Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Ashton Irwin works at the little coffee shop, down a side street in New York, part time. That is where it all happens.


2. First Chapter

Tuesday morning, August


I caught the familiar sound of the door opening with my left ear, which was my cue. I brushed my hands off in the apron and wiped off the counter. “Hi! Good morning” I heard from the opposite side of the now cleaned counter. When I looked up, a short girl with brown hair, which fell down past her shoulders, met my eyes. The first thing your eyes would fall on was her round glasses. And obviously the wide smile she flashed me. “Hey” I said as I rested my arm on the cash register, my eyes glued to hers. “I mean, good morning.” She sent me a smile again. Then it went all silent between us for a short moment. My eyes widened, and I felt a little embarrassed. “Shit, I’m sorry” I laughed nervously, as I shook my head and stood up straight. “Uh, your order? I mean, what could I get you? I mean, CAN I get you anything?” I cleared my throat and ran a hand through my messy hair.


Her eyes just lit up like a Christmas tree, and she giggled so out loud, she had to cover her mouth with one hand. “Can I just have a simple coffee please? - To go” I typed it in on the cash register and looked up at her again, holding the eye contact for just a few seconds longer. “Sure thing” I smiled. Then she smiled back. I kept attempting small talking while making her coffee.


“What’s your name? Can ask you about that?” She looked up from her wallet, confused. “What’s that? Is this Starbucks?” She asked in such a way, I really wasn’t sure whether she was joking with me, or not. “Sorry?” I asked. She nodded and put her wallet down into her bag again, now with some change in her hand. “No it’s all good, I just didn’t realize you needed my name to call out my order..” I looked away and put on the lid for the cup. “I didn’t,” I shrugged, as I handed her her coffee, across the counter. “Oh” she realized. “I’m sorry.. Ashton, yeah?” she said, as her eyes went down to my nametag, and then up to mine, again. I could swear I saw her blushing. Anyway, I knew I was. I also knew that I was smiling so big, that my dimples were showing, as well. “I’m Minthe,” she smiled continuously. “That’s a beautiful name,” I said. Minthe just brushed it off with a giggle.


“How much will that be?” She asked while picking up her coffee, to take a sip. “For you? This morning, a single dollar will do,” I smiled. Minthe narrowed her eyes at me, in disbelief. “And what will I owe you, then? A kiss or something? A boob flash, even?” I got taken aback by her charming use of sarcasm. Or was it? Sarcasm, I mean? She was tricky. “Ashton, I’m joking. I asked, how much will it be?” She chuckled. “Well, Minthe, I wasn’t kidding. One dollar, and not a single cent more.” Her smile was definitely worth the 4 extra dollars, which now would have to be charged from my next salary.


Minthe never stopped narrowing her eyes at me. “I don’t know what just happened but okay, Ashton..” but then she couldn’t keep a straight face anymore, so she just smiled a really nice smile, and nodded at me while backing out of the café. “Okay, Ashton. I will be back!” and then she laughed before leaving out the door.

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