A True Love Story

When Amy finds out that her parents are splitting up she goes into total shut down mode. but then her dad buys her a very great friend!! And with her beautiful drawings she will amaze lots of people in her life.


2. The Christmas Gift

        It was the day before Christmas and Amy's dad snuck out of the house. He went to the Horse Rescue Center, and found a beautiful white horse that he thought would be a good fit for Amy. So he bought her! He thought it would be perfect because they had lots of land and a old barn that he could fix up. So he got the horse hay and tied her up in the old barn........ The next day he woke Amy up and said "I have a surprise for you, get some clothes on and come outside to see." "Okay" she said in a questioning voice.

         "Oh my gosh" Amy yelled "How did you know" she said? "I looked at your drawings!" "What would you like to name her?" dad asked. "Storm" she said! Amy was so excited except Storm wasn't trained yet, because her dad got her from the Rescue Center. "Why don't you start to train her in a few weeks?" dad asked. "Okay," she said. She was so happy about training in a few weeks.

       Amy got all the tack and brushes for Storm. She got a halter, bridle, saddle and they fixed up the old barn. They also had to build a pasture. All her friends had horses so she was happy that she had one now. Storm was a beautiful white horse--more beautiful that all the others. Not only was she a nice shade of white, but she had black spots all over her. Amy heard that Storm was one of the fastest horses in the pasture.





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