Is It Too Late ?

Anastasia: a girl unsure of everything searching for a way out of her horrid nightmare living life.
Harry: a boy whom has been through hell an back wishing for it to be over, or at least get better.

Both thinking the easy way out to be death... Can they save each other? Or will it be too late for one or either to have help?


2. Home Terrors.

Home Terrors:

I can't believe that just happened. I was so ready to just jump off that bridge and let the current take me wherever, take me away and let all my problems disappear.

But I didn't, because of him; Harry. Why ? How could I be so stupid ?

Once I waved goodbye to him is when I began panicking. I got so caught up into everything I hadn't realized the consequences I'll now have to face. I turned seeing my step fathers car in the drive way. He's usually out half the night an isn't home till the afternoon. I took a deep breath an opened my front door slowly, praying no one was awake.

To bad my prayers weren't answered."Where have you been young missssy!!?" John my stepfather slurred.I tried to ignore him an started to walk up the steps when I was pulled back and fell to the floor. "I asked you a question dammit answer me!" I started to cry I didn't know what to say, "I-I-"

"You what!? Spit it out will you!" He screamed now standing over me. "I needed some air so I went for a walk." I lied. It was silent after that he just looked at me while I was still flat on the floor by the steps. I slowly got up an he walked away saying, "next time you need air open a window!" I ran up the stairs an closed my door behind me sliding down it exhaling a breath of relief feeling a bit lucky.

The last time I came home late he beat me so bad I almost ended up at the hospital. I laid my self down on my bed not caring to change an thought of all the events that just happened in the past couple hours. My sneaking out, my suicide attempt, and most of all Harry. Why couldn't he just let me jump? Why'd I have to listen to him.? If he was going to do it too why didn't he just jump with me an we'd both get it over with. I don't understand anything anymore. My head was hurting from over thinking so I drifted off into sleep.

I woke a few hours later to banging at my room door. I scrambled out of bed an opened it up. To my surprise as soon as I opened the door a fist collided to my face an I fell to the ground. "What did I tell you about having doors locked in my house!?" John yelled. "I-I'm sorry, it won't h-happen again," I stammered quietly. "Damn right it won't!" He yelled slapping me hard this time. He kept hitting me and hitting me rambling out any and every curse word he can. I just let him do it by now I was used to the pain, and my vision became blurrier by the second until I finally just passed out.

He does this all the time, every little thing he can think of to complain about he finds an hits me for it. My mother never says anything. She's known about it going on for years already. When I first told her she pretended she never heard anything an when I continued to tell her she got upset and started hitting me too. I don't know what I've done to deserve this, I should've just jumped when I had the chance.

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