Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Ashton Irwin works at the little coffee shop, down a side street in New York, part time. That is where it all happens.


1. Prolouge

Today was no different morning from any other. People walked in, ordered their lattes while other drank their salted caramel, chatted superficially and then they walked out again. It’s like when you walk past someone and only hear a little morsel of his or her conversation. Or when you sit next to a couple on the train, and from the moment they walk in, you start to listen to the conversation they’re having. And then, in the middle of a sentence, they will just get up and leave. And then you never get to know what happened further more; how the story ended or what the point of the joke was, or who won the argument.

That was why I liked working at the coffee shop, part time. It was nice getting a glimpse of people’s busy lives – would they take their order to go? Or would they take time out of their squeezed time schedules, to sit down and enjoy themselves for a moment, before rushing on out onto the busy streets, of New York again? On my nametag it says I’m a “barista”, but really, I’m a people watcher. An observer. I like watching people. And customers.

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