Met at disneyland

Abigail Horan was at Disneyland with her twin Niall Horan and his band mates Laim,Harry,Zayn,Louis and her best friends Eleanor and Danielle when she knocked in to the love of her life Luke Robert Hemmings turns out he likes Abby (Abigail) to!


3. New chapter

Pey's POV:

Me and Niall where swimming in the pool with the boys and Mail was coming over I ran up to to diving broad that Louis was on taking a hour to jump pushed him off and then jumped in and Luke scared the crap out of me today was me and Niall b-day so ya it was present time I sat on my towel and grabbed Micky it was a shirt that said Sup and then opened Ash it was a phone case and then opened everything else I got these things shirt's,phone case's,earrings,necklaces,brackets,hats,duck tape,perfume,lotion,makeup,hair stuff,and more stuff Mail was there and I jumped on Niall's back and he throwed me in the water and then Mail came up to me and said"thoch him again and your dead cause we all know your not his sisters""oh ya well go ask him and he will say yes""ok but you come with me and if he says know your dead"she brought me to Niall and said is she your sister ya he said then she turned to me and said sorry and then i jumped in the pool and Luke comes up behind me and says"want to be my girlfriend"

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