New girl

Hey I'm Skyler Hartman.Yeah but who cares.I am the new kid in school.I found theses awesome dudes and their friends.;)


2. Chapter 1.

After the long and brutal plane ride from England to Australia.I complained "I want Batman!Give me meh cat!"."You will get your cat we just landed." My mum and dad said getting a bit annoyed.Weirdly I slept alot but i wasn't jet lagged.Is that weird who cares my mum said I could skip school today because we had just gotten there.

I walked around the house that had all of our furniture unpacked and waiting to be used.I went to my room i started hanging posters of bands like black veil brides, greenday, blink-187, and etc.I went to bed because i wasn't hungry and it was 9:30.

I woke up in my Batman pjs and my cat Batman cuddling my leg.I got up straight when my phone went off I grabed a Batman t-shirt and some black jeans i put on a few yellow bracelets and some black socks i looked through some boxes for my black converses and put them on i straightened my hair and brushed my teeth.I put on my yellow lip ring and ran to the bus.

I was almost late but luckily i ran fast enough i went to the very back of the bus.These cool guys came to the back by me they smiled with bags under their eyes.I grabed my makeup bag and put on some mascara, blush, and black lipstick.A guy with curly hair asked "Can I sit here." I nodded.He said again "My name is Ashton and these weirdos are Michael, Luke, and Calum." He said pointing to them one by one.I said "I'm Skyler i just moved here from England." I tried to act calm even though I felt like I could run a mile a second.

We got to school I walked starting to feel a bit nervous.I went to my locker and realized I was by that Calum guy that Ashton introduced me to.I started grabing my books and asked Calum "Where is room uh 408?" He replied "just follow me we are in the same class." I nodded and waited for him.we started walking and he kept looking over at me like he was studying my face.

I walked up to the teacher and gave him a note that said I was new and shit like that.He asked the class if someone would volunteer to help me around the school and help me make some friends.I looked around and 4 hands went up."Skyler go with these 4 since they are all friends." He said as he pushed me to a seat next to them in the very back.I put on my reading glasses as he taught us some stupid shit that I didn't care about.

It was finally free time because he wanted to read to his self."hey so we will be you tour guides." The guys said as they told me who to stay away from and who to try to get friends with unlike class i paid attention to every word that slipped their mouths.I kept messing with my lip ring because I had to mess with something if I was nervous or scared."When did you get your lip ring?" Luke asked like he was trying to start a conversation I replied "about a year ago I believe." I started messing with the lip ring more when some girls walked up who looked like cheerleaders or something "hey your that new kid right?" One of them asked like they wanted me to trash the guys and put on some slutty cheer uniform.

After school like Michael ash and cal walked me to ash's home since we all lived close to him.we knocked at the door and a nice looking woman came to the door "hey ash you finally brought a girl." She said jokingly and shook my hand "I'm Ashton's mum." She said kindly "I'm Skyler." I said awkwardly.I grabed my yellow beanie from my bag and I slipped it on as we sat on the couch to watch horror movies since it was Friday we all stay the night at some scary parts I hid my face in a pillow I called my mom and asked her to pack a batman sweater with black jeans and some socks with phone charger and brush and batman pjs with my yellow slippers and a pillow and blanket.

The door rang and I walked to it opening it and taking my stuff from my mum and hugged her."where the restroom so I can change?" I said as I grabbed my batman pjs and yellow slippers.Calum showed me the way and I went in the restroom and shut the door locking it.I put on my batman pjs and slipped on the slippers then walked out to the living room and then I heard "Booo!" Then I fell because it scared me.Micheal helped me up and I rubbed my back in pain as I gently punched like when I found out he planed it "oww that hurt meh." He said playing as he rubbed his arm and pretending to cry.I roled my eyes and sat back on the couch."where are we sleeping?" I asked curiously "we can either stay in here go in the garage where it's all warm or we could go to my room." Ash said.Everyone chose his room so I grabbed my blanket and pillow as we walked in his room.We made a pillow fort like we were little kids.They sat in the fort and pretended I was a princess and they fought over me with pillows."She's mine you will never get her!" Calum said laughing with the rest of them.We decided to play spin the bottle because I guess they were bored.Micheal spun the bottle crossing his finger and then frowned when it land on Ashton we all laughed as Michael pecked Ashton's cheek.It was Ashton's turn and he spun it also i frowned a bit because it landed on me.He kissed my cheek but he didn't act grossed out I started blushing when they laughed at me.It was my turn now and I did the same as everyone else I watched the bottle go over me and I laughed and started hugging myself we decided to go to bed on the ground.

I woke up pretty early and felt big strong arms on me they were Calum's arms.I poked him and he pulled me in tighter."Calum let go!" I yelled trying to whisper in his ear.A smirk appeared on his face and then he rolled over my body crushing me."Oww...Calum...I c...can't br...breath!" I said as I pretended to stop breathing Calum got up when I stopped talking and pretended to be dead.I laughed as I got up and he said "god your good!".

I grabbed clothes and went to the bathroom to change.I started taking my pjs off and my slippers.then put on I put on a black tank top then put on my batman sweater and black jeans.I put on my yellow socks and walked to the living room where Ashton's mum was she said "Hey Sky can you wake the boys up please?" And I nodded walking back to the guys "Wake the fuck up you Weirdos!" I yelled and they just snored louder.I put my hands on my hips and walked to Mikey and started poking his face "What?" He said as he opened his eyes "Help me wake everyone up." I said as he got up I again yelled "Ashton's mum is making pancakes get your fat asses up!" Everyone but Luke got up and ran to the kitchen.

I was alone with Luke I had no idea how to wake him.I started poking him and then out of no were he grabbed my ankle and I yelled at him then he shot up and said "I'm sorry." We got downstairs and ate breakfast "thank you mrs.Irwin." I said trying to be polite until I burped.Everyone laughed including Ashton's mum.

I got a text from my mum to come home."Bye guys I have to go." I said grabbing my stuff and throwing my hair into a long ponytail and walking out the door.As I was walking I saw an old man beating a little girl who I assumed was his kid.Before I knew what I was doing i sprinted over to him and yelled "Leave her alo-!" Before I was cut off by getting punched and getting kicked repeatedly like a bunch of guys were ganging up on me then I heard sirens and everything went black.

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