today, I'll call and see when we can get tickets to Sweden. I really want to see your home country and it would be fun to meet your parents, even that your mom doesn't understand what I say."

I laughed and I hugged him.
"I can imagine what it looks like, when you two meet each other."
He was amused and he kissed me lightly.
"Well, that day I just smile." he said teasingly. He laughed and he responded to the kiss several times. "Shall we eat?"



The network was lavished with my name. It was as if the whole world had found out everything about me, and now they wanted to share everything. I sighed and I chose not to bother. The only thing I didn't like was that they knew that I was from Gothenburg in Sweden. It felt as if they would soon see photos of when I was in kindergarten, or even worse, when I was in middle school and looked like an idiot.
"On December 23 we will go."
I looked up at Niall and I was startled.
He laughed and he threw himself down on the couch.
"Stupid you! We go to Gothenburg, then, back to your homeland."
I blushed and I couldn't help but laughing a little nervously.
He nodded.
I realized that he really was serious.
"But I have to buy Christmas presents for them?"
He giggled.
"I ordered a car and the management has arranged with bodyguards in the morning." He kissed my cheek. "I will also buy Christmas presents."
I just had to hug him.
"You plan everything?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"That's why I'm the best?" he whispered with a twinkle in his eye. "We will have a wonderful Christmas".



Mom almost cried.
"Are you coming home?"
I smiled at the computer and I nodded.
"Niall bought the tickets."
She had tears in her eyes and I saw that this was something she had dreamed about.
"God bless Niall!" she murmured. "I promise we'll be normal and you wont have to be ashamed of me and your dad."
I laughed.
"Take it easy, I want you to be yourself."
She smiled and she blushed.
"I promise yet to show up a nice family. I'll cook food, so much so that he doesn't have to be hungry and we should do so that everything's perfect."
I just smiled. My mom did care and I realized that she really looked forward to seeing Niall.
"He's just glad he meets you."
She sniffed.
"I guess I shouldn't exaggerate?" she replied. "But it's so nice to meet your boyfriend and it's actually the first time that you have a boyfriend who celebrate Christmas Eve with us."
I nodded.
"Some time has to be the first?"



Niall smiled at me and he stretched out his hand. I smiled and I stood up, then I took his hand and he pulled me out of the hall. Without a word he put on my jacket and I realized that we were going out.
"Just you and me." he mumbled. We left the house and we heard the photographers outside. Yet it was as if I didn't care. Niall opened the car door for me and he made sure I sat down on the seat. He jumped into the car and quickly he started it.
"Where are we going?"
He just smiled at me and he backed out. When we got on the street, he drove quickly away. It was as if the paparazzi didn't had time to follow us and Niall had planned everything in detail.


I had no idea where we drove. Niall was silent and he had a silly smile on his face. When we came out of London, he slowed down a bit and he seemed to relax.
"You'll get some food." he said cheerfully. "You will love it."
I raised an eyebrow.
He laughed and he shook his head.
"No, not at Nandos. I can even eat elsewhere."
I looked at him he was full of expectation and the feeling was contagious.
"A surprise?"
He nodded and he gave me a quick glance.
"I realized today that I have caused you to be locked up in my house and I understand that it's not always fun." he seemed to enjoy. "That's why you should from now on not think about anything other than yourself."
I laughed a little bit.
"Should I be selfish?"
He nodded with satisfaction.



I gasped. Niall took me to a resturant. It was hanging chandeliers in the ceiling. It was neat succumbed everywhere and I saw that it was a luxurious place. That got me to thinking that I didn't see other guests. Still, it was a band on the main stage and they played music.
"Niall?" I got up. "We are alone?"
He nodded.
"I rented the whole place." He looked at me. "I just want to be with you and I don't want prying eyes looking for what we do or not do."
I didn't know what to say. A steward came up to us and he smiled big at both of us.
"The best table?" he said. "I'm your own Butler tonight."
Niall took my hand and he took me to the table. He pulled out the chair for me and I immediately blushed.
"You should have warned me." I whispered. "I'm not wearing the right clothes?"
Niall just laughed and he sat down on the other side of the table.
"It's just you and me." he said, as if I would have thought of that. "You don't have to worry and all we do is eat."


Niall ordered everything for us and I just needed to sit and enjoy him and his company. Even the wine was more tasty than usual. The food was exclusive and the music made me just listen. It was as if we ended up in our own bubble. We didn't care about anything other than what happened here and now.


"What are your dreams?" asked Niall right as it was. I looked at him and I was surprised.
"What do you mean?"
Niall laughed a little bit and he drank some more wine.
"My dream is to have a family." He looked at me with that look. He wanted to talk about the future and he wanted to know what I thought. "I want to have kids and a house and all that."
I put down my fork and I leaned back in his chair.
"Do you mean that we should have that special conversation?"
He blushed.
"No, but I just want to know what you have planned. You certainly had dreams before I showed up?"
I smiled. Would I be honest? I chose to be honest.
"My dream was to work in London for a year."
He raised his eyebrow.
"So I showed up when you fulfill your dream?"
I nodded. I blushed at the idea, and I avoided eye contact.
"At the moment I might not planned much." I could feel my cheeks were hot. "But I don't mind being in your dreams."
Niall laughed.
"It's okay sweetheart." he whispered tenderly. "I understand that you are busy to land in this relationship?"
I agreed.
"A lot has changed." I said honestly. "I may not been prepared to meet a star."
He laughed, and this time it was as if he thought I was exaggerating.
"You've met a normal guy." he got up quickly. "However, I have an odd job."
Okay, I agreed. I met his gaze and I chose to smile.
"Okay, I wasn't prepared to meet a normal guy with odd jobs." I filled in. Niall smiled and took my hand.
"Just for you to understand me better, I wasn't ready to meet a girl yet." he sighed teasingly. "But as it stands today, I have nothing against it."
Magical moment. I looked straight into his eyes, his hand stroked my hand across the table and we both knew that this was okay, this was what we both wanted.



We no time to do more than to walk out the car until Niall threw himself over me. He kissed all over my face and he pushed me up against the car. I responded to the kiss, which later was directed against my lips and I took my arms around his neck. We were deep in the parking lot and there was no one to see us. Maybe that's why Niall showed with the entire body what he wanted to do?


I just felt that he pulled up the dress and he ripped my panties off. He was quick and I felt his hands between my legs.
"Niall?" I whispered hesitantly. He smiled and he pulled down his fly.
"Please, I want!"
I felt his hardness pressing against me and I gasped.
"Anybody can see us?"
He gasped and he didn't seemed to care. He lifted me up against the door and quickly penetrate. It was like I was filled in a second and I couldn't help but groan. Niall put his lips on my cheek and I felt him slowly began to move my body.
"I love you so much." he whispered hoarsely and cloudy. "Damn, I love you."
I was aware of, but at the same time not. I closed my eyes and I felt how he pounded me against the car. His movement was quick and he was intense. I don't know how he managed but it took only seconds before I was in the fog.
"You're mine!" he went hoarse whisper and I whimpered. I realized I felt the same thing, but for the moment I was totally inside what happened. I felt how I woke up and I took my legs tightly around his waist. I almost hung from him and I was like a sack of potatoes. When I finally fell, I couldn't be quiet. I exploded, I fell, I cried.


Afterwards Niall just stood there and leaned me against the car. He didn't let me down on the ground, he held me in his arms. I pulled a hand through his hair and I kissed him on the cheek, because I didn't reach his lips.
"I love you." I muttered hoarsely. "Niall, I love you too and I feel the same."
He lifted his face and he looked into my eyes. He dropped me on the ground and then he smiled.
"I know."
I smiled back.
"But I haven't said it yet?"
He laughed a little bit.
"Okay, maybe I didn't know, but I suspected."
I was a little embarrassed, because I realized what had happened.
"Are we going home now?"
He nodded and he kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Yes, perhaps?"
I grinning.
He nodded.
"I have nothing planned, but I don't want to the jail again."
I frowned.
"I've never seen your home as a jail. Okay we can't be out and walk like normal couples, but I like your home."
He seemed surprised.
"Are you serious?"
I nodded and I stroked his face with my hands.
"As long as you're there, I enjoy."
He kissed me and then he pulled up his pants.
"We go before anyone sees us."



We were tired when we got back to the house. We didn't say much to each other, but we felt. I realized I was stuck. I was his and he could almost do what he wanted with me. Niall was more than perfect and I had to be happy that he wanted me.


Niall crawled into bed and he lay near me. He smiled and he kissed me lightly. I felt his arms around my body and it was just wonderful to feel him close to me.
"So you love me?" he whispered. I noted that he wanted to ask just to hear it again. I nodded and I giggled.
"I guess so?" I replied just to annoy him. Niall smiled and he giggled. I couldn't help but take my arms around his neck.
"Okay Niall, I love you."
He was happy and he kissed me again.
"That was what I wanted to hear." he mumbled. "You love me and I love you."
I nodded.
"Shall we sleep?"
I was tired and I couldn't soon not even talk.
"Okay." he whispered cheerfully. "But you stay close to me?"


This was the first night that Niall was the one of us who went to sleep after me. I'm sure that this time he was the one as got the same opportunity as I had previously had. To consider, think and just feel. I fell asleep with my head on his chest and I felt his hand gently slid up and down along with my back. I felt loved, I felt I could trust him and I fell asleep.

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