During December - from first to the last December. I met you and I never imagined where it would end.


2. 1 December

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Have you ever wondered why certain things happen and other things don't? It's as if some thing are meant to be happening, but not all dreams become reality. I don't know if it was fate that led me to move to London, from Sweden. I wanted to try to work in another country and I wanted to give myself experiences. Maybe it was just fate that led me to end up in the middle of a dream, that really came true? I got one year of employment in the clothing store, in central London. I moved there after the summer and I loved every day. My apartment wasn't remarkable, and I must admit that I had been able to get hold of a better home in Sweden, but this was still my home. I had a gas stove, refrigerator, a bath and everything that I needed. My home consisted one room with a small kitchen, but I had a bigger closet, which a twenty year old girl believed to be most important. I missed my old life sometimes, but at the same time it was so exciting to find myself in England. I was in the center of Europe, according to me, and I felt that everyone was exotic. The mix of people and all the smells made me just enjoy. I started drinking more tea, since I came to London and I got quickly almost their dialect.


The first of December was a normal day. It was pretty gray outside and I wondered if this country ever got snow. Maybe it was just a dream to see the streets covered with snow, but I was used to it from my homeland, with white Christmases. Still, I was in a pretty good spirits. My apartment had slowly turned into December 1st apartment. I had put my Swedish electric candlestick in the window and I had hung up more Christmassy curtains in the windows. I looked out on the street and everything was as usual. It was as if all the kids were waiting for Santa Claus, and the parents would soon realize that they had to plan so that the kids would be happy. Self, I wondered if I would go home for Christmas or if I would stay in London. I had friends who invited me to their celebrations, but at the same time I didn't want to be a guest on Christmas Eve. My parents would understand if I stayed, but at the same time, I was missing them. I had many happy memories of how we celebrated a Swedish Christmas with friends and family. It was one of the few holidays that I felt was important, because all weekend meant that people talk more with each other and socialize. I had outgrown the presents and it was certainly not essential to get anything. It was almost more fun to give, and I loved seeing my siblings children's eyes when they opened the presents.


I would work in the afternoon, and when the clock was after noon, I put on my jacket. I knew that every day would be more busy until Christmas Eve and I was ready to serve more customers than normal. My boss William had warned me about how Londoners were like crazy before Christmas and that we would surely beat the record this year. For each year that went Christmas sales had increased, and he only saw the money that poured in.


I stopped outside the kiosk and I bought me a piece of chocolate to chew on. I was always hungry for chocolate and it was one of the few habits I had. I looked at the newspaper headlines. There was little about the royal family and a little bit about that One Direction were back. I wasn't a big fan of them, but I liked their music. I had actually downloaded their latest album on my phone and sometimes I could sit and just listen to their songs. I had heard about how crazy their fans were and I smiled a little bit. A colleague, Anna, had talked about that she had served them once. Louis had bought a sweater and Liam a tie. Anna had been cocky that she had been helping celebrities and I wondered how it felt. I had only seen some Swedish big stars in my life and I had never met a world famous person. It felt so remote that little Emelie Svensson, from Sweden, was to meet stars. I had no idea that it would soon change. I didn't know about my future, and maybe it was just the best that I didn't know? Had I really gone to work if I had known?


I worked in a large clothing store. We had two floors. Down there were men clothing and women's clothing was upstairs. We had everything from shoes to prom dresses and what the customer wanted, we would always find.


Anna met me as soon as I entered the store. I saw that she was in a hurry and she looked quickly at the wristwatch.
"Now replace me." she said quickly. "I have a date with a guy and I have to go home and change clothes."
I smiled. She always had a new guy all the time and I often wondered if it was common in London?
"Something that happened today?"
She snorted a little bit and she looked at me.
"A shoplifter!" she said quickly. "But we took him and the police picked him up."
As usual, I was accustomed to shoplifters. I had noticed that there were those who had a habit of trying to bring things with them without paying. It didn't matter how much alarm we had on the clothes, they found always the stuff that weren't alarmed.
"All right!" I said quickly, and I hugged her quickly, like the friend who she was. "Good luck tonight!"
She grinned and I saw that she blushed.
"Yes, he may be right one for me. He's so handsome and he's rich, or I think he's rich."
I looked at her with a smile.
"Good luck!"
She giggled and walked towards the exit.
"Have a fun afternoon." she said with a twinkle in her eye. "See you tomorrow?"
I watched her, and then I heard my other colleagues needed help. Quickly, I went to the locker room. Hanged in the jacket and the bag in the cupboard and I took on my name tag.



It was late, it was almost time to close the shop. I stood and picked track of the men's shirts when he showed up. I followed him with my eyes because of his clothes, and he looked very suspicious. I looked at him for a while with my eyes and I hesitated whether I dared to go up to him or not. He had a hooded sweatshirt, and he covered his head. He had a beanie that was pulled down over his ears and almost down over his eyes. He had sunglasses and he looked very much like a robber. Yet, I chose not to think negatively. Customers were allowed wearing what they wanted and I couldn't be the one who said it was wrong.


"Can I help you?"
The guy jumped and it was as if I was the one who scared him, not the other way around.
I smiled uncertainly and I tried to gather courage. If he had wanted to rob me, he had already done it. 
"Can I help you?" I repeated, and I saw at him that he relaxed. He cleared his throat, and he seemed almost like he wanted to turn away the entire body from me. What was it he wanted to hide?
"I'm looking for a black shirt."
I felt relieved. He wasn't a robber, and he wasn't probably a shoplifters. Still, I was suspicious about him.
"What size do you have?"
He hesitated and then he told me the right size. I was fast and I walked over to the corner with the shirts. I found two different models. I was just about to turn around when he appeared at my side.
"Is that all?"
His voice was soft and I heard he certainly came from Ireland.
"We have more models, but all isn't totally black." I replied. He thought about it and then he took one shirt away from me. He examined it carefully.
"It has to be black." he mumbled and I noted that I almost saw his eyes behind the sunglasses. I wondered why he wanted to hide his face, but I didn't dare to ask. Instead, I tried to act like I always did to a customer. If he really hide something, I couldn't just questioning it. He just wanted to shop for clothes.
"Want to try it on?"
He hesitated. He peered around the room, but there was nothing to see. He was the only customer there and I could help him, if he wanted more help.
I pointed to the fitting room.
He smiled a little bit and he looked to the other shirt as I was still holding.
"Maybe I should?" he said a little louder and he nodded toward the one I kept. "Which of them do you think I should test?"
I thought about it for a second.
"It doesn't matter. The only difference between the models is the collar, buttons and pocket."
He slipped into the fitting room and quickly he pulled the curtain so I couldn't see him. I didn't know if I should go after him or not. He probably didn't wanted to show up who he was.
"I want to try both of them!" I heard him almost cry. I swallowed and I chose to go the same way as he had walked to the fitting room. I had with me the shirt and I waited nicely outside where he was.
"Tell me if there's anything you need help with." I was silly of me. He laughed a little bit there from inside and I heard how he changed clothes. I wondered if he took off his clothes or not.
"Yes, but I can handle this on my own."


I gasped when he right as it was appeared in front of me, with the shirt on. He was good-looking. He had blond hair and his face was such a face that you just couldn't stop staring at. His eyes were blue, and they looked straight at me. He smiled wryly and I blushed almost over that he was standing there, in front of me.
"So what do you think?" He stretched out his arms and it was the shirt he was referring to. I tried to collect myself and I looked down at it. He had a nice figure and I have to admit that he was such a guy that fit in all clothes.
He was amused. He had seen how I reacted and he seemed almost happy that he made me blush.
"Should I try the other one too?"
I was startled. I remembered that I got the hanger n my hand and quickly, I gave him the second shirt. He looked almost mischievous at me before he went in and changed.
"You haven't a lot of customers in the evening?" I heard him ask. I gathered myself and I tried to land on earth again.
"Sometimes!" I replied quickly. "When they have money, they are here all the time."
He laughing from the inside. I heard the sound of fabric and I waited anxiously for him.
"And you're not out shopping during the day?"
Damn, I regretted the question but it just slipped out of me. He seemed not to care, but he almost seemed to  understand why I asked.
"I try to avoid people sometimes." he replied. "I don't want screaming fans around me and if I'm out on the day, there's never time to do the things as I had planned to do."

I thought.
He laughed.
"Yes, the fans?"
He said it as if it were obvious. I tried to think. Was he famous? Okay, I should recognize him?
"Are you known from the television?"
He laughed, and it was as if he loved that I didn't recognize him.
"Well, I make music. I'm in a band."
I raised an eyebrow.
"Oh! Have I heard of you?"
He opened the curtain and he showed up the other shirt. He looked great in both, and he spun around, just so I could see how this particular shirt was on him.
I smiled.
"I don't know!" I was honest. "You look good in both."
He looked at me again. He looked calm and he didn't seemed to care that I had no idea who he was.
"Should I buy both?"
I frowned.
"Are you serious? That's enough, of course, with one black shirt?"
He stood right in front of me and he looked at me a little curiously. I felt the tension between us and I was surprised that there even was something that affected me.
"You're new, right?"
I was startled.
He laughed.
"Well, you haven't been here that long?"
I hesitated.
"I started after the summer, so I have experience now and I'm not that new?"
He blushed and it was as if he was ashamed that he had asked.
"No, I was just wondering." he said quickly. "I didn't mean to ask a stupid question. I usually just say what I think without thinking."
I smiled and I looked down at the shirt.
"It's okay that you asked!" I whispered and I felt my cheeks were hot. "That shirt's stylish."
He seemed to feel the same thing.
"So can I buy it?"
I nodded and I looked into his eyes.
"Yes, you must buy it!"
He laughed and he went into the fitting room again. He left a trail of aftershave behind and it smelled like heaven. Damn, who was that guy and why did he managed to charm me?


I don't know why I couldn't figure out who he was. When he changed his clothes, I went to the cash register. He was the last customer, and I locked the doors with a button behind the counter. When he had gone home, I would extinguish it all down and close the doors for the night. I was tired and I longed to put me on the couch and enjoy the evening. I liked the calm after the storm, and for me it was the couch the quietest place. At work, it was mostly just chaos, as in a storm. Anyway midday.


He came up to the checkout with the shirt and he took up his debit card. I typed the sum in the cash and I did what I would do. Just for the sake of clarity, I peered at his name. Niall Horan, it said on the debit card. I recognized the name, but still it was as if I didn't remember that I ought to remember him. Most likely, he wasn't really known in Sweden? Or maybe he was in some old band, but he looked to young for that?
"You're not from here?" he asked. I picked up a bag and I gave back the card.
"No, I'm from Sweden."
Niall smiled and it was as if he liked to talk to me.
"Oh, I've been to Stockholm several times. It's a wonderful capital city."
I laughed and I agreed.
"But I didn't live there. I lived in Gothenburg."
He seemed to know everything.
"Gothenburg? We'll perform there this summer."
I put the shirt in the bag and then I just had to look at him.
"Seriously, what band are you in? I recognize your name, but I can't place you."
I was surprised when he bent slightly foreward to me and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Want to know something?" he whispered mysteriously. "It's much more fun to get to know you, without that you put weight on my work."
I frowned.
He laughed.
"It's just fun to talk to a girl who gets to know me and who's don't care about the music." He took the bag. "Or what do you think, Jenny?"
I gasped. How did he know my name? I realized that I had a name tag on and I frowned.
"I haven't talked about that we should get to know each other?"
Niall looked at me as if he planned something in his head and I didn't know if I could stand still or if I would ask him to leave. It was bubbling in my stomach and my legs were like jelly.
"I will return." he said. "You were one of the best salespeople I have met."
I blushed.
"Thank you!"
He walked toward the door, but when he pressed on it, it was locked. He spun around and he looked surprised. It was a charming look that influenced me.
"Are you going to lock me in?"
I become red in the face and quickly I pressed the button behind the desk.
"Sorry." I mumbled. "And hope you have a pleasant evening."
He laughed and he opened the door. Before he walked out, he looked one last time at me.
"I promise, I'll be back!"


I admit it. If you can fall for a guy the first time you meet him, that was what I did. That person, Niall, affected me and I couldn't stop thinking about him. 


When I got home, I sat at my laptop and I searched for his name. That  was such a thing as a girl just does, even if the guy isn't known. I almost fainted. Niall Horan was in the group One Direction. Damn, why didn't I know it, already from the beginning? I leaned back on the sofa and I just stared at the computer. Niall was thus a famous person and I realized why he had appeared as the final customer. Talk about that he now sat and laughed at me.
"I met a girl at the store and she had no idea who I was."

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