Jr.High troubles

A girl is immune to a bully but can't hide from her for long if she has a locker RIGHT BESIDE HER!!


2. Day :1 Thursday, August 20

                       Her perfectly wavy blonde hair flows behind her as she walks down the hall attracting as much attention that she could possibly get. She was heading my way,I crossed my finger thinking"please please please don't,not me don't let her last name by mine."

               "Excuse me" she said

               "Huh?" i said still dazed by the fact that she was talking to me

               "Move!" she said as she shoved me out of the way"jeeze you'd think she was dead" she said to her minions

                 "well i'm sorry for the inconvenience"i said with attitude



Later on I found out that we had all the same classes and in every class the teachers sat us together.

"Oh my god i'm stuck next to her Again"Amber said in her annoying high pitched fake voice that she has that makes me want to slap the shit out of her

"well you think you have it hard I have to deal with your prissiness all day!" i said as i rolled my eyes



"finally i can get away from her" i said as i slumped in my chair talking to my best friend since pre K Christina 

" who?" she said with concern in her eyes

"the  "new girl"  Amber Smart" i said as i pointed her out acrossed the cafeteria 

"o my.... i have 3 classes with one of her minions"

"well i have ALL of my morning classes with her and none with you" i said winningly 

After lunch Christina and I had almost all of our afternoon classes then we walked to my house to watch movies on my couch and eat popcorn until 9pm then Christina had to go home because dinner was ready for us and she couldn't stay the night because it was a school night.


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