Dare to love

He held my wrist with one hand above my head while my back was against the wall. I could feel his warm breath at my neck giving me goosebumps down my spine." You know not to tease me like that", he said in a sexy deep voice." Now you are going to pay.'' He attached his soft plump pink lips to my neck; sucking and nibbling my sweet spot making me moan.
He pressed his erection against my crouch making me yelp. He pulled away unbuttoning my pants and yanked them off of me also discarding my shirt." Jump", he commanded. I played an wrapped my legs around his toned stomach. He walked us over to the bed laying me down. He discarded his pants and boxers. Digging into his pants pockets he pulled out the silver square packet opening it and rolled it down his long hard dick. Coming over to me he ripped off my underwear and slammed into me with no warning. He started thrusting faster and faster." You like it when I fuck you like this don't you?", I didn't answer with made him slam into me harder." Answer me.", he demanded. I nodded as he thrusted harder snd his name keep rolling off my tong"" Niall


1. chapter 1

Jamie's pov


*Beep Beep Beep…* My alarm clocks went off on my iPhone. I unlock my phone to shut of the alarm and set up ;so I won't fall back asleep. Taking my sweet time going to the bathroom. Discarding my over size t-shirt and underwear I step under the warm water. Putting some shampoo in my hand and lather it in my hair. Doing the same with my conditioner washing it out then wrapping myself in my fuzzy blue towel then wrapping my long brunet hair in a clip. Looking at myself in the mirror I could see a couple break outs. Getting my make up out and making a natural look so I'm not like one of those girls who likes to cake it on. I head to my closet and pull out dark pair of pants, mint and white top and a mint color scarf. Pulling my hair back into a fish tail before I leave for school. I slip on a pare of white sandals and I'm on my way for the first day of senior year. On the way to school I dropped by the Duncan Donuts near my house; ordering the usual vanilla late. Pulling into school and parking my blue chevy Silverado 2014 into my parking spot. As I'm getting out of my truck I get greeted by my group of friends. I'm friendly to every one, everybody knows my name and I have been the girls lacrosse captain for three years in a row hopefully four, also i am in chorus . You could call me popular but I'm not stuck up and all. On my way to the front office to get my schedule I got pulled over and back against the wall. I look up to be greeted by a pair of green eyes looking into my green eyes; it is Brad Carter. Did I forget to mention that he is the best boyfriend in the world. Brad is a football player (soccer) but, he isn't just a player he has been named captain for three years to and guarantied another year. He is popular and had girls drooling over him but he knows who he belongs to; and he is very loyal to me." Who is this pretty little lady?" The woman of your dreams.", standing on the tip of my toes to kiss him. He made it easer by bending down to meet me half way. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped me in his warm arms. We got disrupted when she heard someone clear there throat. I pulled away to see Mrs.Walker." Next time I see PDA between you two it's detention." When she turned back around we both looked at each and started busting out laughing." So where are you going?" To the office to get my schedule." Already got it and we have 1,2,4, lunch and 7th" This will be a fun year." You bet and I might need tutoring if you know what I mean."" You know how u feel about that", I said backing away." I know but, we have been together for three years all we can do is at least try." I'm just scared but, we can do it at a slow pace I guess." Brad entwined his fingers in mine" now let's get to class"


Niall's pov

"Hey Lad", Louis said to me. " Hey where are the others?", I asked. " Well Harry is flirting with every girl in the school. Zayn is in the art room and Liam is with Sofia." I nodded. Well let's get to class. First period is Gym with Flemming. I also have that class with Harry. While in the locker room I could hear Brad Carter talk about him and the captain position on the football team. " Hey Horan are you trying out again this year?", Brad asked." Ya", is all I said before leaving. It's not that I don't like him but he is kind of stuck up and all. When he is around his bird he puts on an act till she leaves. After Gym my other classes went on slowly with the introducing ourselves and all. Now it is seventh period and it Chemistry. Out of all people I have Mrs. Bridge a crazy ass teacher. I see the boys have the same last period as me plus this one chick Alice; she is a good lay. Also in this class is Jamie Hillan and Brad Carter with some of the other Jocks." Ok class don't get comfortable with your seats I have your lab partners for the year." We all groaned. " Brad Carter you are with Alice Cramer." They say at the first lab table and went down the names." Niall Horan and Jamie Hillan." My eyes widened and I looked to her" Mrs. I can't be put with her." To bad Mr. Horan I don't change partners. So get use to it."

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