New girl

Hey I'm Skyler Hartman.Yeah but who cares.I am the new kid in school.I found theses awesome dudes and their friends.;)


4. Chapter 3.

We got to his house and it was already late so we went to bed.He kept checking on me in my room.I woke up early and grabbed a batman short sleeve shirt and black shorts.Luke bought me some batman socks that are no shows.I slipped them on and put on my yellow converse."Sky the guys are here oh and it's summer so no school!" Luke yelled.I walked downstairs on my phone "Hey love." Michael said sounding really excited.I just waved and plopped my self on the couch kicking my feet on Luke's lap."I'm not a foot stool." Luke said laughing as he poked his cheek "If your not a foot stool then why are my feet on you?" I questioned him also beginning to laugh "Ok love birds calm yourselves!" Ashton said.

"I'm hungry go get some McDonalds or something!" I shouted and Luke already knew what to get me so he left with Calum and Ashton, Michael volunteered to stay with me.Michael scooted closer to me on the couch making me feel a bit uncomfortable he started to touch my leg "Michael if your trying to get some of dis Luke will kill you." I said making him stop by smacking his hand."Sorry but your beautiful and Luke doesn't have to know." He said raising an eyebrow.I shook my head and put in my headphones.I was listening to wake me up when September ends until Michael took my phone and paused it.

"What the he-?" I asked before getting cut off by Michael smashing his lips onto mine!I tried to push him off but he was to heavy i smacked his cheek and ran to my bedroom and locked the door.I was freaking out Michael had taken my phone so i had to just stay in my room and wait.A piece of paper slid under the door and I grabbed it.It was from Michael I think because it had his name on the front.

I unfolded the paper and read it.I locked my window and rocked myself on the bed.There was a knock on my bedroom door."Sky we have the pizza!" Luke yelled so I opened the door and hugged Luke.I walked downstairs with Luke and saw everyone eating pizza and we joined them."So what did you guys do while we were gone?" Ash said smirking and I whispered everything that happened in Luke's ear and Michael glared eating his pizza.Luke's face got red with anger.

I might have just ruined the band!I watched Luke giving Michael rude glares and Calum butt in and said "My mum needs me home." And Ash got up and walked out the door with Calum.I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an orange I was about to start pealing the orange until I heard a loud crash and ran into the living room to see Luke on the ground and Michael hovering over him."LUKE!" I screamed running over to him he had bruises I glared at Michael and he was just smirking.

I tried to pick up Luke but he was heavy I called Calum asking him to help and it took him a few minutes I was in the process of pushing Michael out of the house and I have to say he is fucking heavy!"Sky just stop." Michael said pushing me away and I stumbled for a bit until Calum opened the door and ran to Luke's body.He picked Luke up and looked at me "Just hurry i will meet up with you." I said standing up my cheeks were stained with tears when I finally got Michael out the door.but he pushed us back in the door and locked it."Michael stop why are you still in the house?" I asked and he laughed as he looked me up and down "you know why I'm here." He said I shrugged and started walking out the door but I was pulled off the ground "Michael let me go I have to meet Luke in the hospital!" I shouted.

He let me go and I started walking when he left finally. I locked the door and ran to Luke's car with the keys.

After the boring car ride~

I parked in the parking lot and got out of the car. I locked the car before running in the hospital and walking up to the front desk "I'm here for Luke Hemings." I said trying to stay calm. "Room 311." She said and I ran to the room. I saw Calum sitting on a chair and Luke was in the bed.

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