Angel War

In my world every dark angel is assigned a good angel to kill... My name is Rose and I am assigned to kill one of the best fighting good. (This is a short story that I wrote for English class.)


1. Fire

                I woke up thinking about fire. Fire, it's a beautiful creature. To us, Dark Angels, fire is alive. Those other angels, who are good angels, don't get fire like we do. To use fire talks and is our best weapon besides a dagger. Today is the day one of those good angels will die. I was sent up here from my world to kill this one particular good angel. Everybody in our world is assigned a good angel to kill.

               I get out of bed and get my outfit on. You see, good angels are beautiful but they don't use it like we do. We are also beautiful and we let the humans see it. One look at me and a guy would be drooling. I put on a black mini skirt and a black tank top with a dark red rose on it. I love roses and Rose is my name. I stick my dagger (especially made for me) in my black combat boots. I did smoky eyes and dark red lipstick for makeup.

                Today my angel goes to school. My angel's name is Alesha. I hate that name. It is common for good angels to have the name Alesha. Today is the day I'm going to kill Alesha. I have a tricky opponent to fight. She is a quite smart, very tricky, and a great fighter. That is why I have been here, to watch how she fights, and how she thinks, to make it so when I fight her today I should know her every move. Alesha is one of the best fighting good angels, and I am one of the best fighting dark angels. She is quite good and I'm taking a risk today because our fighting skills are basically even.

                  I walk out of the apartment I have been staying at for a few months. I go to the little tea shop Alesha always goes to in the morning on her way to school. While I wait I think about the fight. I'm going to do it on the roof where she eats her lunch every day. The plan is that.... "Excuse me can I have a earl gray tea with honey in it" I hear Alesha ask the person at the front counter. Prey found. I wait until Alesha has walked out of the tea shop and around the corner before I follow her to her school.

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