Met at disneyland

Abigail Horan was at Disneyland with her twin Niall Horan and his band mates Laim,Harry,Zayn,Louis and her best friends Eleanor and Danielle when she knocked in to the love of her life Luke Robert Hemmings turns out he likes Abby (Abigail) to!



Abby's POV:

Hi I am Abigail Horan Niall Horan twin I have blue eyes and red hair I am 21 like him and my two best friends are Eleanor (Louis's girlfriend) and Danielle(Liam's girlfriend) and i know the magcon boys,o2l, Little mix,and 5 harmony I do not know 5sos but Luke is my fav

So we where walking in Disney land and I was on Niall back and I had so leggings on that had cross'a on them and I had a Mickey Mouse tank top on and some nikes on and cat eras on my head all the girls had the cat eras Naill saw cotton candy so he ran to it and got him some cotton candy witch I took so he got anther one when we were walking I saw Luke,Calum,mail standing there talking Niall was about to run over but I slapped him so he said hey Calum saw us and walked over and said hi and then mail said "hey babe and then saw me on his back and said who are you and why are you on my boyfriend's back get off""no I can stand where i want and my name is Abigail and I will not get off""I will push you off" I jumped off and got my stake broad form Liam and staked off then mail smiled proudly and tried getting on Niall but he pushed her off and said "why would you do that she will not talk for days and know I have to come up with a reason luckily I know where she went,but saying I love you will not work anymore now I have to call Matt and Hayes""wait why do you love her I am your girlfriend""shut up for two minutes would ya""sure"" I heard him say

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