During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


24. 23 decemer - go home

"Rise and shine!"
I yawned and I noted that Niall had already showered and he stood and put on his clothes. I sighed and I closed my eyes again.
"Just a few minutes?"
He laughed.
"No, we have a taxi coming soon and you need to eat breakfast."
I sighed.
Niall shook his head and he sat down on the edge of the bed. He ran his hand through my hair and then he pulled off the covers.
"Jump in the shower. I go down and wipes up."
I nodded and I opened my eyes. I could see him leave the room and I was so close to getting back to sleep.




We went through the dark streets and it felt like we were the only ones who were awake. Niall sat and he held my hand tightly. We were tired and we knew it would be a long day.
"When we come to Sweden, dad comes and pick us up." I said quickly. Niall smiled and he looked at me.
I looked at him and I met his gaze.
"I'm nervous." I whispered. "It's the first time as I take with me a boyfriend home."
Niall enjoyed.
"And I'm grateful that I'm the first and I'll be the only one, the last one."
I understood what he meant. I smiled and I leaned my head against him. It felt wonderful to be with him, but I wondered if my mom would understand him?


The airport was busy. I almost felt uneasy, but we still managed to empty the taxi car and get with us our stuff. Niall walked up to the check-in counter and the girl there looked anxiously at our things. Niall smiled charmingly at her.
"We will celebrate Christmas!"
She nodded a little bit.
"It looks like many things?"
He agreed.
"But I pay for the overweight."
I quickly noticed how used to it Niall was. He did everything with a smile and he got her to even smile. We left the bags and the sack with the package. She took charge and then it was just to go to our gate. The plane was ready and was waiting to be lighted. Niall held my hand tightly and he smiled at me.
"The worst's over."
I smiled and I nodded a little bit. I peered out at  the air plane and I realized that I would surely fall asleep. I was still tired and it was as if I was in a dream.


Niall checked the belt around my waist twice. I laughed a little bit but he was careful.
"You never know what can happen." he said. He then took my hand and we heard how the pilot wished everyone welcome. The plane was only half full and it felt like we had plenty of room. Eventually checked the flight attendants around and after that it was time. I heard the engines rose and slowly glided the plane to the runway. I kept Nialls hand tightly. I liked to fly, but nevertheless I was always afraid.
"Take a deep breath." Niall whispered to me. "Don't forget to breathe."
I smiled at him and I nodded. I sat closest to the window and I looked out.


The pressure in the stomach and then we were up in the air.


"How can you get used to this?" I asked Niall. He shrugged his shoulders and he smiled a little bit.
"It becomes a habit." he answered. "It's like learning to ride a bike, even that you're sitting still."
I smiled and I looked over a gray England.
"Now we're going home."
He nodded.
"Not home for me, but the home for you?"


I fell asleep. It was as if I was rocked in and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Maybe it was good that I slept? When I woke up we flew over Sweden and the plane would land.
"I slept the whole way?"
Niall nodded amused.
"Yes, and you snored."
I blushed.
He laughed and then he kissed me.
"I was only joking but it was fun to see your reaction."
I just smiled.




As soon as I saw my father, I ran up to him and I flung myself into his arms. He smiled wide and I felt how he answered the hug.
"Welcome home!"
I was about to start crying of happiness. I released him and I saw that he hadn't changed much. He had little shorter hair, but otherwise he was my dad. Niall pulled up our bags and he almost looked uncertain.
"Dad, this is Niall." I said in Swedish and then I looked at Niall "This is my father!"
Niall greeted politely at him. I noted that my father wasn't sure, but he tried.
"Welcome to Sweden." he said with a rather poor English. Niall didn't seemed to care, and I smiled big.
"Thank you!"


I spoke Swedish almost all the way home to the house. It was wonderful to speak my own language and I felt the words just bubbled out of me. My dad just laughed at me. I sat in the back seat and Niall sat in the front. I noticed quickly that they only dared to peek at each other and I couldn't help but smile.
"Try to talk to him dad."
He looked at Niall and he smiled weakly.
"Uh... trip?"
Niall looked quickly at me and then he smiled big.
"It went very well, thanks."
I grinning. This would be exciting.


Mom came out on the stairs and I hugged her tightly. It was as if time had stood still and everything was the same. The difference was that I went when it was summer and I came home when it was winter. The snow hadn't arrived yet, but I felt that it was cold in the air. Niall and dad took in our bags and things, I went with Mom into the kitchen.
"Is he eating everything?" she asked. I laughed.
"He'll have to try?"
She nodded.
"Did I tell you that I have gone evening course in English?"
I nodded.
"You told me that."
She almost seemed tense.
"You can't laugh if I'll try it."
I promised.




Niall and I got to sleep in my old room. I blushed over the old wallpaper, but Niall liked the room. I still had old photos and he went through everything.
"It's nice here." he said cheerfully, and he smiled at me. He then looked at the bed and he sighed. "A single bed?"
I grinning.
"I can pick up an extra bed later if you want?"
He shook his head quickly.
"No, I'll sleep next to you."


We ate dinner and I talked almost the whole time about how it was in England. Sometimes I tried to get in Niall into the conversation, but it ended with me still talking about my life. In the end succumbed mom and she smiled at Niall.
"I want you to feel comfortable." he said simply and although it wasn't that perfect English, she tried and Niall understood her. He smiled.
"I like it here already."
Mom lit up and it was as if she had won the lottery.
He nodded and he smiled at me. I couldn't help but laugh a little.
"Mom went evening course in English for our sake."
He was surprised and he looked at her.
"Oh, did you learn much?"
She hesitated on whether she would respond or not. It was as if she wasn't sure, but it was fun to try a different language.
"Sentences, words, and words."




"He's handsome!" Mom whispered to me. "He looks like one of those models?"
I hugged her and I agreed with her.
"Yes Niall's prefect."
She blushed.
"I bought home tea, you know tea which they drink in England."
I just enjoyed. She really wanted that Niall would like Sweden. Normally, we always drank coffee. It was typical Swedish to not drink a lot of tea, but she understood that Niall wasn't like them.
"He will like the tea." I said quickly. She nodded with satisfaction.
"We bought Christmas presents for him. Do you think he will be satisfied because otherwise he may change it before you go home."
I almost had tears in my eyes.
"No, Mom! He will be very happy."


Niall looked at our Swedish Christmas tree. It didn't look any difference from those he was used to. When I came into the room, he smiled big at me and quickly he pulled me into his arms.
"Are they happy with me?"
I nodded and I took my arms around his neck.
"Yes, mom's on fire."
He blushed and he kissed me softly.
"I have a question." I smiled and I saw that he hesitated. "I have bought some presents for you but I have one that I want to give you alone, just when it's you and me."
I raised an eyebrow.
"Okay why?"
He become read in the face.
"You will notice it. You want it now or tomorrow?"
I wondered why he asked.
Niall smiled big and he released me. He took my hand and quickly he pulled me to my old room. He opened the suitcase and he picked up a little Christmas present.
"It doesn't look like much." he said cheerfully. "But you will..."
He looked at me and quickly he gave it to me. I sat down on the bed and I took it. He placed himself beside me.
"Promise not to be disappointed."
I quickly looked at him.
"Niall, you can't disappoint me."
I took away the paper and I saw a small jewellery box. Niall seemed tense and I opened the lid. Direct I gasped. It was a ring. Niall smiled big and he took the box from me. He went down on his knees in front of me and he looked at me with his wonderful eyes.
"You know what I'm going to ask?"
I dropped the ability to talk. I nodded and my whole body was shaking. He smiled and took my hand.
"I love you and I know we going fast foreward, but at the same time I know what I want and I want you."
I swallowed and I felt the tears almost came. Okay, they came and they ran down my cheeks. I was happy.
"I'm just a wacky Irish boy, but I know when I see something beautiful, you're beautiful." He smiled awry. "I promise you that we will mess and I promise you that we will want to kill each other. But I also promise that we will love and our love conquers everything." Niall looked down at the ring. "I searched a long time before I found this and in a way is it a symbol for us, for me and for you." He looked up at me. "It's something that we have and that only we possess."
He took the ring out of the box and he held it up. Then he looked straight into my eyes and I saw him in the fog. The tears wouldn't stop coming.
"Jenny, will you marry me?"
I sob. I nodded and I couldn't even open my mouth. He smiled wide and he leaned forward and kissed me. Then he entered the ring on my finger. Now I was engaged? I threw myself into his arms and I pressed myself against him.
"Thank you, you said yes." Niall whispered against my ear. "I was afraid you would say no or hesitate."
I swallowed.
"No Niall, I don't hesitate when it comes to you."


That night there was a party. Mom took out wine and she celebrated that she had gotten in an Irish guy into the family. I was in a fog. It was as if I was in a wonderful dream and I couldn't wake up. I didn't want to wake up. Niall was mine and I was his.




We went to bed late that night. It was crowded but we didn't mind.
"So tomorrow you celebrate Christmas and Santa Claus is coming?"
I nodded and I looked at him.
"First we eat a lot of food and sweets."
Niall enjoyed.
"I like Sweden." he laughed and he looked at me. "A lot of food, it sounds like a dream."
I grinned and I kissed him. He didn't even need to try. I wanted to and he laid himself on top of me, I was ready. I pulled off my panties and on the way I pulled off his underpants.
"You have protection." he whispered hoarsely. "Now it's just to do it?"
I nodded and I moaned against him. I took my arms tightly around his neck and I forced him to kiss me. Niall moaned and he understood that I didn't want to talk. Without foreplay he penetrate. I gasped and I enjoyed. I was filled with Niall and it was as if he belonged to me. He could get stuck in me, I hadn't bothered me about that. Niall kissed me passionately and he began to move his body over me. I pressed myself against him and I was close to scream with happiness. He gave me what I wanted and he seemed to love me as much as I loved him. It was as if the love filled me up to the brim and I was ready to explode. Just the feeling of what we had, was enough to live the rest of my life.


I was grateful that the bed was quiet. No springs and no sound. It was as if we were moving into thin air and I was so excited as I just could be. I sat up on top of him and I rode him with my whole body. Niall gasped and he looked at me all the time. He couldn't released me with his eyes and finally we come at the same time. It was as if we waited for each other and then we exploded in a firework of colours.


"Can you love a person so much as I love you?"
I looked at Niall and his question came into my heart.
"Maybe?" I giggled. "But I love you more."
Niall snorted.
"No sweet little darling." he said with a teasing string tone. "I love you more."
I grinned and I kissed him.
"Must we make a fuss?"
He shook his head and he smiled big.
"No, but it's fun to tease you."

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