Between the Lines

Ariella is 16 and is moving for the rest of high school, from crowded New York City to rural Amador County, California so her parents can make their dream of a winery possible. When Ariella gets there, she expects to stay under the radar until she graduates and can go to NYU. But Science class puts her next to the craziest group of friends she never thought would be her type.


2. Math Class Gets Interesting

I didn't realize I was sitting next to Bryan in Math class until Friday. All he ever does is read and he never talked. I wanted to talk to him. Figure out his stories.

"Hey, Invisible Boy. Gonna introduce yourself?" I say, putting my elbow on my desk and my chin in my hand.

For the first time, he closed his book. He put it down on the cold desk, next to his homework. "Sorry for not introducing myself, Goth Chic, but you haven't introduced yourself either. So please, nice to meet you." 

Before I could even protest, he picked up the book where he left off and began reading again.


After that, I was determined to get to know him better. Invisible Boy wouldn't be that way forever.
On Monday, I made sure to get there early so we had at least 5 minutes to talk. When I got there, as usual, he was reading.

"Hey Invisible Boy, I have a question." I open up my homework.

"Hmm Goth Chic?" He flips a page.

"What do you do on fine Friday evenings?" I get out my drawing journal.

"Well, like every other idiotic teenager in this town, I steal wine from vineyards and brings it to parties. Sounds totally me right?" A grin spreads on his face for the first time since I've known him.

"Oh yes. Sounds tempting." I start drawing a butterfly.

"So why did you want to know?" Page flip.

"Well, Breakdown Shakes is opening up on Friday and I was wondering if you would want to order some crazy shakes there with me to freak people out." I finish a wing.

"Mmm, sounds tempting."

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Your life is on the line."

"My life? Oh dear! Then I guess I have to go against my will." Page flip.

"Excellent. Be at my house by eight." I close my drawing journal.

"Indeed, Goth Chic. Indeed."


Hey guys its Alex here! So what do you think of the second chapter of Between the Lines? And another question; What are your thoughts on Bryan? Mysterious? Hiding secrets? Bad boy? Player? Leave your answers in the comments below and I might put them at the end of each chapter to see all the great guesses. Also, what would my lovely followers like to be called? Challenge until Chapter 5! Leave it in the comments! Until then, we part ways :)

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