New girl

Hey I'm Skyler Hartman.Yeah but who cares.I am the new kid in school.I found theses awesome dudes and their friends.;)


3. Chapter 2.

I woke up in an ambulance with doctors talking and crap.I looked around then a nurse saw me awake and started wiping the blood off my face."We are almost there hang on." A nurse said as she checked my heart rate and made me do breathing exercises.

2 weeks later after that~

I woke up on a Friday.I haven't been on my phone since that incident so I looked at my phone and I had 100 miss calls from Luke, 60 texts from Luke and 100 miss calls from Calum also 90 text from cal.Ash and Mikey had some calls and text.I texted them and said I would meet them at Ashton's place because he was closest and I didn't feel like walking to far.

I grabbed a batman dress and I threw on my yellow converses with a few yellow bracelets.I walked out the door and across the street to ash's house and knocked.Ashton opened the door with no shirt sweatpants and his hair was a mess "Sexy." I said laughing at his appearance.He replied "I know right." And then he winked.We walked in to see a house of lazy bums sitting on the couch.some shirtless some with crazy hair and some almost asleep.I laugh at the boys.Luke sat by me and smiled innocently until Calum smacked him and they started play wrestling and we all laughed.Luke asked if I could stay the night and since it was Saturday I agreed.i went home and grabbed a batman tank top (not noodle strap) and some black shorts.I put them in my bag and walked out to Luke's car.

After the drive we were in a medium sized house it was nice."My mum and dad and two annoying brothers are on vacation." He explained as we walked in and went to the living room.We sat on the couch and he asked a question and blushed "Will you go out with me Sky?" And I sat there for a moment.Then nodded he hugged me and kissed me for a while

Then we cuddled in the living room and watched was already 9:00 so I grabbed my batman t-shirt that was two sizes too big Luke was shirtless and had sweatpants on.I sat on his lap and I hugged him I was about to fall asleep so he picked me up and carried me to his room then we cuddled in bed I had my head buried in his chest and my hands on his back and his hands on my back.

We woke up early in the morning and we got dressed he was in a red plaid shirt a black beanie and some black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees.I brushed my hair and straightened it then i put on my batman tank top (not noodle strap) and black shorts I slid on my yellow converses and yellow bracelets we hugged and we walked to the bus with our bags.

I played on my phone and ash was jumping and yelling "It's our last day!".Michael looked like he was going to kill Ashton if he didn't shut up and Calum was eating a sandwich that he didn't finish from breakfast.Luke and I were on our phones.When the bus got here and we got on we all sat in the back Luke and I were sitting in the same seat Calum and ash in the one beside us and Mikey was alone in the seat in front of cal and ash.

At last period~

We were in the middle of a test when a paper airplane hit my shoulder. "Hahaha!" A voice laughed and I glared at her it was the cheerleader. I raised my hand and he asked what I wanted and I said "Baylee threw a paper airplane at me." She pouted and then laughed. I finished the test and turned it in.We had free time so Luke and I chatted for a bit "You wanna meet my mum and dad?" I asked raising an eyebrow he stared at me with big eyes and said "yes but that such a big step.".

After school~

Luke and I prepared him to meet my mum and dad and they are really picky about my boyfriends.When he was ready we got in his car and drove to my house I saw my mums car but not my dad's I was confused but we walked to the door and knocked."Hel- who is this?" My mum asked "My boyfriend Luke." I said confidently she replied "Be right back stay here." She ran upstairs and came back down with my bags I waved and she slammed the door.

We walked to his car laughing as he drove to his place.

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