During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


5. Four

I woke up in the morning and I chose to obey Niall. I turned on the computer and I put it on the table in the kitchen. I quickly picked up breakfast, just to have something to do. It was quiet. Niall didn't seem to be online and I was actually disappointed. It felt like I lost on the finish line. I ate the food, cleared the table and then I went and took a shower. I chose clothes that would fit to work and then I heard how the computer was running. Someone phoned on Skype.


Niall smiled big and I noted that he had only a tank top on and underpants. I blushed by sight, but I showed nothing open.
"What's up?"
He sat down on the chair and he looked at the screen, at me.
"Good!" he answered. "I'm tired but otherwise I'm okay. How about you?"
Well, I could tell him that he was constantly in my thoughts and I couldn't be normal.
"I'm ready for the day." I replied just to say something. "Went up a while ago and I've only made order on myself."
He laughed a little bit and I noticed that he looked happy to see me.
"So have you thought about the dinner?"
Yes, I had.
"Do you want me to say yes or no today?" I wanted to pull out the answer. Niall nodded and he smiled awry.
"That was the idea."
I smiled big and I tried to show that I wasn't affected, although I was.
"So I have to say yes or no today?"
Niall seemed to understand my tactics.
His eyes shone and he looked like a mischievous little boy. I thought about my alternative.
"Maybe I thought that we could cook food together, just together, you and me, at your home or here?"
He lit up.
"You mean that we shouldn't go out, we'll stay at home?"
He seemed to like the idea. I nodded.
"You have many fans and it feels like I defy fate if I go to Nandos with you. Therefore, we do it easier for ourself if we take with us food home and cook it together?"
Niall nodded. I saw at him that it was a yes before he answered.
"You are absolutely incredible." he got up. "Let's cook together on Friday, tomorrow?"
I was startled. Although it was me who had come up with the proposal, I wasn't ready that he so quickly would say yes.
"This Friday?"
Niall nodded.
"I buy home some things that are good and you help me to make a perfect meal. When do you stop work tomorrow?"
I realized it wasn't a good idea.
"At nine o'clock in the evening."
Niall was thinking and he leaned back in his chair.
"When you start to work on Saturday?"
I smiled.
"I'm free all weekend."
He felt that it was a yes.
"Then I pick you up after you've come home and we go over here?"
I couldn't say no.
"Okay tomorrow?" I and my stupid habits to ask twice. "Then we say that we do it?"
He nodded.
"And one more thing." he said quickly. "Can I have your phone number so I can call you? I don't even know where you live?"
I nodded and I chose to write the number on Skype.
He nodded with satisfaction.
"Really pleased!"



I was in a good mood this day. When I got to work I couldn't help but just smile. I felt overjoyed that I would go to Niall, but at the same time it felt so different. Since I came to England I hadn't met a single guy, in that way, and I hadn't even attempted to be social enough to find someone interesting. Okay! I had been with Andy, Anna and all those who I worked with. I had been with Sarah and her gang, but I hadn't tried to just get a boyfriend. Maybe that Niall still only saw me as a friend and I didn't think there would be anything more between us. Yet it tingled and I saw in front of me how we cooked food in his kitchen.


"What happened?"
Andy looked at me with his kind eyes and I realized he looked straight through me.
"I'll just going to meet a guy tomorrow night."
Direct face lit up, but I had to stop his thoughts.
"No, we'll just cook." I said quickly. "Nothing more and were just friends."
Andy snorted and he seemed almost disappointed.
"When will you realize that you can find a hottie out there?" he sighed. "You're cute and you shouldn't just settle for friends?"
I laughed a little bit.
"You forget one thing." I said, amused. "I'm Swedish and I will not stay here forever?"
He disagreed with me.
"You will stay in England." he said quickly and he looked at me. "You will find love and then you stay."
I laughed a little bit and I arranged easily with some pants that hung in front of me.
"Andy quit!"
He quickly shook his head and he didn't give up.
"Tell me who he is."
I blushed and I realized that I couldn't tell him who was Niall. Andy would certainly gossiping and then half the London knew that I was with Niall.
"Just a guy I met online." I answered. "He's funny and he's kind."
"How does he look like?"
Okay, that part, I could maybe tell him about?
"He's blond, or he has bleached his hair. He's cute, has gorgeous eyes and he has a wit body."
Andy leaned against the wall and he looked almost dreamily at me.
"Are you sure he's not gay?"
I laughed.
"No he's not gay." I looked at him. "Why do you think so?"
Andy snorted a little bit and he smiled awry.
"It sounds like a guy who's gay, when he bleaches the hair?"
I was grinning.
"I'm sure he's not gay and if he is, it doesn't matter."
Andy agreed and he quickly looked at the clock.
"Well, if he's gay, you can always introduce him to me?"
I laughed.
"I promise!"
He smiled and he hugged me quickly, just to mention that everything was okay.
"Now we only have a few hours left." he said quickly and he finished the hug. "Let's sell clothes so that we get the Christmas bonus."



I felt tired in the whole body when I came back home again. I stood at my wardrobe and I chose clothes for tomorrow. I wanted that Niall would get to see the best side of me. I chose a nice pair of pants, a shirt and shoes as fit for a regular meeting with Niall. Then rang my computer and I knew who it was.


"I bought the food today." Niall said cheerfully as soon as I sat down in front of the computer. "We'll eat chicken and I bought wine, so you can't drive home."
I laughed.
"You said you would pick me up, so I knew I wouldn't drive a car."
He smiled and he realized that I was right.
"I have guest rooms." he said a little iffy. "I don't mean that you have to sleep over, but if it gets late, I promise that you are allowed to remain undisturbed."
I smiled. I understood that he wanted to treat me as a friend and I nodded.
He leaned lightly to the computer screen and he looked straight at me.
"I'm nervous."
I was startled and I was almost surprised.
"Are you nervous?" I exclaimed. "Isn't it just me who should be that?"
Niall smiled wryly and he shook his head.
"No, I can be." He cleared his throat. "I usually don't do this and you must believe me when I telling you that this is the first time I invite home a girl I have only met once."
I blushed, I felt the whole I was like jelly and I just stared at him.
"Are you serious?"
Niall nodded and I think he blushed.
"I may be known in the world, but I'm not used to everything."
Okay? I didn't know what to say. Maybe I had anticipated done up sentences about him and maybe I thought he was a girl magnet who took whoever he wanted? 
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
The words just flew out of my mouth. I regretted it immediately, but Niall didn't seem to take offence. He laughed a little bit and he leaned back in his chair.
"No!" he whispered. "I'm single!"
I didn't know if I could take a breather. I nodded and I looked down at my hands. Damn I asked such a question. A stupid question that I shouldn't matter. We were friends and if he had a girlfriend he could ha it without me asking.
"Good question!" I heard him say. "And are you single?"
I nodded and I felt my cheeks heated up.
"Yes, I'm single."
He smiled awry.
"No boy at home in Sweden who's waiting for you?"
I shook my head and I looked at him again.
"No, I haven't exactly tried to change that part in my life."
Niall seemed curious.
"How come you moved here?"
I understood that he wanted to know more about me.
"I wanted to work in another country and I felt that London was the prefect place to gain experience in."
Niall agreed, and he raised his eyebrows.
"How long are you planning to stay?"
I didn't know if I would be honest. I had planned to go home again after the summer.
"From the beginning I said I would only stay for a year, but who knows?"
He paused, and he seemed think about it. He smiled and he stared at me. I wondered what he was thinking and I wondered if he regretted that he had invited me home?
"It tends to be permanent." he whispered. "When you have seen something more than your home town, you don't want to go home again."
I saw that he almost dreamed away.
"Are you talking from your own experience?"
Niall nodded a little bit.
"I longs often home to Ireland, but at the same time I know that I wont move back home. I have a life here, I have my friends here and I can always go home and visit."
I agreed.
"I know, but your family is far away?"
Niall agreed with me.
"You know how I feel inside?" he said. It was as if we had that in common. Two people who were far from home and trying to create a future in a foreign country.
"I talk to my mom on Skype and on Twitter." I said kindly. "I guess I will be able to be here a long time?"
He nodded.
"Jenny, that homesickness will always exist, but at the same time, London is a wonderful city to be in. And you hadn't met me if you had stayed in Sweden?"
I agreed and I laughed a little bit.
"Do you mean that it's destiny?"
He laughed and then he shook his head.
"I don't know what I'm talking about." he answered. "I guess you could call it fate, or just a chance to grow?"


I went to bed with a strange feeling in the body. Niall turned out to be something different from what I had originally thought. He also had that feeling of not belonging in England, but at the same time, he had stayed. I thought about my own life. I couldn't see myself staying, but at the same time, I knew it could be like that. Many of my old friends had warned me before I left Sweden. "You wont be coming home again. You will move you and you will stay there." I had just laughed and shook my head. "No one can take away my roots from me, and Sweden's my homeland."


"When are you coming home?"
I dreamed that the whole family stood around me in a meadow and I had a panic.
"I'll be home soon."
Mom looked angry.
"You stay there?" she said, much like a mockery. "You stay and you will forget us."
I don't know how the dream ended and I have no idea what happened, but I felt discomfort throughout the body.

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