Between the Lines

Ariella is 16 and is moving for the rest of high school, from crowded New York City to rural Amador County, California so her parents can make their dream of a winery possible. When Ariella gets there, she expects to stay under the radar until she graduates and can go to NYU. But Science class puts her next to the craziest group of friends she never thought would be her type.


1. First Day

I don't expect my 11th grade year to end up the way that it did. I didn't think that I would end up with the best group of friends ever. Emma, the super super smart. Peter, the super super attractive. Jesse, the super super funny. Zoey, the super super girly one. And Bryan, the super super quiet. And it all started with Mr. Johnson's science class.

I wanted to stay under the radar for those two years I was here. I wanted to finish high school and go to NYU, see my old friends again. But... it didn't play out that way.

My parent, Bob and Mary Stewarts, had a dream of making wine for a living. They were originally web designers in New York City, but they wanted to pursue their dream. So we moved to Amador County in California. It was a decent sized town with vineyards down every road. We lived on the countryside, in the green lush hills. But there was one tree in those hills, where it was always dark. But I'll get to that part later.

But anyways, i started 11th grade with a goal of being unnoticed. I stayed pretty quiet for most of the first day, sat alone at lunch and in class. Until my last period of the day came, Science: Biology. I always looked forward to science class. It was my favorite class of the day. That was the only class with assigned seats.

After the first table of seats, he got to US.

"Back of the second table, Jesse MacMane, Emma Stone, and Peter Zolan. Front of the second table, Ariella Stewarts, Bryan Crossworth, and Zoey Carlton."

I casually walked over and sat down, not talking to anyone at my table. They all seemed to know each other, chatting about their summers and what they did. Eventually, they approached me.

The girl with the blonde hair two seats away from me put out her hand. "Hi, I'm Zoey." She moved her hand around the table. "These are my delinquents, Jesse, Emma, Peter, and Quiet Bryan." Quiet Bryan was deeply involved in a book, his coal black hair in his eyes.

"Hi, everyone. I'm Ariella. I'm new from New York City." I shake Zoey's hand.

The one named Peter scans my outfit. Peter is very attractive, with golden caramel skin and brown hair. But not my type. "Oh, so that's why your clothes are so different. They're very nice."

I nod, "Thanks."

Then, Mr. Johnson started teaching and we all stopped talking. Quiet Bryan kept his head in his book. No one seemed to care. Maybe that was the type of person he was. But, he interested me. I wanted to get to know him better. I wanted to know them all better.




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