New girl

Hey I'm Skyler Hartman.Yeah but who cares.I am the new kid in school.I found theses awesome dudes and their friends.;)


5. Chapter 4.

Luke was still asleep and Calum had left because his mum made him. I was laying on the bed that the nurses brought in for me to stay at. Luke's bruises were getting better He was aloud to go home today since he's better. He woke up and I looked at him before standing up and walking over to him.

He scooted so I could lay with him. I got in the hospital bed with him and we snuggled before a nurse came in "Luke it's time to go home." She said as we got up and grabbed our stuff. "Thank you." I said as we walked to his car. "Let's go home." Luke said and I remembered Michael and how he was acting.

"Lukey what if Michael's been waiting?" I asked and he looked at me as I drove home. "I bet he is at home." Luke said with a smile and kissed my cheek.

After the drive~

We got out and I helped him carry his things in the house. He unlocked the door since my hands were full and we walked in. "Home sweet home!" He shouted and I giggled a bit as I set his things down and kissed his cheek before he got on the couch. I sat by him and cuddled into his chest and he wrapped his arms around my back. He moved his hands to my bum but I pulled them to my back and he groaned.

He started mumbling to himself and I laughed at his childish behavior. "Pweeaassee!" He shouted like a kid and I kissed his cheek making him smile brightly. "Will wou pwease sweep with mwe?" He asked "Sure." I said as we both got up and I grabbed a yellow tank top and some yellow and black plaid pants before walking to the bathroom to see him sitting on the counter in his boxers. "Put some pants on!" I said sternly but jokingly at the same time. After I was changed I got in bed and cuddled into his chest and he pulled the blanket to our shoulders and we drifted asleep.

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