You left

Ashley was dating zayn Malik and he left her a surprise when he left her.

Read more to find out!��������


1. my beautiful son

(Ashley's pov)

So today is my due date I get to see my son gosh I'm do excited I don't know what to do bit then I remember the flash back to that night.

Flash back

Hello is zayn thier.sorry no he left 3 hours ago.oh ummm thx but were did he leave to. He went on a trip to audition on the xfactor.oh will he be coming back. Umm I'm not sure of that sorry miss.its okay bye. Bye. As I was walking all I could think if was that night me and did it,today u wanted to tell him I was pregnant but it seems like I'm to I'm going to tell my parents I'm pregnant it I'm scared cause my sister ended up pregnant at 16 years old and my parents kick her out and disowned her like she was a stranger.i am 16 about to turn 17 in 4 more days. I still talked to my sister I told her I was pregnant she was the second person to know that.the first person was my best friend Ayna age took me to the doctors and when I came out crying she knew that I was pregnant she knows me so we'll. my sister and Ayna offered me to stay at their place if my parents kick me out so I took my sister offer and moved in with her and little jacky since my sister only lived 1 block away from jacky.i was interrupted with my thoughts when I bumped into a light pole.when I told my parents they actually took it we'll then the days passed and I got tired of them babying me and told y didn't they do that to my sister when she told them she was pregnant. We'll because she never had good grades she would dress like a tramp and would come home drunk.i told them that was because u would never pay attention to her then we had a huge fight I got kicked out

End of flash back


Let me I introduce myself


Hair:dirty blonde




(Ashley's pov)

We'll I'm packing for the hospital and my baby clothes for Jonathan and if course right when I zipped up my suit case my water broke.MEGAN.i yelled. WHAT she yelled back. MY WATER B-B-B ROKE.

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