During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


22. 21 December 2014

Niall lay near me and I felt his lips against mine. I moaned and I opened my eyes.
"Is it morning already?"
He laughed.
"Yes it's tomorrow." he whispered. "We should get out of bed and do something. The time's closer to twelve. And we're going to Liam tonight."
I sighed and I came upon a thing.
"I have nothing to wear."
He looked at me.
"Well you have clothes?"
I smiled at him and I let my hand slide through his wonderful hair.
"Niall, I'm talking about tonight. I have to go and buy something new."
He was immediately interested.
"Okay, but then you have to let me pay?"
I didn't like the idea.
"No it's my clothes?"
He agreed.
"But you're my girlfriend and I make more money than you do."
I frowned.
"But I still earn my own money?"
He grinning.
"Me too, and I'm richer than you are." He lay down on top of me and he looked straight into my eyes. "Please, let's not fight. I want to give you the clothes as it's to my friend that we'll go to and I want to buy something for you."
I sighed. His eyes looked predicative at me and the whole Nialls face was like a teddy bear.
"Okay!" I mumbled. "But just this time?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"Only this time." He kissed me and yet he filled in, "And a few other times as we don't know about yet."




Why I chose my work? The clothing store I worked in? I missed my friends and I wanted to go to my job and meet some of my friends. Andy saw us directly when we walked through the door and he came quickly towards me.
"Oh my Good! Isn't it Cinderella and her prince?"
I blushed and Niall just laughed. Andy hugged me quickly and then he smiled big and looked at Niall bottom up.
"Well, I must say!" he continued. "I guess he's better looking in real life against in the newspapers?" Then he looked at me. "And what makes me the honor to meet you?"
I blushed. Niall held my hand and he had already understood that Andy was gay.
"A simple yet classic dress." I said quickly. Andy lit up and then he looked at Niall.
"And the prince?"
Niall grinned.
"No I have clothes. Today, I'll spoil Jenny and only her."
Andy liked the idea.
"It sounds like music to my ears." he said quickly and he enjoyed that a good looking guy was in the shop. "I'll make sure she looks like a star."


They placed me quickly in the locker room. Niall and Andy seemed to collect all the dresses in the shop and I would try it all. It felt unreal. I stood and Niall judged me. He laughed when I wore dresses that didn't even fit on my body, but when I got on a prettier versions, it was as if he was almost panting after me. Nialls eyes said it all. I saw at him if it was a nice dress long before he opened his mouth. I was also surprised that he liked to stand there and wait. He seemed to like to buy clothes, which I thought that normal guys didn't.


"You have a beautiful girlfriend!" I heard Andy whisper to Niall. I stood and I kept on getting on a new dress.
"I know!" I heard Niall answer. I blushed.
"And you'll take care of her." continued Andy. "If you so much that hurts my Jenny, I will hunt you down like a damned spirit."
I was surprised. Andy cared so much about me? I pulled down the dress over my head.
"Don't worry." said Niall. "I love her!"
I couldn't help but smile. I zipped it and then I came out to them. Direct was Niall startled and he just stared at me.
"That dress is your's!"
Andy agreed.
"Jenny, you're like a revelation."
Niall smiled and he looked at my friend.
"And Andy, make sure she gets fitting shoes and everything that she needs."
He lit up.
"Yes sir!" Then he disappeared off and he was fast. Niall came up to me and he took his arms around my body. He kissed me and then he smiled big.
"Your friend cares about you."
I blushed.
"I heard that he warned you."
Niall just laughed.
"Yes, that means I just have more proof of how wonderful you are." he whispered. "I realize every day what I've got. You are everything and you're perfect."
I disagreed, but I didn't want to argue.
"I love you too."


I got shoes, I got jewellery and I got the dress. Before we left the store Andy hugged me again.
"You come back in January huh?" he asked. "I don't want to lose you."
I laughed.
"Yes, I've got time off until next year. I will be back."
He smiled with satisfaction and he released me. Then he looked at Niall.
"And you'll take care of her. She's wonderful and it's not every day you meet a girl from Sweden who's Jenny."
Niall agreed. He smiled wryly and he nodded.
"Andy, I promise!"
Then he took my hand and all the bags. We left the store and for me it felt almost unreal. I saw before me the first time I met Niall and now we had a good relationship. Surreal!




We walked along the streets. Everywhere we made reminds that Christmas soon was here. There was Christmas in all the windows and it was as if the shops were competing over who had the best decoration. Niall held my hand tightly and he didn't care about the fans who saw us. I myself had begun to get used to it and actually I didn't bother to care.
"Are you hungry?"
I smiled at Niall.
He nodded and he smiled big.
"I have to take the opportunity while we're here?"
I agreed.
"Okay, honey." I whispered. "Let's eat at Nando's."




When we got home I went straight into the shower. I washed my body and then I went out to dry my hair. Niall came in naked and I realized that he also wanted to shower. He smiled big and he kissed me tenderly.
"Sometimes I wish that you could be naked all the time."
I laughed.
"Yes, your dreams are crazy?"
He disagreed with me and he pulled me off the towel. He looked down at my body and he let it fall to the floor.
"I like to see you naked. There's no shame in that?"
I took my arms around his neck and I blushed a little bit.
"I like more to see your body." I whispered. Niall grinned and he kissed me. Our lips fit so well together and I must admit we were like a puzzle. Our pieces came together as soon as they met and I didn't doubt anything. Niall was the answer to everything and the best part was that he was mine. He lifted me under the butt and he kissed me more intensively. I hesitated.
"We ought to get prepared?"
He grinned and he pushed me up against the wall.
"Should?" he whispered. "There's much that we should do."
I smiled and I felt that he penetrated. I gasped.
"A quickie?"
He breathed heavily and he was already red in the face.
"Yes, a quickie!"
He kissed me again. I took my legs around his waist and I followed every movement. He got what he wanted and I didn't mind.




Liam opened the door and he hugged us tight. Sophia showed up and she did the same.
"You are so welcome. We've been expecting you!"
I swallowed. We were a bit delayed because of the toilet. Niall just laughed.
"We didn't think the time was so much, but fine guests come late."


It surprised me how welcome I felt. Everyone seemed to want to talk with me and I instantly felt like one of the gang. I was a little confused how I would be against Eleanor, but for the moment she seemed like everyone else. I had in mind what Louis had told. She wasn't a girlfriend, but still she was. Louis seemed to understand me and he smiled.
"She's a good friend too." he whispered. "Eleanor is one of the few that I can tell everything to, and I love her as a friend."
I nodded understandingly.
"It just feels so odd to know the truth."
He hugged me.
"You get used to it, Love." he whispered in my ear. "There are many secrets in the world and one can't take all personal. You have Niall and I see that what you have is real. Take care of him and I promise I will take care of Eleanor."


"I want to make a toast!"
Liam stood on a chair so that everyone saw him. He had a wine glass in his hand and he lifted it high up in the air.
"Time for Liam's speech." Niall whispered to me, and he stood behind me with his arms around my body. I leaned slightly against him and I looked at Liam. He made sure everyone was silent.
"Today we will be cheering for everything that has happened and everything that will happen. After New Year's we'll be back out on tour." He then looked at Sophia quickly. "We chose to have this party because that Jenny must have the opportunity to get to know us."
I was startled. Liam smiled at me and he raised his eyebrows.
"Niall finally have a girlfriend, which I thought was impossible a month ago."
Niall laughed and he kissed me lightly on my cheek. I felt he hugged me harder and it tingled all over.
"Niall, I'm glad for your sake." continued Liam and then he laughed a little bit and he looked at Harry. "Some of us might have bigger problems, but I want to make a toast to what all the fans don't know about."
Harry smiled. Louis stood next to him and I saw that they looked at each other lovingly. It felt so different, but I chose to smile.
"Cheers!" exclaimed Harry just so that Liam's speech would be over.


Niall released me and took my hand. He pulled me to a couch and we sat down. I didn't recognize everyone in the room, but I knew they were friends. Niall held my hand tightly and it was as if he wanted to show everyone that I was really his.
"You're so lucky?"
Perrie sat down next to me and she smiled big.
"What are the plans for Christmas?" she asked quickly. I smiled.
"We're going to Sweden and maybe even to Ireland."
She nodded understandingly.
"You will love Nialls family. Maura's wonderful and she's certainly glad you showed up."
I blushed.
"Maybe?" I whispered. Perrie sat so she had her belly towards me and she almost seemed to regard me carefully.
"And you should know that we girls can also have fun when guys are away."
She leaned slightly toward me.
"You know we stick together. You, me, Eleanor and Sophia is like a bunch of chipmunks. And whenever you need help, we are here."
What could I say? I nodded, surprised and she laughed a little bit.
"We all four are in the same boat." she explained. "And when you're bored or when you feel lonely then you call us."
I nodded.
"So you mean we're friends?" stupid question, but the truth was that I don't know much about the other girls. She nodded.
"And when we're on the tour with One Direction, we try to do it at the same time, we girls." she smiled. "Everything just because we can have fun, too."
Niall heard what he said and he laughed a little bit.
"She's right, Jenny." he whispered. "When we're on tour, we try to schedule so that you are with us at the same time."
I swallowed and I looked at them both. It felt so odd that I would go with Niall out into the world. I, who hadn't even been outside Europe.
"You will experience more than the hotel room and stadiums." continued Perrie. "We girls tend to do other things when the guys are working and often we buy clothes."
I swallowed. I wasn't rich and I understood that they made more money than me, but I chose to smile and nod.
"So when are you going with them?" she asked. I gasped and I quickly looked at Niall.
"We haven't talked about that yet?"
She smiled at Niall.
"Zayn mentioned that we would go with you in the month of March?"
Niall laughed a little bit and then he looked straight at me.
"You don't need to get nervous darling. It's only about a trip and I just want you to be with me."
I nodded a little bit.
"But if I don't get time off from work?"
Niall raised his eyebrows.
"I promise I will solve everything. We also have management who usually make sure to call such calls, so that it dissolves."
I just nodded. Everything felt too big.
"But we've just met?"
He kissed me quickly,
"And I wont let you go." he whispered tenderly. "I have planned to be yours many years, so why not plan for spring?"
I agreed, but still it felt like a dream.
"Okay ..." I mumbled. "I'll just have to get used to the idea."


Niall got a guitar in his hand and quickly gathered the guys in the middle of the room. Niall sat down on a chair and I understood that they would sing. I saw at him that he loved music and I saw at him that this was his life. I sat down next to Eleanor and I enjoyed hearing them talk about what they would sing.
"Lego House" I heard Louis say quickly. Niall nodded and I heard how he started playing the guitar. They all sang at the same time and I heard that they were really well together.
"I'm gonna Pick Up the Pieces, and Build a Lego house, If things go wrong we can knock it down...."
Niall looked at me and he smiled awry. He took in with the whole body and his hand slid up and down over the strings.
"And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm, If you're broken, I will mend you and I'll keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now ..."

"You are happy?"
I was startled and I looked at Eleanor.
She smiled slightly askew.
"I know that you know." she whispered. "I just wanted to say thank you. You keep it a secret and you don't draw me over the edge because of all this."
I swallowed. I nodded and I understood that she only wanted to show that she was grateful.
"It's okay." I whispered. "I understand that it's you who have the hardest time?"
She agreed but she shook her head.
"The management gives me a salary for doing this and I don't complain. One day I get back my life and then I have many happy memories." She looked at me. "I care about Louis and I love him very much, but I know that one day it will be over."
I frowned.
"How do you mean?"
She laughed a little bit.
"They'll change management and then maybe Harry and Louis will come out."
I realized she was worried over that day. I smiled and I took my arm around her shoulders.
"And then me and the other girls are here for you."
She blushed.
"I know!"
I smiled and I hugged her.
"I'm just glad that I get to know you all. You are wonderful, you Eleanor are wonderful, and I don't care about that stuff with secrets."




I was tired when Niall and I sat in the taxi.
"Well?" he asked, amused and he smiled at me. I looked at him and I yawned.
"Fun, but I'm tired."
He understood and he kissed me quickly.
"Good news." he whispered. "The others think that you and I have to continue to be as wonderful as we are."
I grinning.
"Are you talking about me with them?"
He nodded.
"YOU are my life. Don't you understand that?"
I blushed and I shook my head.
"I thought the music was your life. I see at you that you flowers every time you sing."
He laughed.
"Okay, you and the music is my life." He looked amused me. "But you are just as important as everything else."
I was satisfied.
"I know darling."




I counted down the days. I missed everyone in Sweden and the truth was that I began to feel homesick again. It felt wonderful to be in London and experience things with Niall, but inside me I was Swedish, and I was missing my roots. I realized that Niall also felt the same. He lacked Ireland and he had his roots there. Talk about that we came from two different lives, and yet we met. We didn't have the same traditions and we didn't have the same language. Yet I saw before me how our lives were braided together and I was hoping that our differences would still work.

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