My Brothers best friend

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn Clifford as you can tell by last name I am related to the one and only Michael Clifford, He is my brother that's in a famous band known as 5 Seconds of Summer.


5. My brothers best friend Chapter 5

Luke's POV: 

I knew I was going to be in so much trouble for kissing Kait but I couldn't help myself and I pulled away from kissing Kait and I turned around to see the boys in Kaits room and I saw Michael and I dashed for his room."I'm going to get you Hemmings." I heard Michael from behind me. I ran into his room going into his closet."Open the damn door Hemmings." Michael yelled at me through the closet door. "Michael touch him and I'll break your favorite video game." I heard Kait's beautiful voice. "Your lucky I love my sister." Michael says hugging his sister. I came out of the closet grabbing kait's hand pulling her towards me. 

Michael's POV:

When I saw that Luke turned around and saw me, he knew I was going to kill him, but my sister likes him so I can't do anything about that so but if he hurts her I'll actually kill him. Because No one is going to hurt my sister, I only get to pick on my sister because that's what big brothers do to their little sisters and I love my sister but she threatened to break  my favorite game if I didn't leave Luke alone. 

Ashton's POV:

 I basically did the same thing as Luke but I knew Calum wouldn't care if I dated his sister as long as I didn't hurt her because that's his little sister and he just wants her to be happy and if that means dating me then he is happy if she's happy.  I honestly think I love Maddy, Wait I do love her but Calum doesn't know that because you know I'm scared to tell him. 

Kaitlyn's POV:

I had to save Luke from getting beaten up by my brother, You know how brothers are and I love Michael to death but he has to realize that I'm not a little girl anymore and If I choose to date Luke then that's my choice not his and if he doesn't like then he can get over it. I like Luke alot and I hope Michael can understand that but I love him.

Calum's POV:

I really didn't care if Maddy dated Ashton as long as Ashton doesn't hurt her because that's when he will have to deal with me and I don't feel like beating his ass up for his fuck ups and I love my sister alot and I also love Ashton, He is like my brother but I don't want him hurting my sister.

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