My Brothers best friend

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn Clifford as you can tell by last name I am related to the one and only Michael Clifford, He is my brother that's in a famous band known as 5 Seconds of Summer.


6. My brothers best friend Chapter 6

*During an Interview* 

Ashton's POV: 

Me and Maddy started dating and ever since then I've fallen in love with her everyday, she's just so adorable. I'm glad Calum is letting me date his little sister, If he didn't i have no idea what I would've done. But I'm just glad that he let me.I just hope he doesn't get mad at me for falling in love with her. 

Calum's POV:

I really don't mind if Maddy and Ashton date, I mean I don't like it but my sisters happy and Ashton's happy so I have to deal with it. I want my sister to be happy and Ashton makes her happy. I'll admit they're adorable and I don't like it but I'll get over it.

Maddy's POV:

I'm actually surprised that Calum is letting me date Ashton, I really like him and I'm really happy and Ashton makes me fall in love with him everyday, I mean he is just so fucking adorable and his laugh don't get me started on his laugh and don't get me started me on his voice. I love it, it's so beautiful.

Michael's POV:

We were doing an interview and I knew they were going to ask about who's dating my sister and I don't like the fact that Luke's dating her but he makes her happy so I have to deal with it. But I love my sister and I just want her happy. I love Luke as well but my sister is important to me. 

Kaitlyn's POV:

I'm glad Michael's letting me date Luke and I thought he was going to be pissed about it but he isn't and I love the fact that he is letting me do what I want I mean after all I did chose to move in with him because you know he is my brother and I love him alot and Luke makes me happy.

Luke's POV:

Kaitlyn makes me so happy, Whenever I look at her I fall in love with her everyday. I'm just so happy Michael let me date her and I love her alot so if Michael think I'll hurt her then he is wrong because I won't do that I love her to much.

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