Fighting Back

Pelith, a lithe huntress, is facing the knowledge of the strong likelihood that her people might disown her for being falsely accused of a crime she had not committed. But then, her beloved horse, Culia, is eaten by a blood-thirsty dragon that has finally been set free from being held captive for four hundred and sixty-eight years by a spell that has recently been broken by the combining of two magic rocks. She then begins to slowly come upon the conclusion that someone has purposefully framed her. With the unlikely and unexpected help of Rasa, a poor, underfed farmer boy, she must make a dangerous journey in order to save her race from destruction and once again prove herself innocent and loyal to her people.


1. 1

How could even a ruby compare to the deep red in these apples? Such a rare breed, yet there laid an entire orchard of the sweet, juice-filled fruits! Pelith thoroughly relished the lush gift from the earth presented to her by none other than her dear brother, Aroar, two years ago, right before the terrible accident. Her stomach muscles clenched from the memory of his body, first cut by rocks upon which he had fallen from the collapsed cart, and then shredded apart by wolves attracted to the sent of his blood. Blood might just be the one thing that’s color could possibly be half as brilliant as that of these Ziatajie Apples.

Aroar had been favored, here in Moredien, for having organized and developed select trade routes to Qigondra, a rich country with a surplus of wealth. Their father, Horen, had originated from a superior, prosperous family of Qigondra and journeyed here to Moredien where he met his wife, Calioniel, and had fallen in love with both her and the land of Moredien. His close relations to the regal and governing families of Qigondra have helped Moredien gain strong allies and friends, as well as good trading partners. Pelith’s family had become somewhat of a leader for this newly developed land, and through their efforts, Horen has nearly gained the title as the new king of Moredien.

Calioniel had started the teaching systems around Moredian to institute better, more advanced education, as has always been her beliefs. She also had organized and set up the small hospitals centers across Moredien. All were impressed with this family's triumphs in assisting in building a stronger country. They all had produced great results that positively benefited Moredien.

All except Pelith. Try as she might, she could never succeed in becoming an equal to the other members of her family; in comparison, she seemed lazy.Yet they willingly welcomed her into their own fame with arms open as wide as the sea stretches out. And, oh, how she loved them for that. How she loved them for their undeniable, unconditional love for her. But still, she knew she should try to honor them and Moredien. She was only fifteen, but soon, surely success would be expected of her.

Pelith was a swift huntress, and one of the few female hunters out there. She had considered teaching other girls and women her skill, perhaps men as well, or maybe she could simply get a few of her closest friends to form a hunting circle with her to help provide food for the hungry. It would be a start, anyways. She gathered a small bagful of Ziatajie apples to snack on, though this was not her reason for coming here. It was a warm, fall afternoon and the apples were in perfect condition. She had seen a few deer out there the day before at that time, so she headed out to see if another doe had returned.

She silently sat in a tree munching on an apple when a movement caught her eyes. A great majestic buck nibbled gingerly at the fallen apples at the ground, completely oblivious to her presence. Pelith notched an arrow into her bow and aimed. Just after the arrow let loose, the wind picked up as if it had been blowing that way for hours, rather that all of the sudden. The arrow veered just inches from the deer's sleek body and hit the tree next to it.

Startled, the buck jumped forwards, in Pelith’s direction. A buck was a fine reward-not a prize one should risk losing. But Pelith did not have time to notch an arrow, aim, and shoot, all while the creature was within distance. Some may call her a princess-to-be, but even if in the future she would be known as royalty, she definitely did not have to act so regal now. The buck was a matter of meters away, and Pelith yanked her dagger from it’s belt around her waist, hardly registering the action. The time was right; now or never. She knew she was crazy, but it would bring the life back into her, make her feel more alive. So, she pounced.

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