During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


16. Fifteenth day - My Work

Strange! It just felt strange to wake up at Niall, preparing for the day and plan to take me to work. Niall stood fast in the kitchen and he cooked a breakfast. I felt spoiled, but I didn't dared to question that he wanted to be nice to me. It was just so odd to be with him like that, this very day, and do things that I had done in my home.


"I could get used to this." Niall said happily. I looked at him and I gulped down the food.
"Can you?"
Niall laughed and he nodded at me. He sat on the other side of the kitchen table and he just seemed happy.
"It's wonderful to wake up with the person that you love and get to do things for her." he replied. I smiled, though I wanted to be serious.
"But I want to ho home to me as soon as things calm down."
I saw that my words hurt him, but I wanted to be honest. This wasn't my home and I didn't want to use him.
"Sweetheart, I know." he whispered yet to reply. "We met recently and it has gone fast foreward?"
I nodded a little bit.
"I just have to get used to it all, but you must understand that I have my own home, so far."
Niall nodded. He was quiet and I realized that he probably hadn't the same feeling in the body. But right this morning it was the way I felt. I felt like a stranger, and I was missing my own couch, my own kitchen and my things. I was silly and maybe I was selfish, but I was also honest with him.


The management sent a car so that I could get to work. A black car with tinted windows and an elderly man sitting behind the wheel. Outside the yard, there were still people who wanted to take photos of me, but just this morning they failed to do so. Niall came with me in the car and he held my hand tightly.
"Can you make this day? Does it feel okay?" he asked. I nodded and I smiled at him.
"I have to work." I replied. "And it feels okay to do what I'm used to."
He kissed me lightly.
"I understand that." he mumbled. "Without my music, I had been restless, and it's certainly the same with you? You need to do some work?"
I laughed and I agreed with him.
"We're workaholics?"
He laughed. I saw that he had stopped to ponder on what I had said in the morning. He looked happy and he looked at me with those kind eyes.
"Today, I only watch golf." he said, as if he wanted to tell me about his plans. "When you get home, we eat food and then just hang out."
I laughed.



My boss William used to always sit in the office. It was rare that I saw him, and when he showed up, it was always something that had happened. I only had time to get started to work before he showed up.
"Jenny!" he said firmly. "The office! Now!"
I nodded. I noticed that almost all the staff stared at me and I sensed what it would be about. I went with him and when he closed the door, he smiled at me.
"I have heard the news and I must congratulate you." he said a little happier. He indicated that I should sit down and I obeyed him. "It's in many newspapers about you and Niall."
I blushed. I actually hadn't had time to read through the press. I had no idea what it said about me in the newspapers.
He sat down behind the desk and he watched me closely.
"You've been here for almost half a year." he said thoughtfully. "I must admit that I'm pleased with you and you have received praise from both customers and staff. You are diligent and you are always here on time."
I felt how nervous I was. What was it that he didn't said to me? I heard at him that he had something more to talk about, but he avoided the subject.
"I hope that you are satisfied with your work and that you like it here?" he said and he looked at me. I chose to nod.
"Yes I like it, sir?"
He smiled and he leaned foreward over the desk.
"Now, I have received many calls from reporters about you and who you are. I have chosen to be silent and I think you need some private parts in your life."
I swallowed.
He smiled and he nodded.
"Now it's so clear, I have heard that we risk a lot, as they now know that you work here." he swallowed and he looked at me. "You will therefore get paid holidays from today until the New Year."
I was startled.
"What do you mean?"
William leaned back in the chair again, and he looked at me a few extra seconds. I think he saw the panic in my eyes.
"Jenny, you get time off until the New Year." he said again. "I want it to calm down for you and your private life. Think of it as a bonus, something extra and take the time and hang out with your boyfriend."
I gasped.
"But I want to work."
He became serious and he sighed a little irritated.
"The truth is that you have no choice." he replied shortly. "I have already arranged with the papers, and I expect that you are cooperative with me."
I felt a lump in my stomach. I nodded. What choice did I have? Either I would go against him and then I risked my work. I chose his path, to be cooperative on his way.
"You mean I shouldn't work until January?"
He nodded firmly.
"I think you need that time, to land in the life you now have and perhaps that everything around you also have calmed down."



I cried. I called home to Niall and I asked him to pick me up. The black car came and he jumped out of the car.
"What happened?"
I sobbed and I threw myself into his arms.
"William has given me the time off." I sobbed aloud. "I wont work until January."
He hugged me, but he seemed not to understand what I was talking about.
"Have you been fired?"
I shook my head.
"No, he has just given me time off in December out."
Niall ended the hug and he caught up my face with his two hands. He looked straight into my eyes and he smiled comfortingly.
"Isn't that good?"
I shook my head.
"No I want to work, but he has been called by reporters and he believes that everything must calm down. Then I can come back."
Niall smiled and he kissed me lightly on the lips.
"But that's okay?" he said as if it were obvious. "You only get a little time off and maybe we can do things together now? Just you and me? Be together just we?"
I wasn't thinking clearly. The only thing I saw before me was that I wouldn't work. Niall saw everything completely different and I understood him. Maybe there was some sense of it all? Maybe we should get to know each other better?
"Your boss is on your side." he whispered tenderly. "Don't take it so personal."



I sat on the couch with the laptop on my lap. I noted that a lot had happened. I had become bombaderad on twitter with inquiries. It was certainly fifty people who wanted my permission to follow me. I said no to all. I didn't know who they were and they didn't know me.
//Niall's happy, I'm happy// wrote a fan. I swallowed and I went down a long piece on the page to see what others wrote.
//Niall! You're lying! You can't have a girlfriend!//
//She's still not pretty. He'll dump her//
I tried not to take anything personally. I tried to see the fans in the same way as Niall saw them, although he loved them.
I quickly left Twitter and instead I began to see what was more about me. Many newspapers online had taken up the subject.
//Niall Horan is now in a relationship with a Swedish girl. The fans are crazy and they don't understand that the Irishman has now selected a girl.//
I sighed. There were pictures. Most were captured when Niall and I went to the party, but there were some from when we ran into his house. I almost didn't recognize myself. It was as if I saw another girl, although I knew it was me.
//Niall Horan has admitted. "Yes I have a girlfriend and I love her!"//
Okay, I smiled. "I love her!" I felt that my stomach tingled and I read the text under the heading.
//Niall told open heartedly to our reporter that he has now found happiness and that he's confident that the fans will get used to Jenny. "She's everything I ever dreamed about. She's perfect and I know that the world will one day feel the same as me." Niall said, and he looked happy.//


Niall came into the room and he sat down next to me. He had already understood that I was looking for information online, and he smiled uncertainly at me.
"Not everyone is crazy." he said kindly. "There are many people who write good things about you and about us."
I smiled at him.
"I know, but it's strange that they write things about me, but they don't know me."
He took his arm around my shoulders and he kissed my cheek lightly.
"Darling, it's enough that only we know what we feeling, it doesn't matter what they writing. They will always write things and everyone can't understand that there's a tomorrow."
I laughed at him.
"You sound like a poet?"
He nodded with satisfaction and he played cocky.
"I'm a poet. I'll make poetry all day just for your honor."
I smiled and I looked at the computer again.
"It's enough that you are creating music." I replied, amused. "Do what you are good at and I'm satisfied."
He grinned and he pushed me gently against him.
"So you're happy?"
I smiled big and I nodded.
"So of course I'm satisfied." I looked at him. "I have you?"
He agreed.
"And you will go a long way with me."
I laughed.



Niall had to take care of his work and in the afternoon, I was alone in his home. I chose to walk around and look at everything. I wanted to get used to the fact that I was in his home and I wanted to get to know him through his things. The TV room I recognized. I had actually seen it on You Tube, behind Nialls back. Even that I was welcome in his home, it was still odd to think about what had been. Before Niall came to the clothing store, I hadn't thought about him or famous people. Now it was as if I had to think about it twice. I was in the middle of a rush of celebrities, because One Direction was known. For me, they was regular guys, but for the world, they were big stars. An odd thought that I hadn't understood before.


I spent the rest of the time to go through You Tube and I watched the old and new clips of the guys. I laughed when I noticed that it was fans who shipped Narry. Narry was thus Niall and Harry together. Even the combination Louis and Harry were popular. I chuckled a little bit and actually that amused me. I also found fanfiction and it was they who were about Niall. I blushed when I read some stories. The fans had really vivid imagination and they wrote all kinds of things about guys. It was as if they were competing on who wrote most strange and I couldn't help but just stare at some of them. Niall with Harry? Talk about that they wasn't thinking that Niall and Harry could get hurt by it all. I read also very dirty stories about Niall with different girls. According to the fans, he was either a beast or a wimp. I didn't understand that they could only dream up such a thing.



It was dark when Niall came home. He threw himself over me and he hugged me tight.
"What have you done?"
I blushed and I shut down the computer. He did almost knew what I had been doing and he smiled awry.
I blushed.
"Yes, I have to read some fanfic and find out who you are?" I said it in jest, and he understood that. He laughed and he nodded with satisfaction.
"So you've gotten to know me yet?"
I nodded.
"You're a wimp, but you also have a beast inside you."
He laughed so hard that he nearly was double in the couch.
"Do't tell me you have ...?"
I was still happy.
"Well I've read and I've read a lot."
He calmed down and he sat up on the couch.
"So do you have a favourite?"
I nodded and I played as if I really had it.
Niall grinned. He then shook my head and he kissed me lightly.
"You shouldn't have read those stories." he said with amusement. "We may have good fans, but they also have many fantasies about different things."
I agreed. I laughed a little bit.
"At first I was shocked, but I realized that they actually have fun when they doing that about you guys."
He agreed.
"I know!" he said kindly. "They can be jerks sometimes, but often they're harmless."



We were lying and would sleep when Niall took up the subject.
"You feel homesick huh?"
I looked at him and I chose to nod. Niall smiled and he ran his hand through my hair.
"I have a proposal." he whispered sweet. "But only if you agree to it."
I listened. He swallowed and he seemed to carefully plan what he would say.
"IF, I say only if, this doesn't settle down until Christmas, I'm thinking about buying tickets. I thinking that perhaps we shall go to Sweden, because I think it will be quieter there."
I was startled. I sat up in bed and I just stared at him.
"But Ireland? You´re home town?"
He smiled a little bit and I saw that he blushed.
"I've already talked to my mom about it. I explained that you wanted to go home and that you missing Sweden. She said I should do what feels right." He pulled me back so that I ended up in his arms. "And I think that the right thing would be to allow you to meet your family."
My heart pounded and my thoughts spun around.
"But I can't afford?"
He held me tight between his arms and he kissed my forehead.
"Darling, it will be my Christmas present to you."
I swallowed and I felt tears of happiness was about to come out.
"Are you sure?"
He nodded.
"Yes, I'm sure, and in fact it would be amusing to experience a Swedish Christmas."
I looked up at him and I wiped my eyes with my hand.
"Thank you Niall!" I whispered. "I don't know how I can thank you, but thank you."
He kissed me.
"Your happiness is my reward."

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