During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


15. Fourteen - escape

I woke up and I felt Nialls arms around my body. He was close to my back and he kissed my shoulder.
"Rise and shine!" he whispered and he smiled big when he saw that I was awake. "It's almost ten and I don't want to be here and just look at you."
I smiled and I lay myself down on my back. He smiled mischievous to me and he seemed wide awake.
"I'm tired!" I complained, just to do something. "I want to sleep."
He kissed me lightly on the lips and he laughed a little bit.
"If I make breakfast, you will come up then?"
I took my arms around his neck and I forced him to lie on top of me.
I wanted to tease him. Niall played angry and he frowned.
"Now you have to wake up. You can't lie in bed all day."
I giggled and I couldn't stop to have a smile on my face.
"It's wonderful that you are here." I whispered tenderly. "Can't you move into my apartment. I can have you as a pet?"
He laughed and he shook his head.
"No, I want to be your boyfriend." He sighed a little bit. "And your apartment's rather small. It's better that you move your things into my house?"
It tingling in my stomach, even if I was aware that we were only joking.
"Your house?" I got up. "Who says I want to stay there?"
Niall kissed me and he grunted.
"The house's included in the package, if you want to be mine."
I enjoyed. I forced him to continue to kiss me. His soft lips were like pillows and I loved them. He was never heavy-handed, and he's always calm. It was as if he was afraid he would hurt me. It didn't take long before I knew what we wanted to do. We weren't crazy this morning and when he finally lay naked over me, it felt throughout the body. Niall took it easy, and when he penetrated it was as if he did it as slowly as he could. I grunted and I pressed myself against him. I felt throughout the body that I would love it and he didn't need to do much until I was totally gone. It was as if our bodies were connected and all I felt, he felt.



After a big breakfast we took on clothes and we were preparing to go out.
"I really need to home and get some clothes." Niall reminded me about. I nodded and I put on my jacket.
"We take the car?"
He nodded, and he came up to me.
"And then to the park and just enjoy."
I kissed him softly and I nodded with satisfaction.
"Everything for my boyfriend!"
He laughed and he took my hand. Then we left the apartment and we walked out to his car.


As soon as Niall turned onto his street, we saw the cars. Paparazzi photographers had almost blocked his driveway and I saw how they quickly saw that it was us.
"When we get inside the gates, we run quickly for the door." Niall mumbled. I saw at him that he didn't like those people, and he sighed heavily. I nodded and I chose to be silent. He swung into the yard and the gate shut itself, to be closed. Yet seemed paparazzi was as crazy. They climbed almost across the walls to the yard just to catch us on a couple of photos. I ran with Niall towards the door and I heard just how cameras sounded behind us. Again came that feeling back. A feeling that this wasn't my life.


Niall wasn't happy when we came into the house. He took out his mobile phone and made a call.
"What should we do to make them stop." I heard him almost shouting. "I don't want to subject her to this, and now they are outside my house?"
I realized that he was angry because I was with him. Was he afraid that I would be scared or that I should leave him? I thought about the elections. Okay I wasn't used to that the adults people wanted to take photos of me, but at the same time I understood that it belonged to the package, if I wanted to be with him.
"Should we have to move?" I heard him say. I chose to go into the house and I sat on his couch. Niall sounded angry and he didn't seemed to care that I heard the call.
"But come on!" he growled. "There must be something you can do?"
I watched as he walked back and forth across the floor.
"They will follow us." he continued. "Soon, they found Jenny's apartment and then we don't know what can happen?"
I froze. Did Niall meant that seriously? I realized that he really meant the words and the thoughts was spinning around in my head. My apartment? I lived on a street that was pretty quiet and I saw before me I was the paparazzi took over the area. Talk about my landlord would get angry and question me?
"You must simply solve this." continued Niall and he then looked at me. I noticed right away that he wasn't angry. He was worried. "Call me as soon as you have a solution."

Niall sat down next to me on the couch and he was almost sad.
"I want us to stay here." he mumbled. "If we go to your home, will those people follow us and I want you to have your private life at home."
The thoughts whirled around.
"My clothes?" I mumbled. "And I have to work?"
Niall nodded. He took my hand and he was trying to look calmer against what he was.
"I'll settle this." he said. "I called the management and it's up to them."
I nodded.
"And you're angry?"
He laughed, a little embarrassed.
"No I'm not mad." he repented. "Well I'm angry, but not at you. It's just that I was afraid about that this would happen."



Louis and Eleanor came home to Niall, later in the afternoon. I saw directly at them that they were troubled and Eleanor hugged me as soon as she came through the door.
"How are you?" she asked. I smiled and I tried to do the hug short. I didn't know her that well and I wasn't sure how I would behave.
"It's okay."
She smiled and she looked at me closely.
"I promise that it will calm down."
I nodded. What could I say? I was sure that everyone else had more problems with the paparazzi against what I had. Okay, it was uncomfortable, but I began to understand that I had to get used to certain things.
"Someone has to go home to Jenny and get some clothes." I heard Niall say. I was startled and I quickly looked at him. I didn't want that a single person would poke around in my home, but at the same time, I saw at him it this was the only way out.
"Take it easy!" he murmured nicely and he took his arm around me. "You have to have clothes and whatever you need from your home."
Louis smiled a little bit towards me.
"I can pick up clothes if you want? Just tell me what you need and I will arrange it. The paps has still got tired of me and Eleanor."
The whole situation seemed strange. Still, I was so kind that I obeyed Niall. I gave Louis my keys.
"Clothes, makeup, toothbrush and my laptop."
He nodded and he smiled reassuring against me.
"I promise not to poke and I promise to include everything."
I noted that Eleanor wanted to help.
"And you have a suitcase?" she asked quickly. I understood that she felt that I needed a lot of clothes. I frowned and looked at Niall again.
"How long time are we talking about?"
Niall had no good answer.
"A week?"
I sighed and I nodded.
"The suitcase is in the closet." I said then to Eleanor. She and Louis nodded and quickly and they took on their coats.
"We will be back soon." he said cheerfully. "And there's always shops in case we miss something."



I stood in the window and I looked out on the street. I noted that where the paparazzi still there and they seemed to wait for me or Niall. Niall came up to me and he hugged me from behind. He held me softly, and he looked out the window.
"It's the first time that they have been so crazy." he whispered. "I'm sorry that it is as it is."
I chose to smile.
"Niall, it's okay. I think you are more concerned towards what I am?"
He laughed a little bit.
"Yes, perhaps?"
His cell phone rang and he released me. I heard him answer the call and he left me alone.


I was surprised at how calm I was. Despite the buzz about me and Niall, I was still pretty confident that everything would work out. I understood somehow that everyone wanted to know everything about who I was. I understood them. I, Jenny, had appeared from nowhere and now I had taken Niall, the guy who had always had been single away from them. Course the fans were upset and the newspapers wanted their pictures of us. The more I thought about it, the more I understood. Maybe I would never get used to the feeling, but at the same time I didn't want to leave Niall. I didn't want to chicken out. I wanted to be strong and I wanted to show that I wasn't scared.



Louis and Eleanor came back and I realized that it was thanks to her that I had almost got everything I needed. I even got my laptop and I could take a breather.
"You live cozy." I heard Louis say. I smiled and I looked at him. My cramped apartment? Actually, I realized how much I enjoyed my home and I agreed.
"I have tried to make the best out of the room." I replied quickly. Louis smiled and he put the suitcase on the floor. He then gave me the key back.
"I locked the door carefully, and not a window is open."
I laughed a little bit.
"Thank you!"



Niall made room in his closet and I could hang up my clothes. I was standing in his bedroom and it tingled in my stomach. I couldn't help but look around at everything and I realized that I certainly would remain there for a long time. I didn't want to move in with him, not yet, but I understood that this was a good solution. Niall had plenty of room and I didn't need to feel like we were sitting on each other, as we had been doing at my place.


"Are you hungry?"
Niall stuck his head through the bedroom door. He smiled at me and I saw at him that he loved that I was in his home.
He came up to me and he looked at my clothes.
"Are you hungry for something special?"
I laughed a little bit and I put the suitcase in a corner of the room.
He smiled and he looked at me again.
"Really?" he asked, almost challenging. "I'm here to meet your needs and you just have tell me what you want and I promise to fix it."
I laughed a little bit.
"Niall, you get to decide." I said kindly. "Sometimes I don't know myself what I want."
He raised his eyebrows and quickly he pulled me into his arms.
"And I'm such a guy who loves everything." he muttered, and he kissed me quickly and easily. "I'm hungry for all."
I felt how he pressed himself against me and I knew what he was after. I blushed and I giggled.
"Am I going to meet your needs?"
He grinned and he smiled confidently.
"Depends on what you're thinking." he replied hoarsely. He pushed me harder against him and I felt the hard part of him. "How about starting with my needs and then the other after?"
I laughed and I felt his lips began to kiss my neck. It was tingling in my stomach and I couldn't help but blush. He slowly began to pull off my shirt and it wasn't long until I stood naked in front of him. Niall was quick to kiss me and he pulled me towards the bed. His kisses were intense and I landed quickly in bed with him over me.


I was not ready, but Niall let the kiss to go down over my body. I felt how he kissed my nipples and he went down. My stomach was like a big pillow and his kisses got my skin to react. He got my whole body to react. I took my hands over his head and when his lips landed between my legs, I had to bite my lip. His tongue began to play with me and I gasped.
"Niall?" I almost screamed. He didn't care about what I said, he continued. I felt how he took care of the whole area, and it ended with me shaking under him. His tongue was perfect, and it got my clit to harden. I moved up and down against his face and I almost tore his hair between my fingers. I threw back my head and I gasped for breath. I felt a tingling all over and before I knew what happened, I exploded. I screamed and I pressed myself up against his lips. I shook, I cried and I was vibrating like a vibrator.


Niall quickly disappeared into the bathroom and I realized that he was washing his face. I blushed. It was the first time anyone had done that with me and just the thought made me smile. Niall came back and he was naked. He smiled big when he laid down on top of me. I spread my legs and I let him penetrate. He kissed me and he took me to new heights. It was as if we didn't get enough of each other and I was surprised that my body so easily followed him. He almost seemed to know what he would do and he did it right. Niall pounded into me. He filled me and he got my body to once again climb the mountain. I took my legs around his waist and I followed his movements. He was like a madman, and I felt how he flexed every muscle in his body. I was really wet and I heard that it almost splashed down there. I felt ashamed in a way, but at the same time, he didn't seemed to care.


We spun around and I landed on top of Niall. He forced me to sit up and he got me to start to move up and down over his hardness. I looked down at him and I noticed that he was totally gone. He was pink all over, he was sweating and his mouth was wide open. He looked straight at me and he grabbed my waist. I moved quickly and it wasn't long until I had got used to the new position. I started bringing my hands forward and they landed on either side of his head. We looked into each other's eyes the whole time and it felt like we fell into a trance.


I closed my eyes when I felt my whole abdomen woke up again. I felt the tingle, I felt the heat and I felt myself quickly reached outbreak. It was as if I was crazy and I gasped when I fell. I felt my body exploded and I thought almost that I would lose her mind. It was as if I really couldn't handle it and I had to scream. When I came back to reality I felt that Niall also had got an orgasm. I felt that he had came straight into me.
"Sorry." he mumbled quickly and he looked almost frightened at me. "We have to get condoms or something else to protect us."
I hadn't thought about that part. I was still on him, with him inside me. I had to think and in the end I nodded tired.
"I know!"
Niall caressed my waist with his hands and he smiled weakly.
"You're wonderful." he whispered hoarsely. "You're such a girl I wont get tired of."
I blushed and I realized that he looked at my body. I felt naked, but I tried to turn off that wacky idea. Niall had seen my body before, and I had nothing to be ashamed of.
"I wont get tired of you." I mumbled quickly. "I like what you do with me."
He laughed and he blushed.
"We are maniacs who don't get enough?"
I grinned and I nodded. I got off him and I lay down on my back beside him. Niall followed me with his eyes and I saw at him that he was tired.
"Are you still hungry?" he asked. I didn't know what to say or what he was referring to.
"Are you?"
He laughed.
"I'm hungry for food, but I can do more with you?"
I gasped.
"No Niall."
He laughed and he lay down on his side. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and he looked at me closely.
"Then we satisfied ourselves with food?"



"I'm with Niall now, at his home."
Mom looked at me through the computer and I saw that she was worried.
I tried to think of a good answer, but that she would be worried no matter what I said.
"I feel safer here." I replied quickly. "The photographers are like maniacs in London and they want to take pictures of us."
She sighed a little bit. I saw at her she was concerned and I understood her. I longed almost home to Sweden again. At home, the reporters weren't as crazy and in Sweden you could be left in peace.
"There are those who try to call me." she said she sounded tired. "I do as you say. I hang up the phone."
I frowned.
"Have they been told that I'm your daughter?"
Mom smiled and she nodded. I saw at her that she wasn't fond of it all, but she stood behind me, no matter what.
"I have to get used to this, that's all." she said kindly. "I understand that it's worse for you and maybe it will settle down?"
I nodded and the tears weren't far away. It felt like ages since I had met them. It was as if I had left them behind me and I almost regretted everything. Still, I knew I didn't want to regret that I met Niall.
"I'll talk to the job and ask if I can get the time off." I got out of me. "I long so much for you at home."
She smiled.
"I know, darling, and we are always here for you."



I was close to Niall in bed. He was snoring and I heard how he ended up in a deep sleep. I couldn't fall asleep, not yet. All my thoughts spun around. I really wanted to go home for Christmas, but at the same time I didn't want to leave Niall. It was as if I lived between two worlds and I wanted to be in both worlds in the same time. I came to think about Hannah Montana, US series about a girl who was both known and even privately. She struggled to get the whole cake. She was famous and she sang on big stages, but still, she could go home and just being Miley. I wondered if I could get my life work in the same way?











Hope some still read this story



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