I miss you

"Why do you have to leave?"
"Don't worry, love. I love you. I'll be back soon."
"I love you too, please don't leave"


1. Chapter 1-Charecters

(Kanadee POV)

Hi my name is Kanadee. I am Ashton Irwin's girl friend. He well be leaving for Australia soo and I'm really sad about it. Bye the way I am very perky and sweet. You can trust me

(Maddie POV)

Hey my name is Maddie. I am Calum Hoods girlfriend. I can't imaigine how lucky I am to be his. But he is in a band and they are leaving soon.

(Summer POV)

Hey my name is Summer. I am Michael Clifford's girl friend. I love him. I wish he wasn't leaving.

(Kailey POV)

Hi am Luke Hemmings girlfriend. I love him. He makes me feel special. I bever thought he would have to leave. I will miss him soooo much!

(Ashton POV)

Hello I am Ashton Irwin. Going on tour is going to be amazing but it means leaving Kanadee. I call her Kandy. Me and the boys will miss the girls.

(Calum POV)

Hey. I'm Calum. I'm in love with this girl named Maddie. And I'll be leaving her soon. :(

(Michael POV)

Hi or Hey? I'm Michael. I play guitar and I love this cute little baby named Summer. I will miss you.

(Luke POV)

Hey I'm Luke and I like to party. I always have this girl named Kailey on my mind. She is amazing. I will miss her the most. It sucks. I might see if we can take the girls on tour with us.

Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxz

Hey it's Hazel. Follow my twitter @haz_is_apenguin I'll update soon but I'm tired so Yeahhh

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