Jr.High troubles

A girl is immune to a bully but can't hide from her for long if she has a locker RIGHT BESIDE HER!!


3. Day 2: Friday, August 21

The next day was just as productive. Riley woke up 20 minutes late so she had to rush downstairs ate her cold pancakes her mother made and then grabbed her things and rushed out the door. She was so tired when she got to school that she almost fell face first when entering her first class. But, she thought to herself,"At least i made it to school on time."

then she heard a sneer of  amber "well look at that cluts she about fell" she sang to the so called 'pops' then she directed her comments to me "have a nice,trip"making the 'popping' noise at the end"maybe i'll see you next..." she paused for dramactic effect "fall,ha!"

"Hahahah, well to bad for you i know how to catch myself before i need so much surgery that i have more plastic than barbie,... Oh wait... You haven't fallen it was just your face that your parents tried so hard to fix so they didn't need to buy a caution label for people not to look at you for prolonged periods of time or they might need to be unblinded by the ugliness of you" i spat back at her.

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