Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Ashton Irwin works at the little coffee shop, down a side street in New York, part time. That is where it all happens.


3. Second Chapter

Thursday morning, August


This morning had up until now, been the busiest of the week, so far. But that was usually how it went; as we got closer and closer to the weekend, the longer and longer the queues grew. I served customer after customer, stranger after stranger, and it seemed like by the time a couple of people had gotten their orders and left, another handful came in and added to the long line. Not that it bothered me. “There you go sir – your chai latte,” I said, as I placed it in front of him onto the counter.


I turned around to the cash register and the queue, when I caught sight of Minthe’s familiar face, among the bunch of people behind her. “It’s you again!” I exclaimed excitedly, a little too loud. She was stood agape: “What do you mean, ‘it’s you again’? You don’t even remember my name? Aw come on Ash, we totally had a moment that morning! It was like in a book or a scene from a movie or something!” she whined, and I couldn’t help it but to let out a laugh. “Oh, my God, I never realized you were such a dork!” Then she pouted at me. “Minthe, did you seriously just pout at me? Did you really just do that?” I said partly skeptical, other part, jokingly.  And then she started smiling like a crazy person. And all that I could think was, dammit, Minthe, who wouldn’t remember your name with a smile like that, silly.


“What could I get you today?” I asked, as I stared into her eyes through her glasses. “Same as last time,” she shrugged. “Just a simple coffee, yeah?” I asked. In her big smile and nodding, I found my answer. “Yeah! Please.” I took my time making her her coffee, as I hummed along to the quiet music, coming from the speakers of every corner. Veronica came out from the backroom to assist me on the ever-growing line of (now, oops) impatient costumers. She waved at me, and I said a quick “Hey V,” her before turning back to Minthe.


“Will I see you sometime again?” I asked, constantly switching from looking up at her and then down at the coffee, again and again. “If you’re lucky..” Then we both smiled. “Very lucky..” I mumbled. And this time, I was sure. She was blushing. “Actually I, uh, had planned to have stopped by yesterday morning, but suddenly I was running late for class, so yeah..” Hearing that, made me smile this really huge smile. “Oh,” I said, as I still couldn’t wipe that goddamn smile from my lips. “But yeah, I only have morning shifts at Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, anyway.”


I handed Minthe the to-go cup, and with her free hand, she laid out 5 bucks on the counter. I looked at her with a both questioning yet embarrassed expression – like I was caught off guard. “Oh stop it,” she laughed. “I checked for the price on one of your signs,” she winked, before disappearing in between the crowd of people.

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