A True Love Story

When Amy finds out that her parents are splitting up she goes into total shut down mode. but then her dad buys her a very great friend!! And with her beautiful drawings she will amaze lots of people in her life.


1. A Hard Brake

      Amy never knew this was going to happen, well not until they started fighting a lot even on the littlest things. And it was almost Christmas! "Is this my present" thought Amy. "Why do they have to split up now" she shouted with tears rolling down her face! But they made it clear  they even shouted it, which made Amy cry even more. The worst part was she blamed herself! Amy had always loved Christmas, but now she hated it!

        After the split up between Amy's parents she only stayed with her dad and never went to see her mom ever! And she was barley eating or coming out of her room. Amy shut out everyone even her dad. "I hate myself" Amy screamed! Her dad knew she would not talk to anybody. One night he knocked on her door but she would not answer, but he heard her crying and she was. None of Amy's friends hadn't seen her in weeks, but then she finally came to school!

      When Amy came to school she had her head down and wasn't talking or raising her hand in class! Nobody knew what was wrong with Amy, but they knew something was wrong. Amy didn't think going to school was a good idea, but her dad did. People tried to see what was wrong, but she wouldn't answer anyone not even her best friends. The teachers noticed Amy was really sad so they called her dad to see what was wrong. He said "me and my wife just split up!" They felt really sorry for her!

​      It was a few weeks before Christmas and Amy's father was wondering what to get her. One night he went into Amy's room and found a beautiful drawing of a horse that Amy made! He looked at all of her drawings. He thought "theses are amazing!" There were mares, stallions but mostly beautiful white horses! That got him thinking. Did she want a horse? He kept looking all night long, maybe she really loved horses but just didn't share it! Her dad thought "how did she get so good at drawing these beautiful animals?"

Her dad never found out how she got so good at drawing, but she did start talking again. But now he knew what Amy's Christmas present would be. He was thinking it might get her out of the house for a while so she could have some fun!





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