During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


11. Day ten

I woke up in the morning with a headache. It felt as if all I was going to explode and I could barely sit up in bed. I put a pillow over my head and I tried to breathe. Damn, it felt as if the skull was totally out of balance. I managed to reach out a hand and I got hold of the mobile phone. I quickly called in, to work, that I was sick, because I knew I wouldn't be able to take me away from the bed.


I didn't know if I was asleep, I have no idea if I was awake. It was like a single fog around me and I just wanted to cry. I didn't feel nauseous, but as soon as I tried to sit up, I just wanted to scream.


I heard someone knock on the door. I struggled. It certainly took me several minutes before I managed to get to the door. I turned the lock around and I opened. I saw everything twice, and before me stood two Niall. I could have laughed, but I had lost the humour for the day. It wasn't fun that he had a twin brother who looked as good as he did.
"I was at your job, but they said you were sick?"
I showed with my face that he couldn't talk that loud. It boomed inside my skull and every word felt like a thousand needles against my brain. Then just all the world disappeared. I'm not sure, but I think I fainted.


When I woke again, it was dark outside. I lay in bed with the covers around me and I noticed a light in the kitchen. I saw a glimpse of Niall and I felt with my nose that he did food. I was still sore, but it felt a little better. I was ashamed when I realized that he had stayed, for my sake. If I really had passed out, he must have been surprised.


I woke up when Niall sat down on the bed. He smiled at me and he made sure I got up with my head a little. Then I felt a spoon to my lips.
"Eat!" he whispered sweet. I opened my mouth and I realized it was soup. I was tired in the whole body and I didn't mind being fed by hand. The view was prefect and I looked at Niall all the time. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a black tank top. I couldn't stop noticing that he had hair on his chest and he had strong arms. I liked what I saw.
"I was out and bought some food." he whispered gently. "I chose the soup because it's best when you're sick."
I sighed.
"I just have a headache, I'm not sick."
He smiled.
"Well, I took the temperature on you. You have a fever and you're sick."
I couldn't bother me if I had a fever or not. I smiled weakly, as it felt that it was wonderful that he cared. I liked that he took care of me and without Niall I hadn't even had food in my stomach.
"I'll give you iced tea later." he continued. "I also bought home ice cream."
I was surprised. He really cared. Niall noted that I was surprised and he laughed quietly.
"I still have nothing to do, so why not take care of you?"
I smiled and I liked it. He could to take care of me in every way he wanted, just the headache went away.
"The last spoon with soup!" he said and I nodded. I gaped and I enjoyed. He smiled wide and he looked at me. "You're pretty easy to take care of when you are sick?"
I smiled.
"It depends on you."
He blushed.
He stood up and I watched him disappear into the kitchen with the plate. I heard he did the dishes and I couldn't stop to look towards the door. I saw his back some times and I really loved his back.


My cell phone rang. Niall was quick to catch it up.
"It's Sarah!" he said, and he peered at it.
"Answer!" I mumbled. She would get angry if no one answered, and I knew she didn't give up. She could call forever until I answered.
"Well this is Niall with Jenny, at Jennys place!" Niall responded quickly and he smiled at me. I felt my stomach tingled. Sarah would be surprised, but she knew that Niall was in my life. "No, she can't talk." I heard him say. "She's sick and she's sleeping." He sat down on the edge of the bed and he looked at me, even though it was with Sarah, he was talking to.
"I can tell her that?" he said. "Well, I'll tell her when she wakes up."


"What did she want?"
Niall put the mobile phone on the bedside table and he smiled at me.
"She wanted to meet you."
I sighed, and I put my arm over my eyes.
"I can't!"
He agreed and he laughed a little bit. He got closer to me and he took away my arm. Then he felt on my forehead with his hand.
"No you wont see her until you're healthy." he said with amusement and he was determined. "And I make sure that you will be healthy."
I raised my eyebrows.
"Will you take care of me?"
He nodded and he smiled big.
"I can sleep on the couch." he said kindly. "I wont leave you, not now when you need me."


I don't know who enjoyed the evening most of us. Niall seemed to like to be in my apartment and I enjoyed that he was there. He sat down on the couch and he borrowed my laptop. I don't know if he wrote to the fans or what he did. I just lay and watched him. I noticed how handsome he was. His eyes were so blue and every time he looked at me, I blushed.


"What are you doing?" I asked finally. He looked at me and he smiled awry.
"I'll check it all around online."
I was curious. He laughed a little bit and he put the laptop on the table. Then he came over to me.
"Are you jealous?"
I giggled.
"No, I just wondered?"
He smiled and he crawled into bed. He lay himself stretched out beside me and he leaned his head against his arm. He put his other hand around my waist.
"I usually check around and see what the fans and everyone else writes." he replied honestly. "I usually try to be informed of what's happening in the world."
I didn't care. I enjoyed just his presence.
"And what did the fans think today?"
He smiled awry.
"They want me to follow them on twitter and a newspaper wrote that I had gone home to Ireland."
"Oh!" I exclaimed. "It's good to know that you aren't here."
He laughed and he agreed. He kissed my cheek and then he smiled big.
"Maybe I should mention that I'm lying here?" he whispered. "I wonder what they had to say then?"
I frowned.
"No horrors today please!" I said it in jest. "Then people can find out who I am. Not fun!"
Niall became a bit more serious, and I knew that I had said the wrong thing.
"Sorry." I mumbled. He smiled and he shook his head.
"No, you didn't say anything wrong, it's just that one day we may be forced to come out of the closet and tell the world that we are together?"
I nodded.
"That day, that grief?"
He looked at me seriously.
"Would you do it?" he asked. "Would you like to be my official girlfriend?"
I frowned. Just that idea had I only touched before, but so far it felt so strange to be an official girlfriend.
"I don't know." I was honest. "I guess so, but I have no idea how your fans are. I just know that they worship you."
Niall gulped and he looked thoughtful.
"I know you will find life more difficult that day when everyone knows."
I didn't know if he wanted to warn me or if this was a conversation that he needed to have with me. I didn't have any idea what I would say to him.
"In what way?"
He smiled.
"When Liam got together with Sophia, he had this conversation with her, but she wasn't prepared for the reaction. The fans wrote nasty things about her, and it certainly took a long time before it calmed down."
Okay, I started to imagine.
"And you wonder if I will be as strong as her?"
Niall nodded.
"I don't want a single person to hurt you, but the fans don't realize that there's a person behind the screen as reads what they write." He gulped. "I don't want to scare you, but I just want you to understand."
I nodded and I tried to smile anyway.
"But we don't tell them anything yet?" a good comment. "I mean, we've just met, and this is new."
Niall nodded and tried to smile. He watched me closely and he ran his hand through my hair.
"I'm confident that what we have is unique." he whispered. "I know we just meet for a little more than a week ago, but I still know that we are meant to be."
Wonderful words. I smiled with my whole face.
He nodded.
"You're such a girl I've been looking for, and don't ask me how I can know that. It just feels inside me."


I fell asleep and when I woke up was Niall closer to me in bed. I lay on my back and he was lying next to me with one arm tightly around my body. He was asleep and I heard his breath. Since this was the first time that a guy had fallen asleep next to me, it felt special. I never slept next to my ex-boyfriend because he just wanted to do one thing with me and that was all. Niall was different. He wanted to be near me, just to hug me. I was sure he was as unsure as I was, which made me calm.


The December 10th. I lay and thought about the date. For ten days I had known Niall and for ten days, I had learned what love was. Talk about that a lot could happen in a short time?


"I want to stay with Jenny!"
I was startled. I looked at Niall. He talked in his sleep, and he dreamed about me? I swallowed and I tried to think clearly. Talk about he was like me? I was always in his thoughts, as he was in mine? I smiled a little weak and I laid her head against him. I could only imagine what he dreamed, or maybe not dreaming. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep softly. This day was finally over.












This wasn't a long chapter, but I hope you like the story. It's December, and soon it's Christmas. I will perhaps continue right up to the New Year with this story.


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