1. What You don't understand

                        I don't need an asylum to hide in, I need an escape.

                        I don't need a lecture, just an epiphany,

                        I don't need to feel happy, I need to feel loved,

                        I don't need to get told I'm invisible, I just need to find myself,

                        I don't need a solution, I just need some relief,

                        I don't need to run away, I just need some space,

                        I don't need your eyes, I just need you there,

                        Don't just stare,

                        Don't just tell me what I do wrong,

                        Don't hold me hostage...

                        For someday and time will come where I will escape

                        and never want to see memories you hold again.

                        What you don't understand is that no one you hold

                        hostage will return once they have escaped.

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