Pale moonlight (a luke hemmings fanfiction)

Maybe picking up a stranger wasn't the best idea....


1. don't talk to strangers

Drip drop drip drop; I could hear the rain hit my windshield as I slid in a mix tape I had made a few years ago into my car stereo trying to steer my car the best I could as I was flipping through the songs. When I gazed back up at the road, I saw fog flood the road as I entered the dark woods. I was driving home from my parents’ who lived a few towns over. Suddenly it started getting colder. I could feel the goose bumps rising on the back of my neck. I saw a tall dark figure merging from the fog. Normally I wouldn’t pick up strangers but something about him was calling me. As I was pulling up next to him all I could clearly see was his eyes, they seemed to glow in the dark with a bright blue almost the color of the ocean. I leaned over opened the passenger door and watched as he stepped into my car.

He looked nervous and shaky but I just brushed it off, after all, it was only 23 degrees outside. “So what’s your name and what are you doing in the middle of the woods?” I questioned him “I’m Luke, and probably the same reason you’re here, I mean it is Halloween night… and Tonight’s a full moon. What better place to be then a haunted forest?” he stated, “This forest is haunted?” I asked with concern “Yeah! A young man use to live in a cabin near this road and he would come out and see if anyone would pick him up and when they did he would kill them leaving them cold and lifeless completely drained of their blood.” There was a long silence “I love this song” he spoke breaking the silence “Oh uh yeah” I said shifting in my seat trying not to show my fear.

There was yet another silence “You know they can still hear them” He added causing me to jump “Hear what?” “The screams of his victims… They never found him. They looked for months even years but they couldn’t even find a body” I looked at him and could see him smirking. By this point, I was beyond creepd out! To be honest, I thought he was going to kill me! “So where do you want me to take you?” I demanded trying to get him out of my car and away from me as soon as I possibly could. “Wherever you’re going.” He stated plainly glancing over at me, at this time our eyes met and I was sure that they were glowing.

We were entering town so I could get a better look at him; he was pale, blonde, had three rings tattooed on his left arm, and had a lip ring. “Ill just take you to the hotel.” I smiled at him hoping he would agree so I wouldn’t have to be around him anymore “I know your scared of me” He taunted smirking. By this point I was sure he was going to kill me! He had to be the murderer he knew so much about “Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you! I’m not a killer; I know many killers but I’m not one” “then what are you?” I muttered trying to get to the hotel as fast as possible “I’m some peoples dream and some peoples worst nightmare” He stated plainly. “Are you a vampire?” I already regretted what I had just said. He chuckled deeply “You think I’m one of those wimpy vampires who sparkles in the sunlight HA! I’m supernatural but I’m nothing like that!” I pulled up to the hotel and he got out. Before he let me, drive away he looked me in the eyes “see you soon” he Hissed as his eyes darkened to a dark shade of blue, almost black. He closed the door and walked into the small hotel as I drove off hoping to never see him again.

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