My Brothers best friend

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn Clifford as you can tell by last name I am related to the one and only Michael Clifford, He is my brother that's in a famous band known as 5 Seconds of Summer.


19. My brothers best friend Chapter 19

Michael's POV:

I knew Ashton was going to be okay with me dating his ex girlfriend, but he did this to his self. He shouldn't cheated on Maddy, Why would you do that to such a beautiful girl like her?. I wanted to hurt Luke but I knew my sister didn't want me to get into any trouble because if our mum found out, she'll make Kait come on tour to watch me. I don't need a babysitter.

Ashton's POV:

I always mess everything up with the people I love, that's why I don't trust anybody half of the time and It's harder to deal with lately. I don't know what to do with my life anymore, I don't have the girl I love because she's with Michael. I shouldn't have cheated, the boys expect Luke hate me because of what I did. I ALWAYS mess things up. The boys need to realize that I make mistakes to and I can't fix them no matter how bad I want to. I regret cheating on Maddy and I know Luke knows How I feel.

Maddy's POV:

I was finally over Ashton cheating on me thanks to Michael, I'm glad Kaitlyn has a hot brother. Michael is so protective of his little sister even though she's like nineteen, But she does dye her a lot like Michael and she sometimes dyes his hair, How do you think he got his hair so red? His sister of course. I liked Michael, Ashton can get over me. Michael's voice in Voodoo Doll is sexy

Kaitlyn's POV:

For some reason I loved the way Calum's voice sounded in Voodoo Doll and all of their songs but I don't know why but his voice stands out. Luke's stands out as well but every time I hear Luke's voice it hurts


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