My Brothers best friend

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn Clifford as you can tell by last name I am related to the one and only Michael Clifford, He is my brother that's in a famous band known as 5 Seconds of Summer.


1. My brothers best friend Chapter 1

Kaitlyn's POV:

My brother always brought his three best friends over, I mean I always asked Maddy to come over and stay the night. But we couldn't stand it when Michael would invite his friends over because they always mess with us and they are always being so damn loud. I got to admit that Luke is pretty cute but don't tell Mikey that because he doesn't want me dating his band mates.

Michael's POV:

I would always invite the boys over because they are my friends and well I just like having them over, My sister would have her friend over so I thought I would invite the boys over because I thought it would be a good idea mess around with my sister and her friend and plus the boys wanted to spend the night and they also wanted to do a twitcam.

Luke's POV:

Michael invited Me, Calum and Ashton over to his house all the time and I mean I'm not complaining because he has a pretty good looking sister, I mean she's really sexy but if found Michael out that I might like his sister, he would kill me if found out that I had slightest crush on his little sister.

Ashton's POV:

Kaitlyn's friend was pretty cute but I can't say anything because Maddy is Calum's sister and Calum will kill me if I say anything about his little sister. But I think she's really beautiful and I think I might have a crush on her and I know Luke has the hugest crush on Mikey's sister but he can't say anything.

Maddy's POV:

To be honest I think Ashton is pretty hot but you know I can't say anything about it because I don't what my brother knowing that I might have a crush on the drummer from 5 Seconds of Summer and to be honest Ashton is freaking adorable and I love his laugh it's so cute.


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