My Brothers best friend

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn Clifford as you can tell by last name I am related to the one and only Michael Clifford, He is my brother that's in a famous band known as 5 Seconds of Summer.


11. My brothers best friend Chapter 11

* At the boys house*

Luke's POV:

I brought Kaitlyn home with me so she could meet my family, I just hope nothing happens and that my family loves her as much as I do. I just hope my jealous ex girlfriend doesn't show up at my house, because I don't want to lose Kaitlyn. I'm in love with her and I know something is going to happen but I just hope it doesnt. 

Ashton's POV: 

I brought Maddy home with me so she could meet my mum,my sister and my brother and I honestly hope they love her as much as I love her. I really love her and If my ex girlfriend tries to do anything to break me and maddy up, I swear I'll never be the same if I lose Maddy. I'm In love with her and I don't care if Jessica doesn't like that but she'll get over it. 

Kaitlyn's POV:

I was meeting Luke's family for the first time and I'm kind of scared that they might not like me. I hope they do. I really love Luke and I'm just scared that they won't like me. But they seem to be nice from what Luke says. I just want to make a good impression.

Maddy's POV:

I was going to Ashton's and I was kind of scared to meet his sister, brother and his mum, I'm worried that they won't like me. I hope they do because I want to spend the rest of my life with Ashton, but he doesn't know that yet. I love him so much and to lose him would kill me. 

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