During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


25. 24

In Sweden, everything happens on December 24th. Santa Claus will come and we in the family socialize all day. I knew Niall wasn't used to our Swedish traditions, but I just let him come along. On the morning, everyone in the family was eaten a big breakfast. In Sweden we eat rice pudding with cinnamon, sugar and milk. I noticed quickly that Niall wasn't used to that tradition, but he smiled and he tried.


"Are you going to move in together?" Mom asked. Maybe that she had that question because of the engagement? Niall smiled a little bit and he looked at me quickly.
"We take one thing at a time."
Mom laughed a little bit.
"Yes, and it goes fast foreward?"
I blushed.
Mom just smiled and she didn't seemed to care about my reaction.
"Typically today's youth." she said with an amused voice. "You don't know what it's like to flirt and to wait for the one you want."
As she said it in Swedish Niall didn't understand a single word. I smiled at him and I tried not to bother me.
"Mom, he's wonderful and yes, we might at a rapid pace foreward, but I'm not a child anymore..."
She stood in the middle of the floor and she looked at us for a long time.
"I'm glad that you found a guy that suited you." she said in Swedish. "I'm not the mom who want's to put me against you. He looks happy and you are happy. That's all that matters,"
I didn't translate words into English, but I went to my mom and hugged her.
"I love you, although you're kooky at times."




Niall and I walked hand in hand a round through the area. It felt wonderful to be home on my own street and I showed him all that mattered. We walked past my school, we walked past the movie theater and the small grocery store. I showed him all the areas and in the end we ended up outside the hot dog stand.
"And here I kissed my first boyfriend!"
I said it just to see his reaction. Niall was startled and he frowned.
"Not a good memory?"
I smiled at him and I blushed a little bit. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that?
"Yes, but he was a regular guy that I just liked."
Niall stopped me, right outside the hot dog stand.
"Darling, do you mean that he didn't mean anything?"
I giggled.
"Maybe I just wanted to test?"
He grinned and I understood that he was amused.
"You isn't directly inexperienced?"
I gasped.
"I am...!"
He laughed and quickly he pulled me into his arms. His kiss was intense and I blushed almost over we stood in a public place and making out. I felt Nialls arms around my body and he pressed me against him. His lips were intense yet so soft. When he ended the kiss, I was almost disappointed.
"You'll have to settle with me." he whispered hoarsely. "I'm the only one you will get to kiss from now on."
I grinning.
"So I could kiss another guy yesterday?"
He laughed and he shook his head. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw at him that he was amused.
"You can't!" He muttered, and he gave me a quick kisses on the lips. "You are mine!"
I grinning.
"And that means?"
He smiled awry.
"You know what that means?"
I nodded and I knew.
"And I have nothing against it."




Swedish Christmas dinner! We ate in the dining room and in the kitchen it was laid up the food on the kitchen table. It was "Jansons Temptation", meatballs, sausages, herring and much more. For everything Dad had bought beer to drink, and we even had "Julmust" to drink. "Julmust" is somewhat reminiscent of Coca Cola, but not really. It's less sugar and it tastes a little different. We haven't turkey in Sweden, we have ham. It's a big piece of ham that only tastes wonderful. We eat it with mustard and you can have it on sandwiches or eat meat on the side of a meal.


"I don't like the herring." Niall mumbled. I laughed a little bit and I looked at him.
"Eat what you like?"
He nodded a little bit and then he looked up at me.
"Only you are here."
Dad heard what Niall said, and I realized that even he understood English.
"You like my daughter?" he asked. Niall was startled and he nodded a little bit.
"She's wonderful."
My parents smiled and looked at us both.
"So you've planned everything?" Mom asked unsafe in English. "Will you live in England?"
I blushed. My God, I hadn't even planned the future. Niall seemed to understand their concerns and he smiled obliquely against them.
"We'll see!" he replied cheerfully. "I guess we can always talk about it?"
I felt my stomach tingled.
"Niall, my parents had expected me to come home." I whispered quickly towards him. "They hadn't imagined that I would meet a guy who doesn't live in Sweden."
Niall blushed and he looked at me. Then he looked at them again.
"but I like Sweden !?"


On Christmas Eve there's a tradition that at three o'clock in the afternoon, see the "Donald Duck and his friends" on the television. A known presenters sit and talk about some topic chosen. He or she lights a candle and then a movie started. It's a collection of various Walt Disney movies that shows a little of what has come out. I know it sounds silly, but that's what happen in my family. That's going on for an hour and everyone sits and feels how Christmas is here. Then we went into the living room, talked, listened to Christmas music and was generally pleased.


Sometime around six o'clock there was a knock on the door. Dad lit up.
"That's right! Santa Claus?"
Niall was startled and he followed my dad with his eyes. Dad went out into the hall and opened the door. In came Santa Claus, which meant a grown up man who's dressed up. He smiles big at all.
"Are there any nice children here?"
If we had had children in the house they had said yes, but now I feel almost ashamed over that stupid tradition.
"Yes!" Niall exclaimed, as if he understood. "I'm kind!"
Santa Claus laughed a little bit and he took out the Christmas bag which he had with him.
"I have at least a few packages with me." he said cheerfully. He rooted his hand down in the sack and quickly he caught up a Christmas present. "To Niall Horan from his new family!"
Niall blushed, but he went up to Santa Claus and took the package.
"Then I have been a nice kind?"
Santa Claus nodded.


When Santa Claus had left the house, we chose to hand out all the presents. I was surprised when I got more from Niall. I looked at him in surprise, but he smiled big at me.
"Yes!" he said with a natural voice. "You're nice and the Santa like you a lot?"
I smiled and I opened all my presents. I got everything from clothing to makeup. My mom even had given me a finer Perfume, even she shouldn't have been able to afford it. Niall got shirts from my parents and he was almost delighted that they had thought about him. He walked up to them and he hugged them tightly.
"Thank you!"
I saw that my family and Niall was coming along well. It was such a feeling that only was there in my heart. He was my boyfriend, my future husband and I realized how much I loved him. He was perfect in every way and he did everything to not disturb our traditions.


We ate more rice pudding and we drank coffee. Dad gave Niall Whisky to drink and we talked all night. It was as if everyone tried. My mom was glad that she was speaking English and dad was glad that he understood. I translated where it was needed because there were still problems with the English language in my family.


"I love your parents." Niall whispered nice to me and he kissed me softly. I blushed as I hadn't kissed one single guy in front of my parents before, but at the same time, that's life!
"I'm sure they feel the same." I whispered. Niall smiled big. He took my hand and he looked down at the ring on my finger.
"Yes, I must like them?" he said tenderly. "I'm a part of your family now?"
I agreed.
"And I'm a part of your family?"
He nodded. We both jumped when his phone rang. I quickly saw that it was his mom Maura. Niall excused himself and he answered the call. Mom and Dad fell silent, but they sat and still chatted a bit. I felt Niall squeezed my hand and I heard the words from his lips.
"Mom, she said yes!"
I gasped. Had he told her about me? Okay, he should perhaps have done so, but did he asked her for advice?
"Yes mom, we are happy." he replied and I saw at him that he was bubbling over of all the emotions. "No, we celebrated it today."
I chose to see at my parents. They seemed as curious as me and we blushed at each other.




"I love you!"
Niall pulled me into the bedroom and he hugged me tightly. I smiled and I held my arms around him.
"And I love you."
He kissed me and he pressed me up against the wall. I felt his tongue playing with mine and I felt him pressed against me. This was wonderful. It was a wonderful ending to Christmas Eve.
"The best Christmas ever." I mumbled. Niall ended the kiss and he smiled big at me.
"The best month ever."
I blushed and I nodded a little bit.
"And the best boyfriend."
He laughed. I saw how it sparkled in his eyes.
"No the best girl ever. You're my only girlfriend that I really loved."










Marry Christmas to all my readers.


I hope u loved this story and that the Santa coming to you too....


Hug Jenny


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