Met at disneyland

Abigail Horan was at Disneyland with her twin Niall Horan and his band mates Laim,Harry,Zayn,Louis and her best friends Eleanor and Danielle when she knocked in to the love of her life Luke Robert Hemmings turns out he likes Abby (Abigail) to!


2. New chapter

Luke's POV:

The girl staked off and Naill got done on the phone and said they can't come cause they have to do something so ya Niall asked me if I could go to the waterfall and get her sure I said and then walked off and went to the waterfall and saw her sitting down crying "what's wrong"i said "ok i will tell you this but do not tell anyone else so when I was five I met Mail and she had the biggest crush on Niall and never know that I was Niall's sister so i tried telling her one day and she never believed and thought i had a crush on him also so when we where ten she came over one day and saw me kiss Niall on the cheek got mad at that and broke my foot and ya""omg I am so sorry that that happened""it's ok it never healed fully so it still hurts a little""well here get one my back"she got on my back gave me her stake broad and I staked back to them and gave Liam the stake broad and let her stay on my back and Niall looked at me and said"she told you"I said ya and a hour of playing she for tired and got back on my back and fell asleep Mail looked at me and gave my the death glare

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