His Game

They were trapped in another world. Well not another world but in a way it was. They were trapped in a place run by a mad man gone crazy. He plays a game with them. He pushes and pulls them to the edge and them heals them again. Now can Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Vivian survive with the man running around?


1. Prologue

  "Why did you do this to us?" I whisper horrified. I wasn't looking at the man but at my blood soaked hands. "Why us out    of all the bad people you could have chose."

"My dear, once you realize my intentions...once you realize my true reason for doing this thing to you, soon you will realize that i'm not the bad guy."

"But you are the bad guy. You trapped us here. How did you trap us here? Magic isn't real. So then how did you do this?"

"My dear, you have to realize my intentions. I am not the bad guy. But bad people are here. I am the boss of everyone but i don't tell them to do anything. Now i want you to think what have you done that can give you a title as bad. That can give you a title of evil."

"You tricked me."

"But i didn't. I gave you a choice and you took it. I told you the only way out was to kill. But i never said who to kill. You murdered for a chance to live. None of you were bad but your actions made you bad. When you die you are going to hell. And you know who is going to bring you there?"

"Leave me alone. You tricked us! And now everyone is dead." My voice breaks a bit at the end.

 "I never tricked anyone my dear. I only gave you choices and you chose the wrong ones. Now how about a deal?"

"Dra att helvete!" I spat at him.

"Now now no need to swear. Besides i'm not going to be dragged to hell i believe that is going to be you."

"Dont call me dear. I will kill you before you can do that one more time."

 "You see! You say you are not bad but you threatened me. You just told me you would kill me with that poor boys blood on your hands. You can say you aren't evil but i think deep down you are waiting. Waiting for a chance to pounce and to kill."

"Leave me alone."

"And you know what i think? I think this is a good chance to tell you what will become of you now but first you need to die." He snapped his fingers and i fell to the floor unconscious.

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