Met at disneyland

Abigail Horan was at Disneyland with her twin Niall Horan and his band mates Laim,Harry,Zayn,Louis and her best friends Eleanor and Danielle when she knocked in to the love of her life Luke Robert Hemmings turns out he likes Abby (Abigail) to!


6. New chapter

Pey's POV:

I woke up and got in the shower and then got out put on a binik cause we could go to the beach and then put my black shorts on and a crop top that said LIVE NOW and put on my flip flops on and curled my hair and put black eyeliner and mascara and then pink eyeshadow and got my bag at put my phone in and and got this necklace that I am going to give Luke it said #MINE and then got my EOS and then sat down and then I heard the door bell ring and ran to it and saw Luke and kissed him and gave him the necklace "thanks babe "he said then he gave me a necklace that said #MINE to and I said thanks and then we walked out to the car and he said want to go to the mall sure thing and we left and went shopping and then we where done shopping and he drove to the beach and nobody was there so he put a towel down and sat on it and then pulled me down "hey babe"hey weirdo and he said I will be right back ok and then I got me binik of and ran to the water and saw him coming and went underwater and he came and he said babe where are you and then turned the other way so I ran up behind and said hey and he said there you are and then he gave a a charm bracket and I said thank you babe and then he picked me up and ran to the water and throwed me in and I pulled him with me and he got up took his shirt of throwed it to the water and then I was drooling and he said hey quit drooling ok and then is kissed him

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